Kyle Shanahan declines to make a “farewell statement” on Jimmy Garoppolo

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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The 49ers, if they’d made it to the Super Bowl, would have had the proverbial “good problem to have” for 2022, with veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo entering the final year of his contract and rookie Trey Lance (in whom they invested three first-round picks and a third-round pick) moving toward his second season.

The final outcome of Sunday’s game — another 10-point lead blown in the fourth quarter of a huge game — makes it seem more clear that the 49ers will make the move they moved up in the draft to make.

After the 20-17 loss to the Rams, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about the future of Garoppolo.

“I love Jimmy,” Shanahan told reporters. “I’m not gonna sit here and make a farewell statement. That’s the last thing on my mind. . . . I love coaching Jimmy.”

The proper conjugation of that last verb possibly is “loved.” With the game on the line, he failed to step up like championship quarterbacks do. The Rams knew they had a quarterback like that in Jared Goff, so they got Matthew Stafford. The 49ers went another way. Unless they fear that Lance needs another full season of seasoning before he’s truly ready to go — and if he does, why did they give up so much to get him? — Jimmy’s time as a 49er is over.

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  1. There might be another QB that becomes available who Kyle thinks will be a better fit. I don’t know what he thinks of Trey Lance. But after a game like that is hardly the time to ask that question to the coach. You wonder how some of these reporters got their credential.

  2. Makes one wonder if he is kicking himself for not drafting Mac Jones..
    May have had a better season…

  3. 49rs need a QB who can get them to the SB.

    There is this guy Brady who you may want to look into.

  4. Trade Rodgers for him. I’d take Garoppolo right now. The guy is a gamer and always getting better. That loss was not his fault. Plus, I’d love to dump the liar, Aaron Rodgers.

  5. Tartt lost the game not Jimmy. Trent playing hurt seemed to really hurt Jimmy having time and our run game had mojo for only a couple drives in the middle.

    would’ve liked to see one of the many bearhugs or tackles against Bosa called, bc lettung them play reallllly takes away our strength for free (like we saw in the SB) but i mean the refs lwt both sides play a little, it wasnt only a “do whatever you want” free card like Fixovich gave KC and only KC in the BS LIV

  6. Why not keep Jimmy and let Lance battle him for starting spot in camp?? The 9ERS have Jimmy under contract and 23mil in todays QB market is a deal with his pedigree.

    9ERS need to continue to build up the Oline, 2ndary and WR core and let Lance/Jimmy both battle in camp. Unless they can get good draft compensation or work a trade for a Rodgers/Brady/Watson/Wilson/ or Carr maybe?? Highly unlikely. Only problem with Jimmy is he’s injury prone and can’t stretch the field

  7. It’s not Jimmy’s fault the offensive line disappeared in the 4th quarter. But yeah, he’s gone

  8. They’ll probably end up trading Fields for a 3rd and keep Jimmy. Can’t get rid of the guy that got you to the conference championship game.

  9. If SF doesnt get Brady due to retirement, they will keep Jimmy.
    Shanahan cant win without him.

  10. His days are numbered. They knew they needed to be better at QB two years ago when they choked away that SB to the Chiefs. So they drafted Lance but he hasnt come along as fast as they would have liked so they stick with the guy that gives them the best chance to win but its still not good enough and his time is about up.

    Only the Niners know if to move forward with Lance or look to FA to upgrade over Jimmy till Lance is a viable option, if he ever is.

  11. Who is this Jakoowskie Tartt guy? That guy needs to apologize to the team. One of the great all time conf title game blunders.

    Stafford does these bizarre INT plays where you just can’t believe what he’s doing.

  12. A) if Lance was any good he’d be playing

    B) Shanahan should look in the mirror.

