Hue Jackson suggests he was paid extra for losses as Browns head coach

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Former Dolphins coach Brian Flores alleges Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered him $100,000 per loss during the 2019 season in order to ensure the team would wind up with the first overall pick and former Browns coach Hue Jackson made similar allegations in response to Flores’ lawsuit going public on Tuesday.

Jackson responded to a tweet about the case by saying Browns owner Jimmy Haslam “was happy while we kept losing” and then wrote “trust me it was a good number” in response to someone who said Haslam wasn’t offering $100,000 per loss. Jackson, who is now the head coach at Grambling, went 1-31 over his first two seasons with the Browns and was fired after a 2-5-1 start in 2018.

In another tweet, the executive director of Jackson’s foundation Kimberley Diemert said they had records that would support Flores’ case and wrote that Jackson and team executives Sashi Brown, Paul DePodesta, and Andrew Berry — who is now the team’s General Manager — were paid bonus money to tank in 2016 and 2017. Jackson replied by saying he “can back up every word I’m saying.”

Flores’ suit was filed as a class action, which leaves room for others to join the litigation. Jackson’s comments suggest he’d be willing to do that.

149 responses to “Hue Jackson suggests he was paid extra for losses as Browns head coach

  1. Hue Jackson was the Mistake By The Lake, I am curious why didn’t Jackson speak up prior to Flores accusations

  2. Prediction: The events of the last two days will lead to the NFL instituting a draft lottery.

  3. Hue jackson thinking hmm Flores saying he was paid to lose… great idea… yeah that’s exactly what happened over here lol Sounds like someone is just trying to make excuses for going 1-32 in 2 years.

  4. If what he claims is true and he accepted money for losing games, he should be blackballed from coaching football at any level along with punishment of the Browns ownership.

  5. Wow.

    Force Haslem and Ross to sell. Irsay is up next. Start the investigations. Irsay will lie, but we know the lying, vile scum did it.

  6. Well, the NFL is not going to let the Olympics overshadow them. The off season is now the “on season’” for publicity.

  7. WOW – knock me over with a feather. A bunch of these owners really fight tooth and nail to prove who mismanages the biggest dumpster fire. I’m a Browns fan, and we’ve been saddled with awful ownership since ’99.

    The interesting thing is, Haslam was a minority owner of the Steelers for years and saw how they run their organization, but obviously none of it sunk in.

    I don’t think any of us should underestimate the egos of Billionaires.

  8. I’m hearing the Giants paid Matt Nagy $100,000 for every wildcat play and shovel pass he called to help them since they have the Bears 1st round pick

  9. I do not doubt that all, but, is this supposed to make him look good? Two years of deceiving the fan base that paid good money to watch that clown show. 1-32-1 and he has the nerve to claim he was paid to lose. No wonder some teams stay bad, with uninterested players that just go through the motions and mail it in 5 weeks into the season.

  10. So Hue Jackson is saying he took money to tank games as a Head Coach?? I think that would be a bit of a problem

  11. So was he 1-31 because he took the money, or was he 1-31 because he wasnt good? Either way, its a bad look for him.

  12. Another scorned coach.. when will these people learn that these billionaire owners are untouchable. Sure they may take some heat but come the start of the season not a single person will care one bit.
    Oh by the way, the draft picks you got in Cleveland is why the roster is what it is today and that is way better then it was in many many years. So the fans want a winning roster and team and that is what they have now. At the end of the day nobody cares about Jackson, Flores or the alleged tanking. Complete career implosion for nothing, so you can be a crusader that will mean nothing in the end of it all.

  13. So hugh took the money and tanked the nfl better hand out huge fines take draft picks etc these allegations are more serious than a camera out of place or air pressure in a football.

  14. It wasnt that Hue is a failure as head coach, its that he was paid to be a failure as a head coach. If this is true, my reaction is, at least Flores had the balls to say no to tanking. Get off your high horse Hue.

  15. This is a bombshell. For those saying Brian Flores is making this up, the text conversation with Bill Belichick is part of the lawsuit filing. Just read it. The court will request phone text records. And why would someone throw their career away unless they have conviction all this took place knowing you’ll never work again in the league?

  16. So Hue Jackson is admitting to tanking for money. That is a far worse look for him than Jimmy Haslam. Then again when you’re 1-31 you need a scapegoat.

