Reports: Vikings expect to hire Kevin O’Connell after Super Bowl

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles Rams
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Jim Harbaugh informed the Vikings he is staying at the University of Michigan. That forced the Vikings to look elsewhere.

They now are expected to hire Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell, according to multiple reports. The Vikings cannot make the hire official until after the Super Bowl on Feb. 13.

Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris and Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham were the other two finalists.

O’Connell, 36, had a virtual interview with the Vikings on Jan. 21 and an in-person interview Jan. 31. He also interviewed with the Texans, and the Jaguars were interested in interviewing him but had to wait until after the Super Bowl.

O’Connell is in the second year with the Rams.

He was a member of the 49ers coaching staff in 2016 and overlapped that season with new Vikings General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah. O’Connell also has worked for the Browns and Washington.

77 responses to “Reports: Vikings expect to hire Kevin O’Connell after Super Bowl

  1. They were so impressed with the job Matt Nagy did that they went the OC that doesn’t call plays route

  2. Deserved or not, this hire would just have a bad look to it considering all that has come out.

  3. If the vikings had a chance at Harbaugh and did not pull the trigger they are morons who deserve to continue their losing ways

  4. Not much of a track record. In his 2nd year as an OC and 36.
    I’m not in if I’m a Vikings fan

  5. O’Connell knows the Vikings don’t expect much. They have a parade if they win the NFC North because its so rare!!

  6. First choice (Ryans) backs out
    Has 9 hour interview with Graham and 10 hour interview with Harbaugh; neither agrees or is offered job (take your pick)
    Harbaugh leaves building and they immediately offer 4th option O’Connell.

    Well done.

  7. riverhorsey says:
    February 2, 2022 at 8:43 pm
    Not much of a track record. In his 2nd year as an OC and 36.
    I’m not in if I’m a Vikings fan
    Sean McVay was a 3 year OC and 31 when the Rams hired him and he is going to his 2nd SB

  8. riverhorsey says:
    February 2, 2022 at 8:43 pm
    Not much of a track record. In his 2nd year as an OC and 36.
    I’m not in if I’m a Vikings fan
    Three years as a QB coach and three years as an OC (one with the WFT and two with the Rams).

  9. Great, so the Vikings opted to give their head coaching job to some guy that stood next to Sean McVay for a year. 😉

  10. As a Vikings fan I’m out. Can we not be a clown show for once? I guess I can be a Cinci fan.

  11. Working on McVay’s staff the biggest stepping stone in the NFL. Every year.
    Daddy Shanahan started it all.

  12. I hope we find out more about what exactly transpired in that 2nd interview. Did he want more control and/or money than what the Vikes wanted to give? Did he actually leverage Michigan the whole time? Something fell through. This could be “Boom or Bust” if O’Connell is the choice.

  13. It’s hard to argue againts picking from the “McVay Tree” given the success of Taylor, Lafluer and I guess Kingsbury tangentially.

    Harder to justify still picking from the Patriots Tree.

  14. All those who were over the moon about Ryans and then Harbaugh will now pretend to be be excited about O’Connell.

  15. “We’re going to be deliberate, we’re going to be thorough and we’re going to get the kind of leaders that our players will want to follow and that will get us success on and off the field.”

    For as cheaply as possible.

  16. This is EXACTLY why the Giants requested an interview with Flores, even though Daboll was targeted as the top choice.

    ALWAYS have a backup plan ready to go in case the first choice doesn’t work out.

  17. In 2019, Kevin O’Connell was the Offensive coordinator for a Washington team that was 32nd in points scored. They weren’t much better in yards, 31st. You would assume a coordinator for a last place offense would get fired? Nope. He gets hired immediately in LA with his buddy Sean McVay then 2 years later is a NFL head coach. A damning indictment on the NFL when white coaches can fail upwards then get a Head coaching job.

    Brian Flores is right. No black coach is getting hired as a head coach after leading a last place offense.

  18. Have to assume Harbaugh was out of their budget….how else do u explain hiring an OC with 3 years experience, executing someone else’s offense and strategy becoming a head coach

    Harbaugh aside, you might as well hire Flores, though I guess having to pay him $100k per loss he may end up being more expensive than Harbaugh

  19. Huge Bummer. I was really hoping for Harbaugh so the rest of the division could laugh incessantly at the dolt trying to win by having the best locker room chant and expecting his players to respond to him.

    Vikings fans caught some luck here. Hate to say it.

  20. So they missed on Harbaugh, must not have wanted to commit to pay the un-salary cap funds to get it done. They could have had Vic Fangio as DC too. Who ouns this team?

  21. They most likely were not willing to give Jim as much control as he wanted and then when he heard the word “collaboration” for the 10th time, he just noped his way out the door before the interview was over.

  22. Yet another former Washington assistant. Kinda would’ve been nice to keep at least one of these guys in house.

  23. The Vikings organization couldn’t even get Cousins to get vaccinated and that ended up costing the Vikings a game and the playoffs.
    There’s something wrong with the Vikings organization. Not everyone is pulling the same direction. That’s a loser.

  24. My guess is that Harbaugh had no intention to go back to the NFL. He was only using the Vikings as leverage against Michigan. Or the Vikings said no.

