On eve of Congressional roundtable, multiple former WFT employees speak out

Washington Football Team Announces Name Change to Washington Commanders
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On Thursday, former employees of the Washington Commanders will engage in a “hybrid roundtable” hearing with members of Congress regarding the treatment they experienced while working for the franchise. In advance of the session, several former employees spoke to HBO’s Real Sports Podcast.

HBO has circulated several quotes from the former employees. Some of the quotes appear below.

One former employee, who went by the pseudonym of Denise, shared this account: “I’m sitting at my desk. And this player just walks up and says whatever he says — and he drops his shorts. And his complete — he is completely naked, just exposed. And basically inviting me to take part right there, in broad daylight, in the middle of the office, the middle of the work day. And no one around said anything. No one thinks anything of it. He laughs. He walks back to practice, or back to meetings, wherever he went. And he is married. It’s just normal. And then he did it to at least one other woman.

Denise said team owner Daniel Snyder witnessed alleged misconduct, in his luxury suite at FedEx Field.

“Mr. Snyder was sitting there . . . a couple of others,” Denise said. “One of my friends, she went to pick up something that he had dropped and, I can’t even say the word gentleman, one of the guys sitting there groped her butt as she went to pick it up innocently. And Snyder chuckled and took a puff of his cigar. . . . And then probably seven minutes later another man, you know, brushed his arm against my breast. And a few minutes later another man said, ‘Hey, meet me in this suite back here in the corner,’ the examples are just — they’re endless. And that’s in Snyder’s– that’s in the owner’s suite. That’s — Snyder’s right there. It’s happening.”

Another former employee, Tiffani Mattingly Johnston, said that she witnessed Snyder verbally abuse employees. She also contends that Snyder once touched her inappropriately at a team dinner.

“I was strategically placed right next to Dan Snyder,” Johnston said. “Anyway, I was eating dinner, having conversations. All of a sudden, Dan Snyder’s hand is on my leg. And it was one of those moments where, as I’m trying to maintain a conversation, I just think to myself, ‘OK, you can kinda make a big deal of this and make a scene or you can silently just move his hand from your leg.’ And so that’s what I decided to do. I literally put my hand on his hand, put it back over towards him, and then continued on with my conversation. And — and he said nothing. I said nothing.”

Johnston claims that, after the dinner ended, Snyder approached her again.

“Dan comes up behind me and puts his arm around my back,” Johnston said. “And he’s like, ‘Oh, hey. Why don’t you just get in my limo and then I’ll take you back to your car?’ He’s pushing me towards his limo. And he kept pushing it, kept pushing it. I just remember his attorney at the time walks up to him and says, ‘Dan. Dan. Very, very bad idea. And I mean bad idea.’ When he was distracted looking at the lawyer, I kind of got from out of Dan Snyder’s arm and went over to the other sidewalk — or went beyond his limo and — and hailed a cab. Because in my head, I’m thinking, ‘He truly believes I’m gonna get in this limo and do God knows what with him.'”

The NFL has repeatedly insisted that all of the evidence regarding the investigation of the Washington workplace culture must be kept secret to protect the employees who chose to participate anonymously. At least four employees who participated anonymously, however, told HBO that they want the facts to come out, just not their names.

“Of course we want it to be public,” Denise said. “That’s the entire point. Why would we want this done and then just — not even gone to print. We want this to be made public so that something can then be done fairly and justly with it.”

It would be very easy to use generic names to protect the employees who want anonymity. Instead, the league has seized on that request to disingenuously cloak the entire investigation in secrecy.

Another employee named Megan Imbert put it a different way. “We’ve been used as the excuse as to why they’re not releasing information,” Imbert said. “So it’s really troubling. And it really makes you wonder, how corrupt is the situation and what was actually shared for the investigation?”

We quit wondering weeks ago. We assume the NFL is hiding something huge. The league wouldn’t be going to these lengths to hide the evidence if it wasn’t.

Hopefully, Congress will get to the truth.

52 responses to “On eve of Congressional roundtable, multiple former WFT employees speak out

  1. 2022 will be a headliner for the NFL. Between the PR team and the attorneys, expenses might exceed revenue.

  2. Please force Snyder to sell. Since 1999, he has single handedly destroyed one of the most successful, beloved franchises in the NFL.


    Every Washington fan

  3. Everything about the organization is a circus. The “Big Reveal” was botched in many ways, just like the London Fletcher thing, the Sean Taylor thing, etc etc etc I’ve been a fan for decades and I’ve about had it. It’s EMBARRASSING to be a Washington Commanders fan

  4. The way things are headed, Snyder and company may as well rename the front office as the Washington Defendants

  5. Hard to believe these fat cats are really that out of touch.

    But if true they are truly scum and the NFL needs to get this scum out of their multi billion dollar league.

  6. The complaints have been going on there for at least four years. But it’s white guys with a lot of money, so y’know…

  7. Snyder is such a dirt bag. I have zero respect for Goodell and the other owners. The fact it’s more important to cover up what went on than to force Snyder to sell his teams says a lot about their character

  8. I sincerely hope they actually get these entiltled slime balls. Snyder should have to sell the team. These statements alone paint a clear enough picture but this is only 1 area of bad conduct. I feel strongly that there are many other areas where this team, this owner and probably other owners have behaved badly. If all the truth were brought to light, all the emails released, Snyder would not only have to sell but might very well have some jail time. He’s a Bad Commander!

  9. A report that says something like “dozens of allegations of sexual harassment and improper behaviour” really doesn’t move the needle.

    But when they lay it out, in detail…. How is this guy still an NFL owner?

  10. The players and other execs who harassed women there should be named too. It would be just for Snyder to suffer consequences, but they should all suffer consequences.

  11. Yep I am sure that place was a nightmare to work.

    I have worked a bunch of places some good some bad. The most successful always run well without the BS. Some successful enough in spite of troubles.

    That place is the worst. Obviously they abused everyone involved customer, employees, and product suffered as well.

    Force him to sell already. Everyone involved deserves better.

  12. They’ll probably get away with using Chuckie as their fall guy to protect Snyder… what a garbage organization the NFL has become…

  13. Biggest possible flex would be for Tanya Snyder to divorce Dan and keep the team in the settlement

  14. If these allegations are true, that sorry a$$ needs to be in jail.
    The NFL better get to the bottom of this; no woman needs to work in that kind environment. Any of those women were my wife… I’ll stop there.

  15. I have zero faith Congress gets to the bottom of anything. Their ineptitude Rivals WFT.

  16. Why the Government is even involved is a joke. They have WAY more pressing and important things to do.

  17. Snyder is as slimy as they come. Nothing surprises me, there’s no reason to not believe any of the allegations. It’s par for the course. Whether he continues to skate is another story.

  18. Oh please, please, PLEASE can we get rid of Snyder and change the new stupid name (yes, again) to something else and start winning again?

  19. For as bad as Snyder acted, the NFL will continue to roadblock this investigation in a ruse “to protect the innocent” when, in fact, they are just providing cover for the other 31 billionaires in the league. The leaking of emails ( and other clandestine moves ) only delays the issue in hopes that these “poor rich guys” will eventually find a way out of this mess.

  20. It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder if NFL owners shouldn’t be required to sell all the teams to publicly-owned corporations.

  21. Hey NFL here’s a quick solution, just force Snyder to sell the team! Then the team can hopefully find a morally competent owner, perhaps fans would return to the stadium, and maybe even get a new DECENT team name!! HOW BOUT IT!!!

  22. And the NFL sweeps this stuff under the rug. This guy should not be allowed to own an NFL team.

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