Odell Beckham told Von Miller “Don’t come to Cleveland” when they discussed playing together

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Von Miller and Odell Beckham knew they wanted to be teammates before either one of them joined the Rams. But when they first discussed playing together, Beckham — then with the Browns — told Miller it wouldn’t be in Cleveland.

Miller told Sports Illustrated that Beckham told him, “Don’t come to Cleveland” last year when the two of them were discussing their desire to end up on the same team.

That was when Miller and Beckham were both rehabbing from season-ending knee injuries, training together almost every day, and wondering if they might play on the same team some time in the future. They had no reason to think that team would be the Rams, but Beckham was already disgruntled enough that he didn’t think he had a future with the Browns, and didn’t want Miller to play there.

Beckham eventually complained his way out of Cleveland and signed with the Rams as a free agent, shortly after Miller arrived in a trade with the Broncos, and they both made their Rams debut in the same game on November 15. Their arrival has helped the Rams get one game away from the Super Bowl, something Beckham didn’t see happening in Cleveland.

64 responses to “Odell Beckham told Von Miller “Don’t come to Cleveland” when they discussed playing together

  1. I guess LA is his last stop.

    How this report enhances his opportunities going forward, I don’t know.

    Hey Jarvis, how did that work out for ya?

  2. I’m happy to see Beckham experiencing this current run of success. But he always ends up undermining his team. As long as the Rams keep winning and he keeps getting the ball he’ll be fine. If that changes … watch your back.

  3. It’s pretty bizarre how Cleveland let its QB basically ruin their season. The team and fans deserved better.

  4. Was it just a coincidence that the Browns did better as a team after his injury last year? He cannot be the number 1 receiver on any team. On Rams he is the number 2 or number 3 receiver, so defenses are not paying him as much attention.

    I think he started planning his way out of Cleveland when he was watching games from home and probably said some things behind closed doors or didn’t do things needed from a guy wanting to be on the field. Browns hung on to him for too long.

  5. Who weeds the draft better than the Browns?
    Who fires HOF coaches more than Cleveland?
    Who turns on, and disposes of future stars more than Cleveland?
    No surprise OBJ forced his way out.

  6. I’m not a OBJ fan, but he is one of the best and he has every right to his opinion. People wanna hate on this unique talent & pretend he’s a cancer, that’s your right. One thing I do know is that both NY and Cleveland sucked after he left. Coincidence- maybe, but he will thrive given a decent QB.

    I hope they lose to SF, but I expect big things in the playoffs from him. Many think outspoken athletes should “shut up & dribble” if their message opposes their view. Now if they protest like you want or say all the right things, speak as loudly as you want. Even with all the tantrums & stuff, OJB has earned his spot.

  7. Obj was so butt hurt when the Briwns went to the playoffs with hin on his couch in 21. Guy says he wants to win but begged off a playoff team. He is delusional too, because he thought they could trade him hurt, nobody traded a 7th in 2028 this yr.

  8. Players around the NFL talk and here is a perfect example. OBJ is smart. He knows the Browns are a clownshow organization and have been for most of the last 50 years. Yet Delusional Browns fans after having a record of 120-248-1 since 1999 heap constant praise on a dysfunctional, incompetent organization, which all that does is enable the Owner to keep doling out the same garbage teams every year. It would be like a restaurant owner serving crappy food every night and having a packed restaurant. We’ll my restaurant is full, they must love my food

  9. OK, so he was sabotaging the team he was with, that he was complaining about not using him the right way. Maybe if he went all in a Cleveland, he may have had a lot more production, and the team may have won more games.

  10. Once he started working his way out of Cleveland I have no doubt he was already talking to the Rams. They would never admit it because that is against the rules but OBJ knew exactly what he was doing and where he was going to be. As much as I would like to see Stafford get a ring I want OBJ to not get one. Torn on this one.

  11. Of all the people I would go to for career advice, OBJ wouldn’t be one of them.

  12. I always thought Beckham was overrated, the sports writers made him out to be better than what he really was. I would like for someone to tell me what has he accomplished other than causing issues with every team he has played for

  13. The Browns have a QB that could never find OBJ, yet Stafford hasn’t had any problems. It’s the QB not OBJ. Mayfield is a clown and always will be a clown and a horrible QB. enjoy more losing with Mayfield and Stefanski Browns fan. 7-10 next year if Mayfield is the QB. He has proven he can’t beat good teams, he couldn’t at Oklahoma and he can’t in the NFL. 8-18 VS Playoff Teams in his career and 7-21 VS teams with a winning record.

  14. ijustgottasay says:
    January 29, 2022 at 4:59 am
    CHOOSING TEAMS IS BS. Beckham is such a sore loser.

    Yes, players being able to choose where they work is so horrible. Being forced to play where they are drafted or traded is so much more fair.

  15. Wait until the upset fans in the comments learn that these type of conversations are the norm with bad organizations/boring cities.

  16. For all the OBJ haters, wait till Cleveland drafts his replacement with their #1 pick and Mayfield can’t develop any “chemistry” with him either.

  17. The Browns have a QB that could never find OBJ

    That’s rich, what’s Dak doing this weekend? Not playing football.

  18. So you trying to compare Mayfield to Dak is like comparing the Browns to the Steelers

  19. Not BuyingIt says:
    January 29, 2022 at 4:58 am
    I guess LA is his last stop.

    How this report enhances his opportunities going forward, I don’t know.

    Hey Jarvis, how did that work out for ya?
    Jarvis had as many fumbles lost as TD catches this season.

  20. People are commenting as if this is an OBJ interview. Vin Miller is revealing private conversations with OBJ. Not the other way around. If you think players don’t discuss their situations with each other, that’s naive. I’m not a fan of OBJ, but he’s not the one running to the press on this one. Nor is this the first story about dysfunction in Cleveland or players being warded off. They don’t call it the House of Pain for nothing.