    Give that guy a 2 score lead in the playoffs he’ll bust his butt to blow it. Falcons, Chiefs SB, tonight. Starts calling dumb plays. 17-17 3 straight throws. You were running the ball great. Expecting Lance to save the day is a long shot

  13. Next season Jimmy G. is set to make just a shade under $27 million. If they release him his dead cap number is $1.4 million, so there would be plenty of money to sign free agents or re-sign their own guys. If they keep him at $27 million that doesn’t say much for their confidence in Lance.

  14. Trade for Brady or Rodgers … they have $30 mil cap hits plus your giving something up realistic

  15. Not a good time to ask a coach a question like that after a devastating loss. I’m sure Garoppolo knows he is being used as a temporary solution this season until the 49ers can find an upgrade with either Lance or someone else. Garoppolo is a decent QB and seems like a good guy so hopefully he can find a team next year who will appreciate him and know how to use him.

  16. I agree. The 49ers should pursue Brady. The question is, how many draft picks is he worth at his age? The Niners might not be willing to give up first round picks.

  17. My daughter sent me a text yesterday “Brady, Rodgers and Rothlesburger walk into a bar to watch the superbowl” ………………… Ya they can add Mahomes and Garapolo to that joke now…..

  18. After Jimmy G was injured and only played 6 games in 2020 looking for a replacement (or at least a backup) for him (with Lance) of course made sense. Garoppolo has another year.

  19. codylaws says:
    January 30, 2022 at 10:25 pm
    Is they trade for Brady, guaranteed they win Superbowl next year.

    Nobody’s that lucky, not even the LOAT.

  20. The Niners already snubbed Brady. Brady isn’t going to forget that. They chose unwisely and are now paying for it. Brady’s not forgiving them. He’s either coming back here to the team that believed in him or he’s retiring. After watching these 2 championship games I’m thinking he may not be retiring.

  21. Jimmy threw a bad INT that cost them their chance of a comeback.

    Stafford threw a ball that should have been an INT and cost them the game, but the DB dropped it.

    Both made the same mistake, bad decision, poor throw in the 4th qtr with the game on the line. The difference is not the QB play, but whether the DB made the play or not

  22. Lance is obviously not ready and good QB’s don’t just grow on trees .. the Niners D lost this game

  23. Say what you want. Jimmy wasn’t responsible for Deebo only getting the ball once in the 4th.

  24. Lance isn’t nor will he ever be “the guy.” As for Jimmy G, we know why the real push is going on to get rid of him, but facts don’t care about agendas. He took the 49ers to the NFCC. His Offensive line failed to protect him and cost them the game. Let’s lay blame where it actually belongs.

  25. I hope the 49ers release Jimmy G so he can find a better organization to join. Ever since the Super Bowl loss, management and coaches have let Jimmy take the brunt of criticism unfairly, so they could avoid the criticism they deserved. Jimmy does need to improve, especially on turnovers, but play calling (especially abandoning the run) and the offensive line play deserve a lot of blame.

  26. Brady retires. Rogers to Tampa Bay. 49ers go with the rookie. Garoppolo to Pittsburgh

  27. Someone please tell me why Deebo Samuels didn’t touch the ball in the last two 49ers possessions?

    And Jimmy G just cannot scramble. That was a rookie mistake; Stafford did the same thing in an earlier game this year.

    Feel sorry for Jimmy & the entire team. But guess that is the game of football.

  28. Jimmy Garoppolo is the best quarter back the 49ers have had in a decade. He lost the NFC championship by 3 points with a bad thumb and shoulder and you complain. He has played two whole seasons been to the super bowl once and then the NFC championship. A healthy 49ers team beats the rams by 14. If this team stays together the better they gonna get York’s sitting on a dynasty. The rams won’t even make it to the play offs next year if jimmy stays in san Fran. He’s what 31 years old Brady’s 43 and won a super bowl last year. Brady is who taught Jimmy. Let him heal up. If York and Lynch keep this team together they will be in the race every year just like the Walsh days with Joe and Jerry. Debo’s the new jerry, Jimmy’s the new joe trust me. It’s worth trading big for a good back up quarter back you need somebody good to go out there and win a game or two just like trays been doing already. Look if a guy hits me in my hands and I don’t make the catch I hang it over my own head. Its a team effort. Jimmy had them up 17-7 the defense has to hold. They didn’t get to Stanford enough. Almost every game the secondarys been different that will make a big difference. The whole team is banged up I thought Jimmy was great tonight.