  25. vikingwolves says:
    February 2, 2022 at 8:33 pm
    If the vikings had a chance at Harbaugh and did not pull the trigger they are morons who deserve to continue their losing ways
    Totally agree. The Vikings have hired ONE experienced pro head coach in their entire existence. Bud Grant turned the Vikings into a legendary team. When Bud left, they got coordinators Steckel/Burns/Green/Tice/Childress/Frasier/Zimmer. ZERO NFC Championships or Super Bowl visits over 50 years. Now they screwed up hiring an experienced head coach that had taken a team to the Super Bowl to hire one more inexperienced coordinator. You can’t make this stuff up. no one would believe it.

  26. Graham – 9 hour interview and not hired

    Harbaugh- 10 hour interview- declines

    O’connell-Zoom interview- hired

  27. We need to know if Harbaugh just used the Vikings to get a better deal at Michigan or if the Vikings are truly the inept franchise we all believe them to be who couldn’t seal the deal with a legitimate coach.

  28. I doubt we’re 2nd, the Vikings will probably win the division. We’ll finally have a true head coach and not a glorified defensive coordinator.

  29. Terms was probably the sticking point – usually money and years. If Harbaugh wasn’t even remotely interested he would not have flown to Minny to peep the scene. I’m sure vets on the team were consulted too just for feedback. O’Connell is from the McVey coaching tree and I’m good with that. Hell I remember when the thought coach Green was a bad hire. The same morons who wanted a younger coach are the same morons who say he doesn’t have a good track record……whose in the Super Bowl the weekend after next?

  30. Was this the same guy that was a practice qb on the Patriots and never made the Lions roster?

  31. Wow. It seems that if you’re a coordinator or below in Washington, you create mediocrity there, and then move on to better places and become really, really good. It seems that if you are a widely respected head coach already and you come to Washington, your career is ruined. It’s almost like there’s a common thread in Washington turning everything to doo-doo.

  32. Good job Vikings, with failing to land a proven coach, you just set yourself up for years of mediocrity. Same Vikings different day.

  33. McVay’s get-back coach wasn’t free for interviews? Someone will probably poach his barber for a HC job next year.

  34. What a colossal error , there’s a reason why the Vikings are 0-4 in the Super Bowl and have lost 5 NFCCG since the last SB loss.

  35. With the Rams staff getting hired for HC jobs what seems like every year I knew the addition of Coach Morris would shine a light on unfair hiring practices for better or worse.

  36. Not going to lie I was hoping for Harbaugh even if it was going to be a crazy rollercoaster ride. It’s hard to get excited about an OC that doesn’t call the plays (shades of Childress) but first time HC’s are like draft picks, you can never really tell until they are in the job.

  37. My Vikings always a day late and a dollar short, should’ve grabbed Demeco Ryans first or Raheem Morris second………………………….there is no one else.

  38. Two ex-McVay assistants in the playoffs /Super Bowl this year, for all the scoffers. Be happy, Vikes fans.

  39. O’Connell was getting rave reviews with Cleveland, they hated to lose him. Vikings with a good hire.

  40. Let’s hope Harbaugh’s flirting with a return to the NFL doesn’t hurt us in recruiting. We lost a LOT of great player this year. : (

  41. Good move. If this was a Harbaugh lever “X years and X dollars or I’m out” then they made the right call. If they simply didn’t mesh (Harbaugh and the GM) then it’s still the right call. Harbaugh at his very best has a 4 year shelf life — after that, the players stop listening to his blather. Kwesi wants to be around for a decade or more, he needs to start off on the right foot to make that happen.

  42. McVay 2 super bowl appearances
    Shanny 1 super bowl appearance, 2 nfc championship appearances
    Lafleur 39-3 in 3 years

    I hope O’Connel and Cousins follow suit with the Vikes… further validation of Snyder’s record as evaluator of in house talent and culture building. gO cOmManDerS!

  43. Mich will be a total dumpster fire next year. His counterpart at MSU keeps getting very good players who want to play for him. So Jimmy you got two losses already MSU and OSU and Iowa, Penn State and WIsc arent push overs. Not going be a good year for the AD who didnt get a real coach who can recruit

  44. Good luck, as a Vikings fan for many years I am rooting for this new management. Can’t be worst then the overpriced product we have been putting on the field the last three years

  45. This Vikings fan is doing a happy dance this morning! Harbaugh would have been too destructive.

  46. i hope he succeeds but this hire feels a bit underwhelming. harbaugh would have brought excitement but with kevin you are crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. as a packers fan, im glad they didnt get harbaugh!

  47. Hopefully the 3rd choice will be a charm. Was really looking forward to Harbaugh though.

  48. Fans always want to pick up the shiny penny without looking to see what’s on the other side.

  49. Viking Fan Blames Officials…..Everybody Drink says:
    February 2, 2022 at 9:11 pm

    Great, so the Vikings opted to give their head coaching job to some guy that stood next to Sean McVay for a year. 😉

    Isn’t that exactly what the Packers did?

  50. Well, this one is sure guna be looked back on and judged for years..balls in ur court O’Connell, no pressure!

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