Mark Davis announces hiring of Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Raiders owner Mark Davis opened a Monday press conference by thanking interim head coach Rich Bisaccia and the rest of the team for their hard work in getting the team to the playoffs this season, but quickly pivoted to officially turning the page to the organization’s next chapter.

Davis confirmed reports from the weekend that the team would hire Josh McDaniels as their new head coach. The longtime Patriots offensive coordinator previously coached the Broncos and had an agreement to take over the Colts in 2018, but backed out after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Eagles.

Davis also announced the hiring of Dave Ziegler as the team’s new General Manager. Ziegler replaces Mike Mayock, who was fired after the playoff loss to the Bengals in the Wild Card round.

Ziegler was most recently the director of player personnel for the Patriots, so he and McDaniels make up a package deal trying to come up with the formula that’s eluded many others who have left New England for other clubs.

26 responses to “Mark Davis announces hiring of Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler

  1. This should get interesting really fast. It’s a shame though they didn’t keep Coach Rich. He got them into the playoffs ! Mayock had to go though. Making the playoffs Rich has nothing to be ashamed of.

  2. Irsay announced that McDaniels was the coach before McDaniels had wanted him to, because either 1) he hadnt fully and officially committed to the colts job, or 2) he didnt want to distract his team from the superbowl and didnt want the news out until after the season had ended. Irsay (who is certifiably legally insane) showed his cards too soon and blew it, proving to McDaniels that he didnt want to feel forced into going to Indy by someone whose aim was destabilizing New England twofold. Oh and Robert Kraft gave him head coaching money to stay. And i hate new england but all this was crystal clear at the time; mcdaniels wouldnt be cornered by a madman and had a job to do. Now he gets a(nother) decade of job security at the hands of Mark Davis who wants nothing more than to have his team be respected by just winning baby! Not by tweeting promises to the fanbase at 2am from the tarmac infront of his private jet like Irsay keeps doing

  3. Bad hires. Mark will find out soon enough the BB tree is a mirage. It’s shame because he finally found a HC in Biassica that could have taken the Raiders far.

  4. Terrible signing by the Raiders. Should have kept Bissacia as coach, he did what all other coaches couldn’t do under very extreme circumstances this year.

  5. The interim coach got them to the playoffs. That’s the bar. Josh will need to actually win a playoff game.

  6. John Madden was just a linebacker coach when he became the head coach of the Raiders. Too bad Mark Davis didn’t learn anything from his Dad about outside the box thinking.

  7. I suspect they’ll do better than Quinn/Patricia did in Detroit, but that’s only due to better talent coming into the position. In 3 years when he’s fired I suspect they’ll be drafting top 10

  8. Davis Jr has to prolong the prestige of being in Las Vegas, he needed a big name to sell tickets, rights and other things. Retaining he acting head coach, capable and player friendly as he was won’t do it

  9. Anyone from the Patriots front office and/or coaching staff has been a flop without Bill. McD in Denver. Patricia, Flores (losing record despite the strong finish), Judge, Crennel, Mangini. You could make a case for Bill O’Brien but that’s about it. Pioli going to KC and hiring Haley with Weiss and Crennel was borderline ok, but Belichick is the show in NE. Caserio and Easterby in Houston. As a lifelong Raiders fan, these hires are beyond underwhelming. We went from Harbaugh speculation to patriots retreads. No thanks.

  10. Wow the interm coach took the Bengals down to the wire. That is right, the team that beat the Raiders is in the Super Bowl. Somebody needs to snatch the Raiders coach up.

  11. As a Broncos fan, I could not be happier. Young men with egos themselves have a hard time playing for small condescending men with even bigger egos. His toxicity reverberated through Dove Valley from the day he was hired until the day he was fired. Here’s hoping that he employs the same scorched earth technique in Vegas.

  12. I’m not going to believe it until he’s there for the first game of the season. Only then will I believe he’s not going to do the same thing to the Raiders that he did to the Colts. That worked out well for the Colts though.

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