Report: Unnamed witness heard Stephen Ross offer Brian Flores $100,000 per loss

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The NFL has a fire burning. The NFL’s media conglomerate is fanning the flames.

Cameron Wolfe of NFL Network reports that “he spoke with a witness who said he heard Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offer former head coach Brian Flores $100,000 for every loss during the 2019 season.”

The league initially declared that Flores’s claims are “without merit”; the NFL’s publication of a report corroborating Flores’s tanking-related allegation directly undermines that contention.

It’s courageous for Wolfe to make this report. It’s courageous, or maybe not very bright (depending on the perspective), for his editors to give it the green light. Wolfe works for the NFL. Will the NFL insist that Wolfe reveal the name of the witness? Will Wolfe do so? What happens if he doesn’t?

Meanwhile, and as explained earlier today, Ross faces potential prosecution for violation of the Sports Bribery Act. It’s one thing for such a case to come down to Ross and Flores giving conflicting versions of the same conversation. If there’s corroboration of Flores’s version, a prosecutor becomes much more likely to pursue the case.

So, basically, Wolfe’s report — published on a platform partially owned by Ross — could result not only in Ross losing the Dolphins but also in Ross being prosecuted.

54 responses to “Report: Unnamed witness heard Stephen Ross offer Brian Flores $100,000 per loss

  1. Starting to believe we are witnessing a premeditated hit on Ross in order to get him out of the league.

  2. If guilty, he should be forced to sell the team and why we’re at it, lets just move the Dolphins to San Diego lol

  3. The Dolphins lost 11 games that year, so how much extra money changed hands? Was the money paid in check? In cash? Was it an end-of-the-year bonus? If it was paid in cash, and Brian Flores did not report it on his taxes. That would be massive tax evasion. He could be going to jail.

  4. Just when state sanctioned gambling is really kicking in. The FIX WAS IN. Not good for the NFL’s look.

  5. There are huge rewards for losing in the NFL. Losing on purpose shouldn’t be a surprise.

  6. ‘unnamed witness’, ‘a source’. ‘anonymous’ never lends credibility to any story…

  7. This story is just a distraction from the bigger picture that’s really going on in the nfl

  8. For $100,000 I’m willing to remain anonymous and testify that I never heard him make that offer.

  9. Nothing will come of any of it. Looks like Flores just swung, and the NFL will surely make him miss.
    Even if true, it’s all hearsay.

  10. Come on people…it takes more than the head coach to throw games. So was everyone including the players in on it? I call BS!

  11. I bet Ross, Grier and Garfinkel are all guzzling massive amounts of Pepto Bismol right about now………

  12. This is the worst story I’ve seen in my entire life. This is one time the NFL needs to follow the NBA and Don Sterling this guy.

  13. comments321 says:
    February 2, 2022 at 8:14 pm
    Florida will throw the book at Ross just like they did to Kraft…

    3 2 Rate This

    Kraft threw games? Source?

  14. Belichek’s tweet opened a huge can of worms! With the league in partnership with legalized gambling this story isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

  15. Bill Parcells could not wait to get out of Miami once Ross took over and he left a dumpster fire behind him..

  16. Flores refused to tank, that’s the point some of you are missing. No players were in on it cause the coach wasn’t in on it and there’s no evidence of money changing hands cause he refused. The Browns on the other hand it seems like there were some odd bonuses handed out for a historically bad season.

  17. Keyword is heard. Show the proof or we have more Deshaun Watson nonsense. If it happened he should have to sell tomorrow. Then that partnership should give Flores a piece.

    However, the NFL will win again.

  18. And…… was the whole team in on it. Last I checked 22 dudes are playing the game.

  19. And the NFL is classified as “entertainment”… so case closed.
    It’s a production. Just like wwe.

  20. “There are huge rewards for losing in the NFL. Losing on purpose shouldn’t be a surprise.”

    It also shouldn’t be brushed aside and ignored. He was stupid and now he’ll pay for it.

  21. I think it’s funny how everyone is talking all this is so awful because of betting and gambling. If anyone was betting on the Dolphins to win games in 2019 you deserved to lose every penny you bet.

  22. “crazyhank says:
    February 2, 2022 at 6:23 pm
    If guilty, he should be forced to sell the team and why we’re at it, lets just move the Dolphins to San Diego lol”
    Don’t you wish. The Dolphins reached and agreement with Miami Dade County to keep the team in Miami until 2036. That was approved by the City when Ross got funding for the Stadium renewal.

  23. Ah, yes, the ever popular unnamed witness. Sounds like “I read he bribed coach”
    “Where did you read it?”
    “I wrote it down, then I read it”

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