Rams defeat 49ers 20-17 to advance to Super Bowl LVI

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
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For the second year in a row, a team will host the Super Bowl at its home field.

The Rams will square off against the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI after defeating the 49ers 20-17 in the NFC Championship game.

Los Angeles had lost its last six contests to San Francisco. And the club was down 17-7 at the start of the fourth quarter.

But the Rams engineered a comeback, first scoring on an 11-yard touchdown from quarterback Matthew Stafford to receiver Cooper Kupp. Then kicker Matt Gay hit a 40-yard field goal with 6:49 left in the contest to tie the score at 17 apiece.

Needing to put a drive together to keep the Rams at bay, the 49ers went three-and-out. A delay of game penalty set up second-and-15. Then a pair of Jimmy Garoppolo incompletions induced a San Francisco punt.

Getting the ball back at their own 39, the Rams got into scoring position with a crucial third-and-3 completion from Stafford to Kupp that went 25 yards to the San Francisco 12-yard line.

But the Rams couldn’t get anything more, as Stafford got sacked on second-and-11 for a 7-yard loss.

Gay’s 30-yard field goal gave Los Angeles a 20-17 lead.

On the third play of the ensuing drive, defensive tackle Aaron Donald broke through the line and spun around Garoppolo. The quarterback got a pass away to running back JaMycal Hasty, but it went off his hands and into the arms of linebacker Travin Howard — sealing the game for Los Angeles.

Garoppolo finished the game 16-of-30 for 232 yards with a pair of touchdowns and an interception. The 49ers were just 3-of-9 on third down and finished with 282 total yards.

Los Angeles had 396 total yards, finishing 11-of-18 on third down. Stafford was 31-of-45 for 337 yards with a pair of touchdowns and one pick.

Kupp led the team with 11 receptions for 142 yards with two touchdowns. Odell Beckham Jr. had nine catches for 113 yards.

The Rams will now play for a title for the second time in four years. The club lost Super Bowl LIII to the Patriots to end the 2018 season.

88 responses to “Rams defeat 49ers 20-17 to advance to Super Bowl LVI

  1. For a 7th place Wild Card team the Niners surely overachieved.

    Regardless I’m glad they went down swinging. Ultimately L.A has a better QB and that made all the difference.

    We’ll see what Trey Lance can do in a few months so I hope the draft picks were worth it.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  2. I hope the eefs aren’t letting the Rams run the play clock to zero every time in the Super Bowl!!!

  3. The end of that game showed the difference in a game manager and a franchise QB. When the game is down to the wire, Jimmy G is just not a guy who can will his team down the field.

  4. I felt like I was watching a Steelers Raiders mid-70s Good morning Championship game with all the dirty play, so many late hits.

  5. 49ner fan thought he was going to the Big game! Take your seat next to us Packer fans! Ah’ We Suck again!

  6. Matthew Stafford worth everything they gave up to get him. So clutch again.

    And man, Cooper Kupp. Unstoppable.

  7. Jimmy G is the only player holding 9ers back. If they have a better qb, they win this game and Superbowl.

  8. I called it earlier this week and got hammered by 9er fans. Jimmy would throw a late pick and seal their fate. He is what we think he is not a championship QB.

  9. I felt like I was watching a Steelers Raiders mid-70s Championship game with all the dirty play, so many late hits.

  10. I have no love for the Rams. McVay is a clown and could have cost them the game. Still, I’m glad they won. The Niners are dirty, their fans are insufferable, and Jimmy G was overdue to turn back into a pumpkin. Should be a good SB.

  11. Amazing day of football!

    1st the extremely annoying Chiefs get embarrassed at home up 21-3 and lose
    Then their is a Bengals team haven’t been to Super Bowl in decades…
    Joe Burrows empressed…
    The Rams finally get a win against 49ers…
    Matthew Stafford, after surviving a decade of losing because of the Lions, get to SB…
    Close games resulting in the most interesting SB possible…

    Most interesting SB in tears!

