Report: Jim Harbaugh tells Michigan he’s staying

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He wasn’t present for national signing day. He’ll be present for all the other days, apparently.

Michigan alumnus Adam Schefter reports that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh informed the school after interviewing with the Vikings that he’ll be returning to coach the Wolverines in 2022. Michigan reportedly is “elated” by the news.

Harbaugh reportedly had planned to take the job in Minnesota. There were questions as to whether the Vikings wanted him. Some thought he needed to win the job during the interview with ownership.

Apparently, Harbaugh did not.

It’s unfortunate, given that new Vikings G.M. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah worked with Harbaugh for two years and wanted to work with Harbaugh again. Yes, Jim is a different kind of guy. But he’s been successful at every stop — and he has 19 years of head-coaching experience. Of the other candidates the Vikings currently are considering, only one (Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris) has head-coaching experience, and he definitely doesn’t have 19 years of it.

Harbaugh wanted to return to the NFL. He’ll likely want to return next year. If/when he does and if he does well, the Vikings will have to deal with the fact that they had their chance to hire him, and they passed on it.

35 responses to “Report: Jim Harbaugh tells Michigan he’s staying

  1. Having two Harbaughs in the league again would be torture. The one in Baltimore is already insufferable enough.

  2. He was just using MN to get the best deal he could get from Miami. With Miami imploding, he went back to MI. He will be back in the mix next year.

  3. I was reluctant to believe he would leave his alma mater for the Vikings. I mean, it’s the Vikings…

  4. Harbaugh: I will need total control plus 12ML per season

    Adofo-Mensah: Beat those pesky Buckeyes

  5. I would like to know what the details of the interview were and why it didn’t work out. Without participating in the interview process it’s hard to tell from the outside whether teams hire the right people. You just have to trust those people. I am one who did not think Harbaugh would have been a good hire for Minnesota. Not sure about O Connell either. My choice would have been Raheem Morris but who knows. I’ll support whomever they hire. At least for awhile. Harbaugh needs to have sustained success at Michigan to justify an NFL job.

  6. ESPN’s Courtney Cronin is saying that Harbaugh operated under the assumption that the Viking job was his and prepared for the interview under that assumption. Whereas the Vikings were approaching it as a job interview just like they did with Patrick Graham, Kevin O’Connell and Raheem Morris. Reading between the lines, Harbaugh’s arrogance likely cost him the gig. After spending the day with him, Minnesota never gave him an offer. Vikings are now hoping O’Connell has similar success that other McVay assistants like LaFleur, Taylor and Staley have had.

  7. In other words, the Vikings told him no to total control.
    Who can blame him after working with somebody like Trent Baalke.

  8. The Wilfs blew it. They hired a gm who wanted Jimbo as coach. They went Jerry Jones on him. If this is the president going forward Vikes are in big trouble.

  9. Remember when Chip Kelly said he was staying in college then took Eagles job? I’ll wait until Minnesota and Miami officially name coaches

  10. Kabasaman says:
    February 2, 2022 at 8:14 pm

    What,didn’t the Vikes offer meet his 100 Million price tag?

    Only 84 million was fully guaranteed.

  11. Well that didn’t work out. Announcing he was off to the NFL probably meant Miami but that franchise is in flames right now.

  12. Michigan should fire this tool. Harbaugh gets on a plane for a interview on national signing day. Then when he fails to get the Minnesota job, he tell’s Michigan that this will not be a regular occurrence. Are you kidding me? People say Harbaugh does things his way, no, Harbaugh is just a tool. Michigan needs to fire him.

  13. Before telling Michigan he will be returning, I wonder if Harbaugh warmed up his slice of humble pie or ate it cold.?

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