Fred Warner expresses regret for hit on Matthew Stafford: “It looks bad”

NFL: JAN 16 NFC Wild Card - 49ers at Cowboys
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After Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford threw an early interception against the 49ers on Sunday, linebacker Fred Warner blew up Stafford with an illegal hit. No flag was thrown.

After the game, Warner opened his press conference by addressing the play.

“I never do anything out of malicious intent,” Warner told reporters. “I watched the video it looks bad. . . . He was in my way and I made the hit. . . . Looking back at it, I feel bad about it.”

Warner said he didn’t see Stafford after the game. But Warner expressed appropriate contrition for something that looked both illegal and dirty.

He’ll surely be fined. If the 49ers had advanced, a potential Super Bowl the Super Bowl could have been on the table.

As it stands, Warner may end up being suspended for the first game of the 2022 season.

20 responses to “Fred Warner expresses regret for hit on Matthew Stafford: “It looks bad”

  1. Definitely it was malicious and with intent to injure. He for sure should have a stiff fine and be suspended for one game.

  2. 1 of many dirty plays. Jimmy ward said he was going after Odell and he got him. Niners are dirty players that regret they got caught on video

  3. Sure. Leaning in and banging your head against his was him being in the way. Pathetic and classless

  4. I was rooting for the 49ers. However, had they advanced, Warner should’ve been suspended and not have been allowed to play in the Super Bowl for that hit. Could you imagine how much that game may have been impacted had he knocked Stanford out with a concussion? There should be no tolerance for that kind of crap. The NFL should take the officials to task for not calling a penalty on that play. In the 1980’s and before, sure, you could have argued that it was just football. It was certainly a different game back then. But there’s no place for that in today’s game. That said, it wasn’t to the level of the Saints going after Favre in the 2009 NFC Championship game, but nonetheless, that can’t be tolerated. There’s too much on the line nowadays with the size of the contracts, betting, etc.

  5. I’m glad he brought it up and spoke about it right after the game. The hit made me mad, but I like his response. He’s a professional.

  6. It doesn’t “look bad”. It was bad!

    He was not in your way and you launched an headbutt from behind. Just when you thought he could sink no lower, instead of owning up and apologizing he lies.

    The definition of classless.

  7. Very talented LB and a very physical defense that has delivered them to the NFC championship. Crossing the line with having multiple defenders taking cheap shots puts the onus on the Def. coordinator. Somehow the Rams nor the Packers were taking cheap shots when the intensity reached this level. We’re fortunate that Stafford did not have a concussion after the blow to the back of his head. Hope the NFL sends a mssg. to the 49er coaches and not just their players.

  8. 49ers were cheap shotting all day. Little surprised actually….didn’t they they were that type of team.

  9. That was definitely a dirty hit. The officials looked the other way on that one, and he should have been ejected. It was targeting for sure.

  10. Warner should be fined the maximum by the NFL. No need to suspend him. Just look the other way next year when the Rams get revenge. Payback is better when you don’t see it coming. Warner better keep his head on a swivel at all times. He’s a cheap shot artist so he knows he’s got one coming.

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