Vikings will interview Jim Harbaugh in person on Wednesday

Playoff Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Michigan
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Michigan Jim Harbaugh continues to inch toward a potential return to the NFL.

The Vikings will bring the Wolverines coach to Minnesota on Wednesday for a sit-down, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Media.

The Vikings interviewed Harbaugh by Zoom on Saturday. Despite mixed signals as to whether the process would continue, continue it will.

The team appears to be concerned about Harbaugh’s time with the 49ers. Despite a 44-19-1 regular-season record, three playoff appearances, and a Super Bowl berth, Harbaugh was fired after four seasons. (The team called it a mutual parting; Harbaugh disagreed with the characterization.) After moving on from the oft-cantankerous Mike Zimmer, the Vikings are inclined to avoid another coach who may opt for motivation based on concepts such as fear and criticism.

Plenty of successful coaches possess that edge, including the likes of Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells to name only two. Harbaugh’s brother, John, has a fire that burns hot, just below the surface and sometimes out in the open (especially when the lights go out during the Super Bowl). The Ravens, realizing the value that John Harbaugh brings to the football team, has coexisted with him since 2008.

Jim Harbaugh has coached his alma mater for seven seasons. By all appearances, they’d like to keep him, despite whatever negativity folks from San Francisco may be spreading about him. Obviously, people like 49ers CEO Jed York don’t want to see Harbaugh return to the NFL and thrive. If York thought Harbaugh was a disaster waiting to happen, York would either say nothing, or he’d provide a glowing endorsement.

Regardless of what anyone else may or may not be saying about Harbaugh (and we don’t know whether York or anyone else is providing a negative assessment to the Vikings or anyone else about Harbaugh), the Vikings have to make their own decision. Is the calculated risk of hiring a coach who may rub some folks the wrong way worth the reward of a trophy the franchise and the community have been chasing since 1966?

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  1. If the Vikings are serious about their rhetoric then they will hire him that day. If they haven’t already and this is just a formality.

  2. Couldn’t care less about Kendrick’s fee fee’s if it bring a championship to MN. Lets be honest, most of the Zimmer era players wouldn’t be on the team anyway, that’s just the way it works most of the time when a new GM and Coach take over. I could see them keeping some of the youngest guys like JJ, but the rest of the vets would probably be on the bubble anyway, whether through direct cuts or at least through not renewing contracts on aging players.

  3. What are you even saying? We don’t care which way he rubs anyone if he can win us a ring. Get serious. Sign Harbaugh!

  4. All Harbaugh did was win in SF (with Alex Smith and then Kaepernick). I’m sure if you asked Vikings fans they would gladly take a Super Bowl berth with Harbaugh as HC even if the team’s executives may not be besties with him.

  5. As a 49er fan I can tell you that Jed York has had many failures since taking over for his uncle Eddie DeBartolo. The biggest failure was choosing Trent Baalke over Jim Harbaugh. The #Faithful love coach Harbaugh, and I hope he gets a second chance in the NFL with ownership that supports him.

  6. Harbaugh is the ONLY head coaching candidate with a proven track record of success in the NFL, he was a winner plain and simple.

    3 NFCCG’s and a SB tell it all.

  7. Many Michigan fans wanted him gone after the 2021 season. This year Harbaugh finally had the success Michigan fans expected all along. After this season’s success Michigan fans are willing to keep him and see how it goes but aren’t necessarily sold on him. Many Vikings fans seem to want Harbaugh and it seems the author of this article is in that camp. I’m of the opinion that Harbaugh’s success in San Fran was the product of the defense built by Mike Singletary and not any offensive acumen of Harbaugh. Harbaugh might be a good NFL Coach and I’d support him if hired, but I’d prefer Raheem Morris as the Vikings next coach.

  8. Players should grow a set. It’s football. They can leave their safety pins at home. If this coach is the best chance for a super bowl berth then I could care less if he chucks a blackboard at Cousins head.

  9. I say pull the trigger, Vikings. Demeco Ryans opted to stay with the 49ers and I don’t see another option as intriguing as Harbaugh.

