Report: NFL will investigate the cash-for-tanking allegation against Stephen Ross

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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On Tuesday, the NFL declared that the claims made by former Dolphins coach Brian Flores are without merit. On Wednesday, the NFL decided that at least one of the claims have sufficient merit to justify an investigation.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the NFL “will investigate the specific allegations that Brian Flores has made concerning Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offering him $100,000 per-loss incentives in 2019 to gain a better draft position.” Other potential rules violations also will be investigated.

Earlier today, the NFL-owned media conglomerate reported that an unnamed witness has corroborated the claim by Flores that Ross made the financial offer. If the allegation is true, Ross should be forced to sell. He also could be prosecuted for violating the federal Sports Bribery Act.

48 responses to “Report: NFL will investigate the cash-for-tanking allegation against Stephen Ross

  1. Who’s going to investigate the NFL? After all there is buzz that Roger knew and hid the Browns tanking.

  2. personallyfoul says:
    February 2, 2022 at 8:36 pm
    Thought the claims were without merit.

    Good chance it turns out the league has no merit.

  3. This is my only chance to get a new owner so we don’t rinse and repeat coaches every three years

  4. Dolphin fans may finally get their wish and be free from the King of Dysfunction!

    Never ending debacles since 2009.

  5. The investigation is not against the Patriots so I’m sure the “shield” will find no wrong doing.

  6. Remember the level of proof that was needed during the Deflategate investigation? It was “more likely than not” A very low bar. And the punishments will probably be a lot worse this time. Forfeiting 3-5 first-round picks may be on the table.

  7. Since they already declared it without merit, I’m sure this investigation will be very thorough.

  8. It amazes me how people so smart in other lines of business can bungle a cash cow like the NFL so spectacularly. These owners and Goodell are all squeezing out of the same clown car.

  9. Absent video, audio or the offer of $100k per game to tank being in writing …..This is going nowhere as it shouldn’t. Any he said , he said or even with a witness that verifies it was said is still a your word vs my word . That’s not proof of anything. This will end up being a big fat nothing burger.

  10. Thought the claims were without merit
    NFL said his claims of racial discrimination were without merit. Gotta read the whole article my man

  11. Have a independent source investigate this…if the NFL is leading the investigation of course they will not find any wrongdoing…

  12. The Gruden lawsuit and this one are going to be major headaches for the NFL. On a semi related note the NFL is probably begging the jags to hire leftwhich right now

  13. I’m filing a $10 billion dollar lawsuit because of fraud and conspiracy to throw games (and with it points). Either settle now or see me in state and federal courts (both jurisdictions as there is multiple crimes here and damages).

  14. Hopefully the NFL investigating the Dolphins won’t end with the Raiders being forced to fire their head coach again.

  15. I was just told that Patriots coach BB sent a text message to Brian Daboll congratulating him on the Giants job3 days before Flores was to be interviewed. Problem was he sent the text to the wrong Brian, it went to Flores. That won’t look good on the Giants/NFL.

  16. This is easy. Once Flores returns the $1.1 million dollars for losing 11 games the first year it will be proof that he took the bribe.

  17. The same type of investigation as the whitewash (ahem) of Lil’ Danny’s shenanigans

  18. We all know how investigations by the NFL go if the investigation invloves one of the protected owners.

  19. My guess is a lot of people believe Flores is telling the truth, but they also believe the NFL will know nothing, find nothing, and do nothing, just like Sgt. Schultz.

  20. So the bank robber’s buddy investigates the bank robbery? I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of it.

  21. NFL will investigate ? You mean like they did Dan Snyder ? We the people in Washington were hoping they found offenses that would get Dan out of here. We all know he is a weasel. The only person punished for all of the foolishness going on was John Gruden “Go figure”. The Owners own the commissioner and they all stick together so that all of their ridiculousness stays in-house. Stephen Ross has nothing to worry about.

  22. Just give both Flores and Ross a lie detector test. Whether it could be used in court or not, it would definitely sway the media in Flores’ favor. I think we all can believe Flores’ allegations over Ross’s denial.

  23. Unfortunately in our society, billionaires are made of Teflon. Not holding my breath on any penalties for either named owner.

  24. Essentially it’s the league investigating one of their own, so:
    A) They won’t “find” anything
    B) it’s bigger than we think so they will “sacrifice” 81 year old Stephen Ross to make this go away

  25. The NFL already labeled the accusations as MERITLESS. So now they’re gonna investigate? They realize they put out a meritless, premature statement & now must try to clean it up.

    Un-ring a bell, if you will. Their knee jerk answer is costing them any credibility they might have had.

  26. I’m sure if Goodell finds any evidence of tanking he will immediately destroy it. Just taking care of his bosses.

  27. personallyfoul says:
    February 2, 2022 at 8:36 pm
    Thought the claims were without merit.
    You are referring to the wrong claims. The claims without merit are the racism allegations. The Stephen Ross allegations are not against the NFL, they are against Stephen Ross. So the NFL was not speaking for Ross when they said the claims were without merit.

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