  17. Is this really news that teams have been tanking for draft position? Despite Vic Ketchman’s rosey-glasses denial, fans can tell when a tank is happening more often than not. Suck for Luck, anyone? Or the race to draft Bush. Games within games.

  18. Ya and were talking the 2019 season, two seasons ago. At least I remember and I bet a lot of bloggers on this site remember how Ross in 2021 season wanted Watkins not the first pick in the draft. Why would you tank to get Watson and make Tua a horrible trade target? Makes no sense.
    For all we know Ross was joking too and Flores took it for real. Theres a hell of a lot to the story the other side hasnt talked about except Denver. He has a problem with Denver and their records, and five witnesses, one is Elway.

  19. So Jackson who is coaching college now admits to tanking in the NFL.Very shortly the coaches who went along with ‘tanking ” and getting paid for it are going to have to answer as well.Just dont see how admitting you cheated helps your cause.

  20. Which is worse… offering the money to lose games or accepting the money to lose games? Either way, the financials need to be further looked at to see if money was bet on the opposition. Pete Rose thinks this is sketchy at best…

  21. Next up will be Cincinnati right before the SB to try causing some sort of distraction. We know how terrible they have been and have built a darn good team through the draft. Brown being the cheapest owner in the league only would have offered his coach 10 dollars per lose.

  22. If I were an owner and my team stunk, I wouldn’t want to win games, either. The fact is, draft slots are more important to teams which stink than winning games.
    This reminds me of the “tuck” rule controversy. It wasn’t the officials who were to blame, it was the rule. The same applies with the owners, here. It isn’t their fault the draft rules are the way they are.
    If you want to call it cheating to tank games, be my guest. But it’s no different than a player moving the ball ahead by about a foot after he’s tackled, or letting the air out of the football to get a better grip on it, or cheating against the salary cap, or doing performance enhancing drugs — it’s all cheating.
    I’m glad the Dolphins did this and I’m glad Flores and Jackson are speaking out about it. Because the result will probably be a change in the way draft slots are handed out, which is a good thing.

  23. Might want to look at the owners bank transactions to see if they made any sudden money around the time of their losses.

  24. I’m not buying any of this, however, I do concede that I could be wrong. If this is true, then there’s no way refs aren’t throwing games from time to time. This would be a systemic problem…just like the racism

  25. If I was the Athletic Director of Grambling, Jackson is fired this morning. How can you keep someone in charge of your program who has admitted, at the very least, to not exposing an owner who offered him money to throw games and at worst TOOK money to throw games?

  26. Could this be enough to force owners to sell their team? Has to be 100% against their agreement with the league.

  27. I have a feeling all of this will result in some sort of changes to the draft structure.

  28. at what point does the FBI get involved? Throwing games in a world where gambling is everywhere

  29. Doesn’t surprise me at all. He started a very young rookie QB and asked him to execute and offense that was heavy on option routes. Thats a certified formula for tanking.

    Coaches who think that they have a free pass to lose games are naive. Losing should never be an option, because you’re going to have to answer for those losses down the road whether your current job is under review or your interviewing for a future job.

  30. We all know many teams play for draft position when the right player for your team is available. Have you noticed many of these teams ruin their picks anyways.

  31. There’s a lot of hate directed towards Hue Jackson on this site. I don’t think he was a particularly good head coach (solid coordinator), but that shouldn’t distract from what he’s saying – that the Browns, organizationally, from top to bottom, agreed to such a practice and hid it. If his foundation head also comes out and says it, and they have the documentation, this is pretty big news. Flores’ charges against Ross seem more “he said, he said”.

    Again, I’m not defending his competency as a head coach. If he has documentation, though, this is big news.

  32. I saw some of the Browns’ games from those two years that they were tanking. There were very suspicious play calls at certain parts of games which made me think that they were intentionally trying to lose as many games as possible.

  33. The one thing that the NFL has been adamant about for years is protecting financial disclosure. For many years the NFL was tax exempt…except when threatened with lawsuits that would have forced their disclosure. Then…voila’…the NFL decided that paying taxes was ok…as long as they could keep their financial house in order…and away from the prying eyes of the public. The league will go out of their way to address this lawsuit as a false claim of racism…when in fact the one thing that they are terrified about is true financial reckoning.