  12. Jimmy G., rightly or not, will get pasted for this late game ineptitude. It was reminiscent of their loss to KC in their previous Super Bowl.

    The Rams open at -7.

  13. The 49ers win this game with Mac Jones at QB. Shanahan must be kicking himself.

  14. Have no idea what Garoppolo was thinking chuckling the ball from chaos into chaos like that. Kyler did the same for the Cardinals. SF is a great roster that clearly needs”something,” but the Rams are the opposite I feel they have alpha males and then guys who almost dont cut it. If Lance isnt the solution at the qb position and will add that needed whatever, then that trade that removes the ability to get high end cheap answers to roster questions Is crippling. And that could over a few years plunge the roster towards mediocrity.

  15. Should’ve known better than to believe JG could hold it together, without me there is no success in NE

  16. Its to bad a city like LA gets to enjoy a super bowl. The people don’t even come out to support them (60%+ 49ers fans) and now they get to not show to for the super bowl. Some “fan” bases just don’t deserve it. #gobengals

  17. Can we stop with the Kyle Shanahan is a genius talk. He’s a playoff loser. Say what you want about Jimmy. Kyle deserves more blame. He blows leads in big games !

  18. Either Georgia or LSU will be able to brag about its first Super Bowl winning QB.
    LSU’s only starter was David Woodley, the man who convinced Don Shula to draft Dan Marino.
    Georgia’s was Francis Asbury Tarkenton, the greatest QB (sorry, Marino) without a title.

  19. hazydavey says:
    January 30, 2022 at 9:46 pm
    The end of that game showed the difference in a game manager and a franchise QB. When the game is down to the wire, Jimmy G is just not a guy who can will his team down the field.


    It’s why Kraft ordered BB to walk

  20. Niners fans have spend the last five months lamenting Jimmy Garoppolo, if this is what it takes to see him go, then so be it. Deebo Samuel is the miracle that got them this far.

    And Kyle Shanahan abandoning the run with a fourth quarter lead? You don’t say!

    Might as well bring Jim Harbaugh back. He’ll turn Trey Lance into a regular Colin Kaepernick.

  21. The Rams have 75% off their cap in 2022 tied to 10 players. This is the NFL definition of All or Nothing. Dear God let’s hope it’s nothing.

  22. The 49ers are on the edge of being a great team. If trey Lance turns out to be the expected uograde over Jimmy G, that is a scary team. Hopefully this is the restart of a great rivalry between the teams.

    I do not understand why they were resorting to Bush keague stuff in the first half though. They look like too good a team to need to stoop to that.

  23. 2014 NFC Title @ division rival Seahawks: INT, game over
    2022 NFC Title @ division rival Rams: INT, game over
    Still have not found a QB since Joe Montana/Steve Young. Jimmy G is history

  24. Jimmy G with the ugliest pick of the postseason to wrap up his career with the 49ers. Stafford was decent but Kupp was wide open all game just like it was against the Bucs. Burrow vs Stafford I hate to say it but the Rams will likely be Super Bowl champs.

  25. Jimmy G, Tannehill you simply cannot win in today’s NFL with a game manager. You need a franchise QB.

  26. Must be really frustrating for Packer fans, that’s the same QB who was able to drive his team to the winning score last week in Green Bay.

  27. Both teams made huge mistakes that could have cost them the game. Stafford gift wrapping that INT that got dropped probably would have given it to the 49ers. Ramsey dropped one. It was not a great toss Jimmy G made, but I have seen worse caught. The Rams D pulled it together toward the end and the 49ers quit going to the guys that got them there.

  28. Glad to see some Die Hard LA Fans finally get a chance to go to the Superbowl in good Old Sofi. Some of these people have been fans since way back in September.

  29. I feel bad for Garoppolo, but it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that with a top-tier QB, the 49ers would be world-beaters. But there simply isn’t one on the roster. Anyone think Lance is going to outdo Stafford, Wilson, and Murray?

