Joe Theismann seems to let the new Washington name out of the bag

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On Wednesday, the Washington Football Team will unveil their new name. On Monday, Washington great Joe Theismann may have temporarily removed the sheet.

Appearing with Damon Amendolara on CBS Sports Radio (via Mark W. Sanchez of the New York Post), Theismann seemed to make it clear that the name will be Commanders.

Watch the clip. He doesn’t talk about Commanders as a possibility. He talks about it as a reality, explaining that there are “a lot of Commanders” in D.C.

Theismann has ince tried to unring the bell, telling the Washington Times that he doesn’t know the name.

We’ll find out tomorrow whether it’s Commanders or something else. By having so many options, the team has guaranteed that a plurality of fans will be excited about the final choice — and that a majority of fans will wish it were something else.

58 responses to “Joe Theismann seems to let the new Washington name out of the bag

  1. Commanders? How do they keep messing up so badly when everyone is literally giving them better options on a silver platter?

  2. Commanders was Dan Snyder’s choice from the beginning. Gotta keep it generic so as not to offend anyone. Everyone will bash it when it is released and stop caring by the time the NFL combine starts.

    The name is vanilla but the uniforms are fire. They absolutely nailed them.

  3. My condolences To WFT fans if it is Commanders!
    that sound so ‘bush league’….
    From one of the most iconic and best NFL names to hands down the worst…
    Hope its more faults news!

  4. Commanders is somewhat generic, but a good name that a fanbase can grow to love. I just wonder what it has to do with the tri-state area?

  5. What are the options with regards to their former name, current uniform and locale when taking trademark infringement into consideration? I remember when the Seahawks come into the league, friends of mine who played little league ball and were assigned to the Seahawks were embarrassed by the name.

  6. Commanders literally has nothing to do with D.C. or the history of the franchise outside of being tangentially related to the de facto military presence that comes with defending a nation’s capital. It’s low-hanging fruit for jingoistic simpletons, which is exactly why it wouldn’t surprise me if the name is indeed just Commanders.

    Still holding out hope that the name is Hogs related, but history has shown that you should not give Snyder and his organizations any sort of credit whatsoever.

  7. Seems there are very few people with intelligence/vision just like the SB commericals have sucked for what the last 6 years or so .

  8. How Joe Theismann got into the HOF, I don’t know.He was a product of a dominant OL, the famed Hogs, and a HOF RB, John Rigging. As long as they were shoving the ball down their opponents throat, Theismann looked great. But when they couldn’t run the ball and he had to carry a team,he looked abysmal.

  9. Commanders is a terrible name. They have so many better options… who the hell is feeding these guys the name Commanders and thinking this is a good choice?

  10. There’s a man in Northern Virginia who trademarked all of the good names. I wonder if the new name is something that gentleman forgot to trademark or if the football team purchased the rights from him.

  11. I thought Guardians was pretty much a done deal. Commander isn’t any better. Another Snyder swing and miss

  12. Who cares. After a couple years of hearing it it will sound normal. A lot of other nfl names would have sounded stupid the first year. Now they sound normal.

  13. Lets all hope that this isnt true. the WFT was a great name. Only Danny boy could mess this up by doing case studies for almost 2 years and this is what they end up with.

  14. Awful name. So many more apropos names for a D.C. team.

    The Washington:
    -Pork Barrels
    -Deep Staters

    And if alliteration and old-school political references are your thing:
    The Washington Whigs

    All catchier, more appropriate names.

  15. If their goal was to go Full “U.S.F.L.” with the re-brand, might as well had went INVADERS Lol

  16. If they WIN, fans will be fine with the name. And as bwquail says, after a couple of years it will seem normal. Yawn. Not much to see here. I’m a lot more concerned over who’s going to play QB than the team name….

  17. If there was ever a franchise that needed a rebranding this is it. Putting a military name in our nations capitol is so cliché it probably isn’t even effective to the most patriotic person.

  18. I personally like the local club feel of calling them The Washington Football Team (or The Washington Football Club).

  19. It’s taken me two years but I kind of like Washington Football Team now. Commanders is terrible

  20. “Generals” would make a better team name than Commanders (if this is truly the name). The Vikings are my team, but I’ve always liked Washington too – I personally was hoping for a team name that used something more galactic; like “Solars”

  21. My comment only concerns the name of the team, not what has been going on behind the scenes. At 60 years old I liked the Redskins name, just as I like the Bruins/Yankees/Chiefs/49’ers. It’s a nickname, they aren’t kicking in doors and waterboarding people. Saddens me that a growing part of the supposed educated slice of the world thought/think the name of a sports team means something other than the name of a sports team. Do we truly not have bigger things to worry about within our society? And our family is racially diverse so please don’t make my post about anything discriminatory. I am allowed an opinion, whether or not it conforms to those who complain the loudest.

    Commanders? I think I’m going to vomit. Thanks to all of those who railed on about the Redskins name, you’ve done yourselves proud. Why don’t you all now force every sports team to be called the Ribbons? That way everyone is the same, no one has to go to bed crying that a team across the world has a nickname that prevents you from having a great job and two Maseratis, plus you can all get up in the morning knowing you’ve made a difference. Methinks not.

  22. How about the Red Herrings? I hope that’s what this Commander’s thing is, an elaborate ruse to keep it a secret until the release.

    Otherwise, that name is about as exciting as a mayonnaise sandwich on white bread.

  23. I liked the old team because I am from area and quit caring when they changed the name, same with the Bullets basketball team

  24. The Commanders? Really? WTF is better than that. Changing the name to the Commanders is just as bad as when the changed the name of the NBA Bullets to the Wizards

  25. If things keep up this way in Washington, pretty soon they can name them the “No One Cares”.

  26. Sounds like an Arena League team name. Even the USFL Federals name was better than Commanders. Why don’t we just keep WFT for another year and you guys go back to the drawing board and do better next time?

  27. Most dangerous place in the world is the space between Joey T. and a microphone…

  28. Hogs, or Diesels, in tribute to their teams of the early 80’s. would have been more appropriate ( their HOF fullback, John Riggins, was nicknamed The Diesel, for you youg’uns out there..only HOF RB to gain more yards in his 30’s than in his 20’s)

  29. Jeebus. There is no way that Commanders is the name. WFT must have spent a fortune on a PR/branding initiative, hiring an agency to find a name to excite the fans of WFT.

    This ain’t it.

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