Brett Veach: Tyrann Mathieu wants to be here and we feel the same way

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Last offseason, the Chiefs and safety Tyrann Mathieu did not agree to a contract extension. That means Mathieu is slated to become a free agent next month.

Since signing with the team in 2019, Mathieu has been a key piece of Kansas City’s defense and one of the team’s leaders. In 2021, he registered 76 total tackles with three interceptions, six passes defensed, three fumble recoveries, and a sack. He’s been a Pro Bowl selection in each of his three seasons with the Chiefs.

In a Tuesday video conference, General Manager Brett Veach made it sound like Kansas City does not want to see Mathieu depart the franchise.

“Before the season, I had a chance to talk to Tyrann and his agent and we got to the point where we said once the season ends, we’ll be able to look at the landscape and where it’s going to be at once we get to this point in the ’22 offseason and where it’s going to be in ’23, and we’ll work through that,” Veach said. “I’m certain Tyrann wants to be here and play here and loves it here, and we certainly feel the same way. We love him. The offseason, I know it’s right around the corner, but it is a process.”

Mathieu posted a message to social media touting his accomplishments with the team earlier this week. But Veach didn’t read that as some sort of goodbye message regarding the organization.

“Tyrann is a really passionate person, and he wears his emotions on his sleeve. He speaks from the heart and that’s what he does, and I think there’s a lot of emotions,” Veach said. “There are certain things that are out of his control, and at the moment, out of our control until we get more information and work through the process. I think sometimes when you have guys that are that passionate and feel so strongly about being somewhere, they’re just saying, ‘Hey listen, if this is it, man, I loved it.’

“I think that Tyrann is just being his genuine self and he’s always going to speak from the heart. He’s a special person, you won’t find anyone in the building that doesn’t love him, you won’t find anyone in any building that he’s ever played with that doesn’t love him.”

If the Chiefs don’t elect to bring back Mathieu, there should be a solid market for his services in free agency. A former third-round pick in the 2013 draft, Mathieu will turn 30 in May.

10 responses to “Brett Veach: Tyrann Mathieu wants to be here and we feel the same way

  1. The Chiefs, with a left tackle needing to be paid at least $17 or so million tag price, really can only afford league minimum deals, so as long as Tyrann is willing to work for that it shouldn’t be an issue.

  2. Honey Badger changed the attitude of this defense. Before he came here, it was a mess. You saw what happened when he missed the majority of the Bills game. Nfldivas- I think the Chiefs can afford more than one left tackle in free agency. Just a hunch.

  3. Little guy that doesn’t tackle wants to be paid top of market and it sounds like the GM doesn’t mind– go figure. No wonder their defense is a perennial bottom feeder.

  4. There’s no way he’s going to take half the salary. He thinks he’s great. No way he takes a lot less.

  5. Reminds me of Aqib Talib when he was on his last legs– Way overrated at this stage and hurts his team by not being able to handle his emotions.

  6. Depending on the price, sure. That Mahomes contract is structured to where it’s easier to cut aging players before they’re not worth the money. This is going to be a year of a few tough decisions, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Clark goes. Jones isn’t going anywhere, and Mathieu has been a strong leader that’s needed to be an on field coach for younger players. If he’s wanting top safety money it’s going to be a stretch though.

  7. For those that keep touting mahomes contract and the chiefs cap hell, simple reading will show that a restructure takes mahomes cap hit from 35mil to 13… Cut hitch and Clark that’s another 20 mil. Extend Tyreeks contact that’s in the final year and there’s a few more dollars. And honestly… If there is a dance partner I would consider trading Jones if someone wants to pony up some picks. 0 sacks in the post season. As far as badger unless he wants to do a friendly deal I’m good.

  8. he’s disappeared in the last couple years…
    look to the draft veach….look to the draft

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