Kirk Cousins replaces Aaron Rodgers in the Pro Bowl

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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To no surprise, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers won’t be wearing a Packers helmet again this season. It still remains to be seen whether he ever will again.

Rodgers has withdrawn from the Pro Bowl due to injury. He’ll be replaced by Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

It could be the last time Cousins wears a Vikings helmet. With a new G.M. hired and a new coach coming, the Vikings could decide to unload Cousins, who has a $35 million fully-guaranteed salary in 2022.

Cousins, who qualified for the all-star game in 2016 and 2019, generates great stats and can perform at a high level when the play unfolds as called. When things fall apart, he struggles to improvise his way into another play. At the Pro Bowl, where there’s no blitzing and the game is roughly as intense as a game of backyard two-hand touch, Cousins will be able to sling the ball around at will.

27 responses to “Kirk Cousins replaces Aaron Rodgers in the Pro Bowl

  1. I hope he throws for 1000 yards and 7 TDs and cons some other team into trading way too much for him.

  2. Kirk is moving up! In the NFCN, he’s usually in third or fourth place. Now he’s moved up to second!

  3. It’s never a good sign when a quarterback has a new offensive coordinator practically every season … and in this case – even a season with not one but two coordinators when Norv Turner flew the coop. Cousins has had to deal with Turner, Pat Shurmur, Gary Kubiak, John Defilippoo, Kevin Stefanski – and anyone else I’ve forgotten. Blame Cousins all you want – but the Minnesota Vikings organization has been nothing more than one very large purple dumpster fire. Oh, and good luck trading a quarterback with a guaranteed 35 million dollar contract for next season, I’m sure suitors will be lining up outside the stadium with no parking lot.

  4. My two cents. Rodgers will not retire. He loves the benjamins and if he retires his commercial work may dry up. Cant have that plus he loves the limelight.
    Second, he has every intention of Playing for the Pack and was in telling them that in his meeting but wants them to keep Adams.
    Third, just read an article that the team cannot do the later, Adams wants 30 mil and they are 50 mil over cap now. The tag would add 22.2 mil to the cap so he is basically done in GB unless he drops his demands or a lot of players drop their salaries quickly in the next 5 weeks.

  5. This will be perfect for Kirk Cousins. They can’t blitz so there won’t be pressure in his face so he can then be accurate. Trade him a day afterwards, his value will never be higher.

  6. I think the players union encourages the Aaron Rodgers types to sit out so others can get the pro bowl bonus/recognition for future contracts

  7. As a Vikings fan, I hate Cousins.
    But all playoff losing QBs end up looking just like him under pressure!

  8. It may trigger a bonus, but being selected for the Pro Bowl now has all the significance of being a girls 4th choice for the prom.

  9. Cousins looks like the playoff QBs? Not even close. Watch Cousin’s third downs and these QBs 3rd downs. The playoff QBs try to extend the play to make a play. Cousins tries to set up the punter.

  10. It would be fun to listen in to Kirk telling his grandkids how he ripped off the Vikings all those years and made it to multiple pro bowls. Do you think he’ll also come clean the rain is that the 7 or so QBs in front of him all declined and he really got in by default?

    I don’t.

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