Kenny Pickett downplays concerns about his hand size

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The predraft screening process kicks off in earnest at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama this week and that means it is time to discuss the hand sizes of aspiring NFL quarterbacks.

It’s an annual exercise and it appears Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett will be the center of attention on that front this time around. Pickett opted not to have his hands measured at the Senior Bowl and he said Tuesday that he will be doing extra exercises before the Scouting Combine in order to get the best measurement. Bengals backup quarterback Brandon Allen picked up 3/4 of an inch doing such exercises before he was drafted in 2016.

Pickett, who wears two gloves while playing, also said that his experience playing in messy weather in Pittsburgh shows that his hand size hasn’t caused him problems holding onto the ball.

“I think that’s like the No. 1 thing for quarterbacks in the draft process every year is hand size,” Pickett said, via Eric Woodyard of “The good news is that I play in Pittsburgh. Anyone that’s been to Pittsburgh knows it’s not the nicest place to play in October, November. So I’ve had experience playing in tough weather and I didn’t measure in this week. I just want to give the most measurement I can. I’m working on mobility things.”

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow‘s hand size was the subject of much attention a couple of years ago. Burrow joked that he was “considering retirement after I was informed the football will be slipping out of my tiny hands” and he’s kept laughing all the way to Super Bowl LVI.

14 responses to “Kenny Pickett downplays concerns about his hand size

  1. It does matter like a WR with a slow 40 timers Cooper Kupp fan a 4.62 but it’s not an absolute there are ton’s of QB’s who flopped with big hands.

  2. Pickett took the sixth year Covid option to play this season when it looked like he’d be drafted no better than 5th or 6th round.

    So he’ll be 24 before he takes an NFL snap.

    That extra experience should mean he’s as close to plug in and play as any of the class.
    I see him going to a team with a lot of talent bubbling underneath.

    The other AFC North teams knew that to constantly having high picks, the Bengals were going to put together a great team. They just needed someone who wasn’t an Average Joe at QB.

  3. Wasn’t small hand size supposed to be a concern with Joe Burrow as well? Let the hand size thing go. It’s a stupid measurable.

  4. I’m concerned about his hand size AND wingspan, especially in comparison to the other QBs.

  5. When you are paid to handle the ball just about every offensive play,…. Yes,.. Hand Size is important.
    The defense is trained to swat at the ball when rushing the QB.
    A larger hand is a benefit. Same can be said about receivers and running backs.

  6. future Steeler. We like the older prospect, should know by Picketts second year if hes got it or not

  7. His hand size is expected to be 8 1/4 ” and Burrows is 9″ – that’s a huge difference that is not mentioned.
    No starting QB played last year with a hand size below 8 3/4″- Fromm had the smallest at 8 7/8′

  8. EVERYTHING can be a “concern” until it’s not. Stop being so triggered by any type of criticism.

    I would want my team to EXAMINE every single detail about a 1st round prospect before investing millions and years of development/setbacks.

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