  34. demboys says:

    February 2, 2022 at 9:21 am

    So Hue Jackson is saying he took money to tank games as a Head Coach?? I think that would be a bit of a problem
    No he didnt say that 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ he said he was rewarded for losing. Those are 2 completely different things.

  35. I don’t think any of us should underestimate the egos of Billionaires.


    Or overestimate their intelligence and competence.

  36. I thought this was about racism. Can any of these coaches who were hired somehow consider it racist that they hired them. Or only cause they fired them, seems a bit hard to understand the logic of it being racist, only after they were fired, presumably if they still had the job, only then can they be considered non racist?

  37. Lets hear from some of the football purists who have been so critical of New England for “cheating”:
    If you are TRYING to lose, then you are cheating, no different than gambling on the game (shall we open that associated can of worms, too?)

  38. If he was getting paid for every loss he must just be coaching for fun at this point right? Dude doesn’t need money. Shut up Hue.

  39. I can’t wait for Jason Garrett to say Jerrah paid him to be a .500 coach for his career. Yeah…yeah, that was why.

  40. I see the NFL has deployed its group of corrupt Internet monitors to go and plant pro-NFL, pro-Owner comments. I see the strategic propaganda going on here. You’re not fooling me, NFL.

  41. It would be rather glorious if there is a major ownership shakeup and all these crotchedy old psychos are sent packing.

  42. Does anyone else wonder how one person, regardless of their title, can cause a “TEAM” to lose a game? Everyone would have to be in on it! I call BS!

  43. Next up will be Cincinnati right before the SB to try causing some sort of distraction. We know how terrible they have been and have built a darn good team through the draft. Brown being the cheapest owner in the league only would have offered his coach 10 dollars per lose.
    I guarantee Mike Brown didn’t pay anyone extra for anything. Not even ten bucks.

  44. Sure thing, Hue. I refuse to believe that there’s anyone in the NFL that is so stupid that they would pay Hue to do that which any even casual football fan could see he would accomplish on his own just fine without the incentive.

  45. Any coach or owner that was behind paying for losses should definitely never work in the NFL again.

  46. If Jackson can “back up every word” that he’s saying then why not release the transcripts right when he made the claim? Until I see it written out in black and white I don’t buy what Hue is selling. I mean if he was being paid to lose then why would they fire him for losing given he was losing game at a historic rate? And what serious head coach wants those loses to his name no matter the amount offered as all it does is destroy the coach’s career while killing his stock in the market. Given the kind of money NFL HC’s make it makes zero sense to sell out your team for a little more money just to lose. If he did agree to that it tells you Hue isn’t to bright, definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  47. Owners could have kept getting away with this but… they got cozy with gambling. Now the “integrity of the game” actually means something more than just words.

    Problem is, the owners have to agree to punish another owner and make it meaningful. Yeah, let me hold my breath.

  48. Ah, the legacy of tough guy Roger. Mr. Integrity spending his time checking football pressure in cold weather. Can’t make a simple,fair overtime rule. Football is still the greatest game in the world despite the frauds who run it.

  49. I feel bad for the players. They’re the ones competing, and having to handle losses on a personal level. They’re basically blind men who were repeatedly walked into walls by their coaches, while trying to succeed. And they weren’t paid anything extra.

  50. browns64 says:
    February 2, 2022 at 9:01 am
    Hue Jackson was the Mistake By The Lake, I am curious why didn’t Jackson speak up prior to Flores accusations

    Kaepernick on line one

  51. Calling all congressmen, calling all congressmen—- I’ve been swindled. Plesse investigate all these mystery football losses so I can get my moneyback. I thought this leage was on the up and up.

  52. nirrad4417 says:
    February 2, 2022 at 10:19 am
    Does anyone else wonder how one person, regardless of their title, can cause a “TEAM” to lose a game?


    BB did it by refusing to play Malcom Butler against the Eagles in the SB. It’s why Brady and Gronk walked

  53. Sunday Swami…Please explain the material difference between taking money to tank and being rewarded to lose??

  54. Haslem and Ross have to go. The NFL needs to seize those franchises and auction them off to Vetted buyers. With SPORTS BETTING becoming so popular,… you have owners putting the fix on their own teams ??????
    Maybe they should charged with criminal fraud.

