Andy Reid appeared to want a review of possible Joe Mixon fumble in overtime

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs coach Andy Reid appeared to want a replay review of a potential Joe Mixon fumble just before the Bengals’ game-winning field goal in overtime of the AFC Championship Game.

Mixon ran for a first down, stumbled to the ground, got up and dropped the ball. Mixon clearly thought a Chiefs player had knocked him down, but from the camera angles shown on the CBS broadcast, it wasn’t clear whether it was a Chief or one of Mixon’s Bengals teammates who touched Mixon to trip him up.

After Mixon dropped the ball, a Chiefs player picked it up, but the officials blew the play dead and ruled it Bengals ball. Reid called timeout and talked to an official, but there was no replay review.

It’s unclear whether any replay angles could have shown definitively whether Mixon was down by contact, and it’s also unclear whether there would have been a ruling of a clear recovery by the Chiefs. But it was at least close enough that Reid seemed to want it to be reviewed — and close enough that it should have been reviewed.

It was also close enough that CBS should have addressed it on the game broadcast. Instead, former NFL referee Gene Steratore merely said, “illegal formation is not a reviewable play,” as if Reid were challenging the Bengals’ formation.

At the end of a great game, this was a potentially controversial call that was unremarked-upon by both the broadcast and the referee.

20 responses to “Andy Reid appeared to want a review of possible Joe Mixon fumble in overtime

  1. just watched the play again. micon wasnt touched. big missed call. wish that didnt happen as it tarnishes the game

  2. I’m sure they’ll blame the game on that call. Kick the FG at the end of the first half and go home with a win…..or be stupid and throw a pass at the five yard line and get tackled in bounds to run out the clock. Dumb.

  3. First off, how do you know if or not it was reviewed? The time out allowed a replay review, & if there was any hint it needed “further review” I’m sure it would have occurred. It’s not obvious a review was needed, but we really don’t know if it was accomplished. Maybe an investigating reporter will look into it.

  4. They also missed Kelce’s cheapshot to the head on the OT interception. Or the facemask penalty on Burrow during the Bengals fourth quarter field goal drive.
    But yeah sure, this call was the critical miss…

  5. As a chiefs fan, who cares. Pat would’ve just found another way to give it away. I was calling for a Chad Henne at the end of the 3rd. Pat either had an all time choke job, or had a reason to lose.

  6. Sloppy football by mixon.

    You always give the ball to the ref to the end of every play. Never, ever, ever leave it on the ground.

  7. Is dropping the ball considered giving yourself up? If he ran in for a touchdown it would have counted as a score.

  8. I knew it! I told my kids the same thing. That was a fumble. I’m not a fan of either team btw. Congrats to the bengals.

  9. The refs didn’t make calls all night for both teams. Live by Mahomes, die by Mahomes. That was the game.

  10. 15 choked at home and the team followed him. Having said that the Bengals beat the #1 and #2 seed so its a worthy SB bound team. Congrats

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