Dave Ziegler on Derek Carr extension: Have to see how everything fits together

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After Josh McDaniels was officially announced as the new Raiders head coach at a Monday press conference, he said he believes the team has “the capacity and capability of winning” with Derek Carr as their starting quarterback.

The team’s new General Manager Dave Ziegler also faced questions about Carr on Monday. Carr is heading into the final year of his contract and Ziegler was asked about the prospect of a contract extension that would tie the team and quarterback together for a longer period of time.

Ziegler said that he and McDaniels are going to take some time to get the lay of the land before moving forward with anything of that nature.

“The one thing that we all understand is, there’s going to be a process of us learning Derek, of Derek learning us and fitting all those pieces together,” Ziegler said, via Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I think that’s going to be step one, building a relationship, understanding what Derek does well. Derek understanding what Josh and the offensive staff is trying to build. I think as that collaboration goes, then you have to see how everything fits together. . . . And kind of work from that point.”

McDaniels is the sixth Raiders head coach since Carr joined the team as a second-round pick in 2014. One way or another, it seems likely that he’ll be the final one of Carr’s tenure with the team.

12 responses to “Dave Ziegler on Derek Carr extension: Have to see how everything fits together

  1. The Raiders would be wise to resign Carr. He is an elite QB if you look at the slim pickings around the NFL.

  2. Carr is so much better than any other QB option that they have in the near term – the Raiders should probably prioritize maximizing him rather than looking to see what other direction they can go in – especially with this year’s draft class.

  3. Derek is not and has not been part of the problem. Yes he needs to improve in some areas but he is solid. Do we go out and hope to find another serviceable QB or a older vet looking to ride a cash cow into the sunset? NO, extend him and build around him for a 4-5 year span. He has had different Offensive coordinators ever week it seems like and a new head coach every month since he joined the team. GO GET DEVANTE! load up and let MAXX free to hammer the other teams QB!

  4. Call me crazy but I’m seeing Jimmy Garoppolo as the Raiders starting QB come September. I feel like the new regime is going to want a fresh start at QB and with McDaniels’ familiarity with Jimmy G it feels like a no-brainer. No one is saying the quiet part out loud but I think Davis feels the Raiders have gone as far as they can go with Carr and Carr feels likewise.

  5. Carr is ok. How would you upgrade, draftinga QB in the first round? Unless its the top pick the bust rate is over 50%, in fact even the top QB pick has a high bust rate.
    So the Raiders may spend a few first looking for a replacement.

    Or instead build out the team and go with him.

  6. People bag on Carr but he is easily a Top 10 NFL QB. This season showed pretty clearly he is better than Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson, Cousins, etc. There are literally only 7 or 8 guys better than Carr in the entire league.

  7. The Raiders hired a couple of classy guys, and if they weren’t planning on trying to win multiple championships with Derek Carr as their QB, they certainly wouldn’t tell the world that news at their introductory press conference. They were pretty clear that that will be very thorough with everything they do.

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