  55. If there are owners in the league who want to lose games, they need to be removed immediately. That kind of crap ruines the NFL. I wish there were charges that could be brought up and these jerks ended up in prison.

  56. I’d fire him for refusing to tank also. Can’t rebuild unless you high first round pick. Like it or not Tua is not going take them to the super bowl.

  57. We are approaching a black sox like scandal in the NFL, just at the time the NFL is completely in bed with the gambling industry.

  58. Yes…

    I decide to pay you to coach my football team.

    You loose the first game…
    You loose the second game…
    You loose the third game…
    You loose the fourth game…

    You loose the fourteenth game…
    You win the fifthteenth game…
    You loose the sixteenth game…

    And you proceed to loose the next sixteen games…

    When did I decide exactly to start paying you to loose when I was already paying for you to loose?!?! Unless when I hired you I told you I was paying you all that money for you to loose… don’t get those 3Ws in that case…breach of contract Hue!!!

  59. If this gets bigger and more people start talking, we may just learn how a billion-dollar business that makes insane profits, can still fall apart due to mismanagement

  60. Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says:
    February 2, 2022 at 9:02 am
    Prediction: The events of the last two days will lead to the NFL instituting a draft lottery.
    The original purpose of the NBA having a draft lottery was to stop teams from tanking but many still do. If the NFL decided to do it, what will they do if a 10 win team misses the playoffs and gets a chance at the number one pick and a team under .500 wins a weak division and picks toward the bottom of the draft like the other playoff teams? The NBA occasionally has a team under .500 that makes the playoffs too.

  61. Why would any owner offer his coach big time cash to lose games when the team is awful enough to lose those without payoffs to the coach? how does a coach actually coach bad enough to guarantee loss after loss without drawing suspicion from his team,his assistants and the NFL itself.maybe the Cowboys coach should be investigated now for calling a running play with 16 seconds to go in a playoff game while trailing,now that was a weird call.are all coaches now going to come under suspicion if they lose three or four games in a row.this may open up a whole new can of worms.

  62. If it is proven true that coaches were paid for losses. I don’t see a path forward for the NFL. You would have to immediately disband betting, reimburse bettors, loose limited antitrust monopoly status & non profit status.

  63. Will Teflon Roger the Dodger be able to weasel his way out of this one? Commish had to have known.

  64. He’s actually have to prove with receipts that he kept getting more money added to his weekly income every time they lost. The problem many of us see is, he sucked and was losing because he was a bad coach so why would an owner who hates parting with money give him more when he was losing on his own?
    The fact that he is coming out now says he was as dirty as the owner but cant be touched now.

  65. These coaches are going to have to explain in court what plays they called and how they managed to screw up the teams efforts withoug anyone on the coaching staff questioning what was going on. What coach, you want us to punt when were first and ten at the 1 yard line?

  66. If Jackson is correct about being paid to through games, can Cleveland Brown ticket buyers sue the team and league for their money back plus damages?

  67. I’ve never understood why the worst team in the league gets the first pick of EVERY round. Sure, give them the overall #1 but the order should reverse every other round so if you pick 32 of the first round (SB winner) the same team should pick the first pick (33) of the 2nd round and then work backwards so the worst team picks the last pick of the 2nd round and so on. No need to reward the worst team ALL 7 rounds and no need to punish the best team ALL 7 rounds.

  68. Hue Jackson on ESPN Radio after being fired “I was not told we were in rebuild mode” Hue Jackson when there might be some settlement money coming “Oh they totally paid me to tank”

  69. Funny how neither of these coaches thought their employers were racist when they signed their contracts to begin with! Only after being shown the door for their lousy job they did this come up! Ha, Ha, Hugh and Brian against 32 billionaires! I hope they can afford all this! They sound like the scorned wife in divorce court!

  70. The NFL could have solved this AND the need for more games very easily by having a draft playoffs. At the end of the season the bottom 8-12 teams play for the 1st draft pick. The winner would get the 1st pick, runner up gets the 2nd pick etc. The draft championship game could be played the week before the superbowl instead of the useless pro bowl. These games would get high ratings because they’d have meaning. The NFL would get its extra games and it would eliminate tanking. Pay the players a playoff bonus type salary for the games. Problem solved.

