Jason Licht: We’re not crowning Kyle Trask, but we feel fortunate to have him

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The Buccaneers no longer have Tom Brady, with the quarterback officially announcing his retirement on Tuesday.

But the club did draft a potential successor last year in second-round pick Kyle Trask. He was on clipboard duty throughout the 2021 season as the club’s third quarterback behind Blaine Gabbert. But General Manager Jason Licht said on Tuesday that the club was very excited about Trask’s development in his first season.

“No one wants to be in a position where they don’t have a quarterback and we feel very fortunate,” Licht said on a conference call. “We’re not crowning Kyle as the heir apparent yet, but we feel very fortunate that we got him when we did last year because where he stacks up with quarterbacks in this year’s draft, [and] everybody’s going to have their own opinion, but I feel pretty good about where he stacks up with these quarterbacks. So, I feel like we made a good decision last year.”

Trask threw for 7,386 yards and 69 touchdowns in three seasons at Florida with 15 interceptions. He then completed 53 percent of his passes in the 2021 preseason for 312 yards with one touchdown and two picks.

Given Trask’s year of experience in the offense, Licht said he doesn’t think the Bucs have to speed up Trask’s development.

“I think we have him on a good track right now,” Licht said. “He’s been well coached and he’s had unbelievable resources to lean on to get to where he is right now. We’ll see where that goes. We don’t want to rush anybody, but I couldn’t think of a better experience for a young quarterback to spend his rookie year than with the greatest player of all time.”

9 responses to “Jason Licht: We’re not crowning Kyle Trask, but we feel fortunate to have him

  1. In other words Tampa needs a QB. It’ll be interesting to see what they do, maybe they trade up for someone like Howell or Pickett. They could trade for someone like Jimmy G but I don’t see that happening as Jimmy with his lack of arm strength would be a horrible fit in Arians offense. Rodgers could be an option but I doubt Tampa wants to give up the kind of draft capital it would take to land a 38YR old Aaron Rodgers who would be another short term bridge QB at his age and Tampa would be back to square one in a few years when he retires.
    I’d like to see Bruce Arians draft and develop a young QB which he’s never done other than the one year with Andrew Luck who was arguably the most sure fire QB prospect ever. Arians loves to think of himself as a QB whisperer but who’s he developed? He’s worked and had all of his success with older QBs who were already developed when he came along from All Pro Carson Palmer, All Pro QB Big Ben and the GOAT Tom Brady. Let’s see the QB Whisperer actually draft and develop his own QB, which is what the great QB coach’s do.

  2. I guess at least he has one of the better college resumes than most others out of college…
    His last year was against all SEC teams because of pandemic… He put up great stats week after week after week though they were all SEC defenses…
    If that translates to the NFL level, not one person yet can honestly say!

  3. He’s had a year to sit, lets see how he does in 2022.
    If he busts then draft a QB in 2023.
    If he’s OK then go with him.

  4. Bucs should bring in a veteran QB while they let Trask sit another year. If Trask were to come out this year instead of last, he would be the top QB in the draft.If a quality veteran can’t be had, bring in someone like Mariotta as a backup and see what Trask can do.The NFC South is till up for grabs and the Bucs are returning 7 of 9 Pro Bowlers and have enough talent around whoever is going to be QB to win division.

  5. Aaron Rodgers: No. His relationship with the Packers has mostly mended, and since he’s on a contract, he needs to be traded, not signed. The Pack will never trade him to an NFC team. Plus, Rodgers is not like Brady when it comes to contracts; he wants to be PAID. Like $40M/year. We couldn’t afford him anyway.

    Russell Wilson: No. Same as Rodgers. Needs to be traded, the relationship with his current team mended, and Seahawks won’t trade to NFC. Also too expensive.

    Jameis Winston: No. For fairly obvious reasons, but also his game isn’t a good match for Arians’ “no risk it, no biscuit” offense. And following Tom Brady would be too much pressure on him. After his first interception, he’d be booed mercilessly.

    Bridgewater, Cam Newton, etc: No no no. No point in paying second contract QB money for mediocre performance.

    Jimmy Garoppolo: Very interesting possibility. If I’m the 49ers, I keep him one more year while they have Trey Lance on his rookie deal. But the word is they’re moving on now. Garoppolo is much better than his reputation. He could possibly be a Super Bowl winning QB; at worst he’ll be someone who convinces our free agents to stay and is a nice bridge to Trask. His cap number is manageable.

    Keeping Gabbert as a Bridge to Trask: It could happen; it’s really the cheapest option and we’re slammed against the cap. We won’t win a Super Bowl next year, but when Trask takes over, who knows what may happen?

    Trask looked really good in the preseason, playing with the backups and soon-to-be-cuts. I’d love to see what he could do playing with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, etc. It’s going to be interesting.

  6. Wait, didn’t Bruce “Liar liar pants on fire” Arians say Gabbert was the most underrated QB in the league? If that’s the case they won’t miss a beat with Brady having retired.

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