  10. Darn it, I just don’t know about him as he was a hard head that rubbed the fans at the time, the wrong way! Also, he hasn’t done that well with a college team, and as a Michigan State fan, he’s beaten us just once in 6 years. That doesn’t instill much confidence in him.

  11. If I’m being objective I’d say yes, he’s worth the potential headaches. It’s obvious he knows how to coach when he has a good roster to work with. If they can get 4 to 7 years out of him, he may be able to get them into contention. He guided the 49ers to the NFC championship and then to a Super Bowl in consecutive years with two different QB’s. And he’s been working within the college ranks for the past 7 years, so it’s not like he’ll have a disconnect with the younger generation. To me he’d be a safer option than taking a gamble on a coordinator with no head coaching experience. They still want to try to compete with what they can retain of their current roster, draft picks, and free agents. The only way I’d risk hiring an unknown quantity at coach is if I were going to blow the entire roster up, tank a season or two, and go after a true franchise QB, and then build it from there.

  12. Will it be the Vikings, will it be the Dolphins, nor neither. Who REALLY knows? I’ll wait for the press to announce it. The important thing is that the Vikings don’t hire Patrick Graham of the Giants.

  13. Well, he seems intent to go back to the NFL. I’ll admit I don’t expect it to go all that well. Should go for the AFC or NFC south, or NFC EAst maybe. I think his act gets stale and that’s even WITH winning which soothes all things. Could be wrong, I’m a fan of a division foe in the Lions and I live in UM territory where currently coaches but I just have a gut feeling this time isn’t going to go well enough, quick enough to keep his style of man management from driving his own players insane. IMO

  14. Oy… I love the idea of Harbaugh, but I’m 50 years old and resigned to the fact I’ll never see the purple hoisting the Lombardi. We need a soul-seeker like Burrow, and those guys are generational. The Wild are looking good, though.

  15. That’s not an earthquake registering on the Richter scale in Green Bay, it’s the Packers quivering in their shoes!

  16. “ Is the calculated risk of hiring a coach who may rub some folks the wrong way worth the reward of a trophy the franchise and the community have been chasing since 1966?”


  17. Zimmer screamed at his players until his eyes bled. He was instrumental in designating an unnecessary injury to an opponent as one of the Top Ten Viking Moments of the Decade. His teams lost faith in a guy that was angry, sarcastic, and frustrated on a daily basis. Sarcasm is the worst teaching mechanism known to man. It won’t take much to replace him.

  18. Isnt it obvious now that if there WAS disfunction in SF when he was there that it is at least partly because of Baalke ? So what’s the trepidation for on the part of the Vikings? Who do they think they’re going to get that’s better at this point? If I were the Vikings and Jim Harbaugh was open to coming there… i’d be hiring him in a heartbeat.

  19. Please…. NO. We need a different direction and locker room culture. The red flags on this one are obvious. Get past the nostalgia of the name.

  20. Even if JH doesn’t get an NFL job, he should resign from UM. He’s always told recruits that he wasn’t going anywhere. Now that they know that’s BS, they’ll be less likely to commit.

  21. It would be a sign that the Vikings are no longer satisfied with “just good enough” and are serious about winning a Super Bowl.

  22. Vikings will dominate the NFC North as long as Harbaugh is their coach. With or without Rodgers in GB

  23. I guess it makes sense for him to cut and run now that he’s finally gained his one victory against OSU. I doubt he would win another one any time soon, and while it was fun watching his teams beating up on the weak sisters they played, it was equally hard to watch his teams losing to MSU and OSU way more often than would have a great coach. I just hope we can find a hard charging young guy who is a great recruiter as well as excellent coach. We’ll see. MSU seems to have done it. Let’s see if Michigan can as well. Enjoy coaching Cousins, Jim.

  24. And to think the Raiders could have interviewed him rather than regressing to Kiffin 2.0

  25. The trend is hiring young and upcoming coaches but Harbaugh knows how the college level ticks with that generation to succeed. He may be older but yet still in sink with putting everything together by recruiting seasoned NFL players and drafting kids he has seen these past couple years in the BIG-10. It’s a risk but yet isn’t every coach a risk? Let’s see what he has and hope for the best.

