Trey Lance: Jimmy Garoppolo is the man, he’s going to be one of my best friends for life

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The 49ers traded three first-round picks to draft Trey Lance because they were eager to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. But Garoppolo never resented Lance’s presence in San Francisco.

In fact, Lance said today that one of the reasons everyone in the 49ers locker room loves Garoppolo is that he is always nothing but supportive of teammates, including the teammate who was brought in to take his job.

“Jimmy’s the man,” Lance said. “You’ve heard it from everyone. No one is lying about it. He’s inspired so many guys in this room, everything he’s played through this year. Everything he’s taught me, how he’s handled our whole situation. Everyone put us against each other and everything like that in the media, throughout this whole year, from OTAs and everything. But he’s been nothing but a brother to me. Whether it’s competing in practice or sitting in the meetings he’s been nothing but great to me and I’ve been nothing but thankful for him and everything he’s done. He’s going to be one of my best friends for my whole entire life.”

The 49ers’ decision-makers may not view Garoppolo as a great quarterback, but no one doubts that he’s a great teammate.

33 responses to “Trey Lance: Jimmy Garoppolo is the man, he’s going to be one of my best friends for life

  1. For those making fun of Jimmy G, he has the last laugh walking away with $100 Mil in his bank. He is an over achiever who could not match peoples expectations

  2. Say what you want about Jimmy but as a human being he has been nothing but classy towards the people around him and even to the media.

  3. As a mentor he’s Alex Smith 2.0 and teammates love him, including the person about to take his job.

  4. You bring back Jimmy, resign a few key free agents and get a top corner and the niners are in the Sb next year. This roster is stacked and Jimmy is better today than Lance is.

  5. Jimmy’s future isn’t in San Francisco. And I am not a niner fan by any stretch. But people seem to forget he has a torn ligament in his thumb on his throwing hand. You dont think that had any impact on his performance? He sounds like a good person, a good teammate and a warrior. Kudos to him, because with Lance behind center, they don’t make the NFC Championship this year.

  6. I’ll root for Jimmy wherever he goes. He a refreshing change from the me first diva’s we’re used to.

  7. Jimmy G will be a starter someplace next year, and you can take that to the bank. Not enough starting-caliber QBs to go around and he is definitely above average. Not to mention the draft class for QBs this year is mighty weak. I could see the Saints, Browns, Fins or maybe even a dark horse like the Falcons or Raiders making a move for him.

  8. As a Rams fan I am stoked Trey Lance is their QB going forward. More years of “genius Shanahan being exposed, losing big leads in the postseason and not winning Super Bowls!!!

  9. Jimmy G was the man. He taught the 49ers how to win.
    But in the post season you need more out of your QB than 4 TDs, 6 Ints, and 962 yards passing in 6 games.

  10. With a statement like that, it seems even more obvious. Trey is the man in SF. Bye Jimmy, hope we get at least a 2nd rounder for you.

  11. There’s still a place in the league as a starting QB for Jimmy. He’ll wind up on a good team and in a good situation.

  12. Yeah I’m a good guy as well..but I will never be able to win big games or be a leader on an NFL team. Jimmy G and I have that in common!

  13. Garoppolo has led the 49ers to one super bowl, almost winning, and another NFC Championship, almost winning that, too. That’s not a bad resume for the short time he’s been in San Francisco. Trey Lance hasn’t shown anything. It would be a huge leap of faith to get rid of Garoppolo for Trey Lance. That’s why John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan make the big bucks. It’s hard to argue with their success, so I’m not going to start now. If Garoppolo isn’t a great QB, and they’ve been this successful in a QB league, then the rest of the roster must be very solid, and/or Kyle Shanahan is a genius. Maybe even both.

  14. 49er fans. If Lance is too much of a drop off from Jimmy. Do you just resign Jimmy or make a play for Rodgers?

  15. Miners spent too much draft-capital for Lance to just let him bench-rot. JG will end up in the AFC – could be Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Miami.

  16. Don’t doubt he is well liked in locker room. But loyalty among professional athletes is fickle.
    If Lance starts completing pass after pass in training camp. Or (this would be funny!), the GOAT brought his talents to S.F. pursuing ring #8 I promise you, all of the sudden JimmyG would no longer be Big Man On Campus.

  17. got to love the haters putting down Jimmy because he has more money better looks and is a better man than they are. you know who you are

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