  71. Ridiculous claims by this former coach who has the worst record in NFL history. Any guess as to why he would bring this up now??

  72. So is he admitting that, unlike Flores, he didn’t have enough character to turn it down?

    Or is he just using it as an excuse for being a terrible coach?

  73. Any coach who would purposely lose for $100k is an certifiable idiot.

    He does know, if true, and even if not discovered, he ruined any chance to be a HC by having a terrible record.

  74. By getting paid extra, Hue was talking about his regular paycheck. He shouldn’t have been paid anything. The stadium parking attendant could’ve gotten the same number of wins as Hue.

  75. Offers to pay coaches to lose are scandalous but of course, in the long run, it’s not going to make a hill of beans difference to the NFL. Why? Because we all love the NFL, of course. Nobody wants to see this league go away. For the most part, it’s great entertainment. As a fan, I’ve occasionally rooted for my team to lose during a lost season, to improve draft position. I doubt I’m alone.

  76. You can tank to move up in the draft, but that does not guarantee you will make the correct choice in your draft. Quite sure it has happened. As a fan I want the NFL to be exploited as much as possible for corruption. For far too long, their only service is that of the lip.

  77. Hue didn’t say when the tank offers came in. If it was after week 8, what’s his excuse for going 0-8? Another thing that doesn’t line up was the fact that after getting fired, He was so devastated, he locked himself in his basement for 3 days. Someone who was getting paid to lose would not behave in that manner.

  78. Hue got paid for what he does best in life. After all, getting paid for what we each do best is what we all aspire to.

    If they had a HOF for losing, Hue Jackson would be a unanimous first ballot selection

  79. Hue Jackson says Browns tanked. But at the time they hired him they had the #2 pick in the upcoming draft which included two top QB prospects (Goff and Wentz). They then traded away the pick just so they could tank for another chance to get a top pick? Doesn’t make sense even given the track record of Jimmy Haslam.

  80. The sad part is that the tanking for cash will become the story instead of what the story should be about; the broken system that appears not to give minority coaches a fair shake at at head coaching jobs.

  81. If this is true, the Browns will also be facing a class action lawsuit from their season ticket holders that wasted at least two years going to home games. There’s no telling how long their owner had this sort of arrangement going on.

  82. Maybe this finally explains the Lions. One big perennial pay to tank program? Maybe not.,

  83. Why in the world would you admit this after the fact? It makes him look just as bad as the people he’s saying paid him. How would you feel as a player that played for him right now knowing he was in the lockerroom yelling at you about winning but taking money to lose?!?

  84. It’s not like Jackson and Flores are without blame here either. They were complicit, and if being unethical was truly one of THEIR values, they would have spoken up sooner. Everyone involved is a hypocrite.

  85. Receipts? HUGE difference here. Flores is a really good NFL coach. Hue Jackson is Hue Jackson.

  86. Well if Hue Jackson says he was paid to lose games, that to me is an admission the he took the money to lose games. If that is true, then, je needs to be banned from coaching!

  87. Anyone that thinks the Browns were not purposefully tanking in those 2 years just weren’t paying attention.

    They spent no money those years. Look at the rosters. Look at how much carryover they have to spend now. They successfully got high picks and tons of money to spend.

  88. But if Hue Jackson was accepting bonus money to tank, does that not run afoul of the law and put him at risk of being prosecuted?

  89. Someone tell Flores and Jackson that admitting you took a dive doesn’t make you a hero like Muhammed Ali, it makes you Sonny Liston.

  90. Do it like fantasy football does it. Just randomly select the draft order and reverse the order each round. Picking early rarely changes a bad teams fortune anyways.

  91. This was fully documented in the ESPN article from January 24th, 2019, “The clash of the Cleveland Browns”. Sashi Brown had presented Haslam with several options on how to proceed with the team, including the double tank, which Haslam chose. Brown repeatedly asked him, “are you sure you want to do this? We might be talking about not winning a game for two years”, and Haslam insisted.

    This was not about throwing games, it was about fielding a team that was not NFL quality, and letting the chips fall where they may. Where they fell was 1-31. The team itself played hard, was competitive in a great many of their losses, and didn’t suffer many blowouts. In those two years the defence never surrendered more than 38 points in any game. Unfortunately, the offence… was offensive.

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