  26. How much would Harbaugh like to spend the next few years sticking it to the Bears who didn’t even give him an interview? Especially after their new GM went all Game of Thrones on owning the North. BUT…it IS Harbaugh so he could very well simply be using this as a negotiation tool with Big Blue (would not be the first time he has done that!).

    My question is how well he can transition back from “rah rah” dictator to manager of professionals? He managed to keep a decent mix of exuberance and pragmatism with the 49ers, but he’s coming off seven seasons at his college alma mater where football is a religion. He oversaw Alex Smith’s phoenix-like rise and Kaep taking the league by storm. Can he manage to turn Cousins around? Do they get a different QB?

    Wouldn’t it be poetic for Aaron to follow Brett to Minnesota?

  27. Why would the Vikings even listen to the 49ers? Actions speak louder than words. Just look at the results. Replacing Jim Harbaugh with Tomsula was by far the worst decision an NFL franchise has made in the history of the galaxy. But hey, Tomsula shouted out a person works in payroll at his presser so its an upgrade? Man, I’m still mad at that decision.

  28. Plenty of packer fans here wanting the Vikings to sign JH. Be careful what you wish for cheese. Your team is lead by a huge choker. Number 1 seed, home field advantage that isn’t worth much the last 2 years. 13-3 in regular season only to lose in the 1st playoff game and only putting up 10 points. You fans never blame Rodgers either. He is always getting a pass. He doesn’t have enough good players with him. His head coach is bad. This year it is the Special Teams fault, never Rodgers. He is part of the problem. He is a front runner, he never comes back against the good teams. Other really good QB’s do but not Rodgers. Why? Your team is in cap hell and they have to sign Davante Adams if Rodgers decides to stay another year.

  29. Gronk would play hard for that guy!

    justsaying says:
    January 31, 2022 at 10:02 pm

    Harbaugh won 69% of his games in the NFL. Not a lot of coaches can say that

  30. The Purple own the TC metro area for sports, but signing JH would pump-up merch and interest even more significantly, methinks…

    I think it’s a done-deal and the facilities tour and some vibe with Kwesi will get papers-signed. I know he has the skills necessary and I was wrong that his style wont work after Zim. Kendricks may be all-world at deep drops/coverage, but his feelings indeed don’t matter compared to the buzz created by JH. It’s over.

  31. Great place for him if you win the division once in seven years your golden just like he did in michhhigans crappy years.

  32. Be careful what you wish for Vikings fans,… just sayin’.
    I remember when Bears fans couldn’t contain themselves with joy over trading for Cutler. Remember that one ??

  33. fmc651 says:
    Plenty of packer fans here wanting the Vikings to sign JH. Be careful what you wish for cheese.
    Are you winning the offseason super bowl again ??
    I think you need to win the division before unleashing the smack.
    Right ?

  34. If they don’t mess this up, he will win a Super Bowl with Minnesota. He might even do it with Kirk Cousins.

  35. Lots of Bears fans lighting up the feeds in apoplexy that the Bears didn’t “get” him and a division rival might. To which I say: do you believe in the new GM and HC the Bears hired, or don’t you? I personally am silly enough to believe that maybe, just maybe, the Bears have gotten it right this time and whether or not Harbs winds up across the sideline from us twice a year, we can go toe to toe.

    Also, having a QB from Ohio State helps. 😉

  36. erickgreynolds says:
    February 1, 2022 at 10:44 am
    He oversaw Alex Smith’s phoenix-like rise and Kaep taking the league by storm. Can he manage to turn Cousins around? Do they get a different QB?
    We have to assume you don’t actually watch Vikings games. Turn Cousins around? Do you mean turn the defense around, as they ranked like 29th the last two seasons? Cousins just passed for almost 4,300 yards, 33 TD, and 7 int’s. Oh, and he gave the Vikings the lead multiple times in just about every game.

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