    With a Brady or Rodgers, SF would lay waste to the division and the league. Their current stars probably won’t last long enough to start all over with another draft prospect. They may have to do a Rams/Bucs and go all-in on a proven QB if they want to win with this bunch.

  30. Bengals by 4…I don’t trust McVay to manage the game correctly when it’s all on the line

  31. Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

    Shanahan blowing a double digit lead

    PS: Gimme G. Is not the answer.

  32. Another Kyle Shanahan fourth quarter special. Andy Reid blows second halves, and Kyle Shanahan blows fourth quarters.

  33. I love the 2021/22 49ers. I have seen a lot of 49er football. This group had the championship DNA, they were
    Champions.buuuuut, I gotta day the season ended perfectly. The football gods showed the 49ers the promised land,
    But we’re like “nope you don’t deserve to go with that QB, He showed you who he was In Nashville Tennessee, once a QB shows you who he is in his moment of truth….BELIEVE HIM. “

  34. I’ve loved the Rams since I was a child.
    50+ years ago.
    If I may say this, if anyone out there has a chance to
    attend a Super Bowl, for gosh sakes please do so.
    I’ve been to two of them and they were an incredible experience.

  35. So the winners of the two toughest divisions in football will meet in the SB.

    Awesome wins and hopefully the NFL puts on one last show as good as the last two weeks of football.

  36. Deebo is absolutely crushed by the defeat. He gave every fiber of his being to win the game so I can’t blame him for crying like that.

  37. The dropped interception is why the Niners will have to buy a ticket to the Super Bowl. Not really Jimmy G. That drop was inexcusable!

  38. Who is this Jakoowskie Tartt guy? That guy needs to apologize to the team. One of the great all time conf title game blunders.

    Stafford does these bizarre INT plays where you just can’t believe what he’s doing.

  39. “Dropped interception killed the Niners”
    Dropped TD pass to C. Kupp was 7 lost points. Things even out…

  40. The Rams were lucky to win with McVay challenging away all of their timeouts. It was a very entertaining game. It should be a great match-up with the Bengals. Congrats to both teams!

  41. kevpft says:
    With a Brady or Rodgers, SF would lay waste to the division and the league. Their current stars probably won’t last long enough to start all over with another draft prospect. They may have to do a Rams/Bucs and go all-in on a proven QB if they want to win with this bunch.


    Rodgers had something like a dozen opportunities to bury a skilled, but not particularly great 49ers team last week and failed miserably at every opportunity. Would they tear up the division, absolutely. Would they get torn up in the post season with Rodgers… probably. I don’t know how anyone can look at the last decade of playoff flops and think that Rodgers is going to lead them to the promised land. He just took a better team at home and lost to Jimmy Freakin’ G. And he’s been doing it for a long time, unfortunately.

  42. Stafford just needed to play on a super team to win a playoff game. He’s still a bum who choked in every big game he played in while in Detroit.

  43. “Jimmy G beat the Packers. I call this year a success.”
    The Packers ‘special teams’ handed it to Jimmy. Niners scored no offensive touchdowns!

  44. There have been some really great games during this playoffs. Exciting, down to the wire, overtime, and upsets. It’s been fun to watch!

  45. Yea Stafford throws some picks…but he’s a gunslinger. In the mold of Favre. You live and die by those passes.

  46. Have fun in the off season Deebo and the rest of the dirty players on the Niners. The Warner cheap shot on Stafford was on brand for the 49ers. Half expected knife fights in the stands with their fans once the Rams sealed the victory.

    KS is the most overrated genius in the NFL.

  47. As a Ram fan, I want to thank the 49ers for going to Green Bay and knocking them off for us, and then coming to LA with all of your fans and injecting all that cash into Inglewood and Los Angeles. It’s greatly appreciated. Really cool regular season sweep you had there too. Impressive.

  48. If the 49ers had simply drafted Rodgers in 2005, they’d have at least another championship. Oh well.

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