  21. Von doesn’t need to hear it from OBJ. It’s not a secret that Cleveland is the Factory of Sadness.

  22. I’m no Bakham fan but it still amazes me that Cleveland Browns fans still want to blame Odell. Mayfield was terrible all season with and without OBJ. “But he had a hurt shoulder”.. Then explain how he was throwing 50-60 yard passes with velocity.. Stefanski was a huge issue too with one of the best running games and he kept trying to pass the ball when they were still in close games…

  23. Dudes are friends and if OBJ felt the way he did what’s wrong with him telling his buddy? We all do it. Plus he was completely right whether anyone wants to admit it. No chance of winning a SuperBowl with a guy that gets five balls a game batted down and inaccurate when he does get it by the D-line. Also he probably said Baker has a bigger ego than him.

  24. Excellent – I used to be neutral fan for the remainder of the NFL tournament, now I have a rooting interest at least for tomorrow. Thanks for your uncompromising team orientation Odell. Such a little man.

  25. Hbtc2020

    You do realize that the cowboys are god awful , and Dak is no better than a washed up Kirk cousins. Your owner and coach might be the worst combo in the league. So please spare me of your criticisms of the browns. It’s getting old.

  26. “Odell Beckham told Von Miller “Don’t come to Cleveland” when they discussed playing together”

    Sound advice to a friend.

  27. When with Browns, dropped a key 4th down pass against Chargers. Probably cost them the game. How can a guy catch everything one handed pregame, but have dropsies when it counts ? Wonder if something sinister was going on.

  28. The Browns are 120-248-1 and you are criticizing the Cowboys? Your clueless Owner kept a coach that was 1-31. And you are criticizing the Cowboys? I’m sure the truth instead of the Homer Browns Media and the Delusional Fans like yourself does get old. How many Super Bowls have you been to Browns Fan? Cowboys have 5 Super Bowl wins. Nice try Browns fan

  29. Funny. You went into hiding after your guaranteed win over the 49ers that never happened. With the amount of attention and publicity the cowboys garner, you think they won something besides that pathetic division you call the nfc east.

  30. The mistake by the lake not a great team to play for?!! But you have Mayfield, he had said his team was ready for the Superbowl………the last 2 years. Ask Mayfield, how do you like me now!!

  31. Dak Prescott 4th Round Pick 143 TD 50 INT. 53-32 career Record

    Baker Mayfield #1 Overall Pick 92 TD 56 INT 30-31 career Record.

    Never let the facts get in the way of your Fables Browns Fans

  32. Works both ways . I cringed when i first read about the trade for the mentally challenged wingnut. Glad the ball dropping cancer is GONE!

  33. Speaking of facts.

    Dak Prescott career playoff record 1-3.

    Baker mayfield playoff record with 2 less seasons under his belt. 1-1.

    You’re right. Facts are fun.

  34. Baker Mayfield 1 Playoff Appearance in 4 seasons. Dak Prescott led his team to the Playoffs 3 Playoff appearances in 6 seasons. Dak Prescott 6 less INT in 2 more seasons than Mayfield. This is fun. Im winning.

  35. Dak Prescott career completion percentage 66.6% Baker Mayfield 61.6% You want me to keep going?

  36. As long as you have Jerry and DaK. What kind of name is Dak anyway. The Cowboys will literally literally literally never win anything, and go into every year with their fans crying on TV as they are one and done in the playoffs

  37. The hilarity of Browns and Cowboys fans arguing over whose team is worse or have the better QB.
    Ladies, both of your teams suck, as do both of your quarterbacks. Facts are that once January rolls around neither of your team is relevant and haven’t been for decades, so yeah, you’re both losing.

  38. Remember when I predicted before the Season I predicted the Browns would go 8-9 and miss the Playoffs and the Browns fans were giving me so many thumbs down.

    Geee What happened? Oh yeah the Clowns went 8-9 and missed the Playoffs LOL.

  39. Yes please keep going. Clearly at some point in your life you were snubbed by mayfield or you were stood up by Emily on a date which is why you focus so much attention on him. It’s disturbing, it really is.

  40. *Von not Vin. And Cleveland is the Factory of Sadness. House of Pain was in Houston in the 90s. My bad.

  41. Clearly Browns fans can’t handle the truth. As anyone the states facts that goes against their Delusional Opinions of their clown show organization, team, QB, and Head Coach they can’t handle. Never let the facts get in the way of your delusions Clowns Fans

  42. gjv001 says:
    January 29, 2022 at 8:16 am
    Do you think Cleveland would now be a dynasty had they drafted Josh Allen?

    He may not have lasted through his first 2 years. Low completion %, not a remarkable TD to INT ratio. I’m not saying I would have agreed with releasing or trading Allen, but at that time, Haslam stuck his nose into football ops and had a quick trigger on everything.

  43. Clearly Browns fans can’t handle the truth.

    ….and yet both teams are home this weekend. The Boys have Dak (the great?) while we only have Baker. Same end result. Go figure.

  44. Same result? That’s like trying to argue the Browns are better than the Cowboys when the Browns couldn’t even go .500 with basically an All Star team on Offense except at QB. Meanwhile the Cowboys won their Division and went 12-5. Browns haven’t even won their Division since 1989. LMAO. I mean Browns have the most clueless Fans in the History of Pro Sports

  45. OBJ playing for the Super Bowl. Clowns couldn’t even get him the ball because their QB SUCKS. OBJ with the Rams 6 TDs in 10 games. With the Cleveland Clowns 0 TDs. BA HA HA HA. I win again

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