Saints plan to interview Brian Flores

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The Saints got a later start on their head coaching search than other teams, but they’re trying to make up for lost time.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Saints plan to interview former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores for the vacancy created by Sean Payton’s decision to step down after 16 years on the job. That plan may hit a snag this weekend, however.

Flores interviewed for the Giants’ head coaching job this week and is seen as a strong candidate for that job along with Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. The Giants are expected to make their choice this weekend and that could result in Flores coming off the market before the Saints have an opportunity to speak with him.

Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen and Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, who was an assistant in New Orleans, were quickly identified as candidates in New Orleans. They’ve also requested an interview with Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, but reports have indicated he’s likely to get the job in Jacksonville.

13 responses to “Saints plan to interview Brian Flores

  1. Anyone hired by the Saints is going to be on the Dave Culley plan. It’s time to pay the credit card bill the Saints ran up during the Brees era. $70 mill over the cap with no QB and Michael Thomas who will not have played in almost 2 calendar years counting $25 mill/yr

    Payton knows the deal and he’s run out on the bill when it came due. It’s always more fun to be the guy spending than the guy who has to pay the bill at the end of the night.

  2. If Flores was such a hot commodity like the media made him out to be once Miami fired him then he would of been hired by now. Flores isn’t who they say he is. Would be a terrible hire for any team. Every coordinator and assistant coach would be miserable working for him.

  3. So the Dolphins letting Flores go the the Saints will work out as famously as the Dolphins letting Brees go to the Saints

  4. if your 1st interview is with Flore ,can they hire him on the spot or do they have to interview anyone else for the Rooney rule? Asking for a friend.

  5. “eagleswin,” sorry, but you dont know what you’re talking about. Saints can clear $80M in cap space without even cutting anyone. Their GM has been down this road plenty of times before. Payton’s not skipping out on any “bill”, even mentioned how his decision was made harder by how good the defense in NO is.

  6. Can you imagine Dennis Allen trying to work for Flores??
    That is a disaster on the making. Flores has never worked well with any coordinators or coaches. He goes through them like paper towels

  7. This is what happens when you overpay your QB. I think Payton just got tired of the grind. And as far as a new hire why doesn’t any team look at Mike Shanahan or Wade Philips ( for DC)? It’s funny how teams just don’t get it. And this year for some reason, these hires think they deserve monster contracts also. Everyone is excited about Kyle & McVay yet Mike doesn’t get a sniff. He has a full time office where he keeps up with the league. I don’t know if he would take a job, but he’s younger than Bellichick.

  8. Based on what we know of Flores, he seems like a good fit for the Saints. He’ll have something to prove in a division that is one Brady retirement away from being wide open.

    Hire Flores, keep Winston, and I’d bet the Saints make the playoffs next year. It may not be perfect but it can work.

  9. Whoever is a good judge of player potential, as long as they keep Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael and let them coach and run the offense and defense.Keep special teams coordinator as well.

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