  29. and by the the way its the same thing as the super bowl, defense bends over and leaves jimmy with a minute to win the game. The whole offensive line caves in and Jimmy loses the games??? come on be real Jimmy ain’t super man! The key to these guys at 900 is getting the O-line beefed up and finding a rhythm in the back field. Jason Verrett comes back next year, Jimmy starts and they beat KC in the super bowl. Rams lose to the 49ers twice and don’t even go to the play offs watch what I tell you. If jimmy goes down Trey comes out and plays a good game. Another Thing??? The personal trainers in san Fran must stink, why does the whole team come out with muscle sprains every year???, is the water bad over there or What? What’s going on with these guys getting hurt all the time. They need to stat doing ty chi.

  30. At some point, SF will not have a very strong defense and / or run game. It’s then when they will really need a QB that can carry the team. Jimmy is not that guy. Trey might not be either, but you have to find out. Good luck in your future endeavors, JG.

  31. Oh and what is this the rams get sued for 300 million dollars, win or loose the super bowl that team is going to start falling apart they ain’t got the bread to keep a bunch of high payed players Jimmy stays Rams fall apart and York gets his dynasty!!!!

  32. Brady…retired
    Rodgers — Denver
    Jimmy G —- Minnesota
    Carr —- Green Bay
    Mariota — Tampa Bay
    Watson ===Las Vegas

  33. stellarperformance says:
    January 30, 2022 at 10:22 pm
    Trade Rodgers for him. I’d take Garoppolo right now. The guy is a gamer and always getting better. That loss was not his fault. Plus, I’d love to dump the liar, Aaron Rodgers.
    Always getting better? He just had 2TDs/3 INTs and 545 yards passing through 3 playoff games. That’s 8 seasons of getting better.

  34. If SF doesnt get Brady due to retirement, they will keep Jimmy.
    Shanahan cant win without him.
    Shanahan cant win with glass either.

  35. Over a three-year period a quarterback leads his team to the Superbowl, gets injured, and then leads his team to the NFC Championship, plays decently to well while injured, and someone suggests getting rid of him? Crazy.

  36. directdriver says:

    January 30, 2022 at 10:18 pm

    Go get Brady for one season and let Trey Lance sit behind and learn from the master

    Bradys under contract with the Bucs so theres no “go get him” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  37. touchback6 says:
    January 30, 2022 at 10:35 pm
    Who is this Jakoowskie Tartt guy? That guy needs to apologize to the team. One of the great all time conf title game blunders


    The same could be expected from Asante Samuel

  38. I’m Jimmy fan too. He instilled a winning mindset into the 49ers locker room, but he has taken the 49ers as far as he could. Its like Marty Schottenheimer. He is arguably one of the best coaches in NFL history, but he doesnt have the rings to substantiate that claim because he had mediocre QBs like Jimmy his whole career. If Kyle had an elite QB the past few years he’d be preparing to win his 2nd Super bowl this week.
    A coach has to run his team like a Killer Bee Hive. We all love Jimmy, he’s 49er family, but his production has decreased, he’s become a liability, time to kick him out the Hive and replace him with new blood. You can’t stay on this team based on love, you stay on this team based on production……like a killer bee hive

  39. If Garoppolo is not on the 49ers next season,Shanahan will be on the hot seat by week 8..

  40. 49ers just cannot trust Jimmy G to not make a baffling, boneheaded rookie mistake in a crucial moment. It’s become a weekly thing. Put Lance out there, trade for Mariota as a backup and use the 26 mil to sign a corner.

    Deebo Samuel and Nick Bosa also need massive contracts. Oh and no first round pick…

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