Washington Commanders is the football team’s new official name

Washington Football Team Announces Name Change to Washington Commanders
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The NFL team in Washington has a new name: Washington Commanders.

The team, which briefly changed its name to Football Team after decades of criticism for using a dictionary-defined racial slur as its name, will be known as the Commanders going forward.

The team was hoping for a major announcement this morning, although the cat had already been let out of the bag by Joe Theismann, as well as others who did some sleuthing and found evidence that the Commanders name was coming.

Owner Dan Snyder previously vowed that he would “NEVER” change the franchise’s name, but Snyder has been pilloried by criticism for all kinds of mismanagement of the franchise, and he decided the name was a fight he simply couldn’t sustain any longer.

And now it’s official, the team is called the Washington Commanders.

237 responses to “Washington Commanders is the football team’s new official name

  1. Well I suppose I gave Snyder and his next group of yes-men (who will be summarily fired in a year or two for the standard reasons) too much credit.

    This is the most milquetoast, safe, boring name ever. Maybe that’s what they wanted, but as a far for my entire ~40 year life, they’ve finally lost me. Hope y’all have fun with your pretend military rah rah nonsense.

    R.I.P. to a great franchise.

  2. There is enough imagery of the old team name in that promo to prove Dan is clearly flipping the bird to the world in making this change.

  3. I for one am impressed by their “Oceans 11” style of keeping the name a secret. Bravo Dan!

  4. I’m sure someone will be offended , I mean I’m simply offended because it’s just an awful team name 😀

  5. I thought Football Team was unique & have grown to like it.
    From a merchandising standpoint, too close to “WTF”…

  6. Wow, that’s what they came up with after three years of research. That franchise can’t do much of anything right.

  7. Name is what ever. Shouldn’t have changed the unis tho. Should’ve left them the way they were

  8. Glad to see Snyder dipped into the Washington DC 4th grade art classes for the logo and name. Smh

  9. What a completely generic name. The ‘Washington Football Team’ was a better name than this.

  10. Everyone is going to trash the name even though it’s extremely trite and predictable to do so. The name’s not bad though.

  11. Remember when so many of you promised they would never change their name?

    Tick, tock.



  12. Total speculation, but could Snyder, who has previously said he would “never” change the Washington team name, have trolled everyone by going with Commanders (to be colloquially known as the “commies”)?

  13. When they inevitably start next season 2-7, I move that we derisively refer to them as the Washington Commoders.

  14. Awful name…sounds like the name of a USFL, XFL
    , NFL Europe franchise…of all the names that were out there rumored for them to choose and they chose Commanders!? Really? I mean seriously, Commanders!?

  15. Stupid name. Commanders? Commanders of what? Certainly not football. Can’t wait to see all the comments and ridicule this generates.

  16. Um… wow?
    I guess over time stupid names grow on you. This one is going to take a very, very long time.

  17. Commanders… not feeling it. It sounds like an arena football team, might as well named them the rattlers or vipers or some other such BS name.

  18. Long name teams have abbreviations that we all use: Cardinals are the Cards, Buccaneers are the Bucs, and the Patriots are the Pats. So what will the Commanders be called? The Coms or Commies? That doesn’t seem to well thought out.

  19. Commanders?

    They spent all that $$$ to their creative thinktank for Commanders?

    Yea, imma go ahead and keep calling them the Redskins

  20. Should have stayed WFT. They had their own unique lane and now they deserve any ridicule to come.
    Last two name rebrands were The Guardians and now The Commanders.
    Waa waa waaaaaaa.

  21. I actually thought “Washington Football Team” was kinda cool in its minimalism. Washington Commanders” sounds like they’re trying too hard.

  22. Nike screwed up the new uniforms too. Not every team needs the flat paint helmet and jerseys that look like a high school team. Nike sucks.

  23. I actually feel bad for the Washington Fanbase at this point…and I’m a Dolphins fan LOL

  24. What a joke! They don’t even have burgundy and gold. Dan Snyder has murdered this franchise. Go Congress!

  25. This name makes a lot of sense. A military connotation, for a sport with a high degree of strategy.

  26. It’s a dumb name because typically there is only one commander of an organization, the one in charge. The head honcho.. To say it plurally indicates “we are all commanders!” Implying that everyone is in charge, which effectively means that no one is in charge, which is appropriate for this organization.

  27. Yawn. If they win games, the fans will accept it. And as someone said yesterday, in a year or two it will seem normal and no one will care. I’m more interested in seeing if this team can finally get a franchise QB. You know, someone tall enough to be able to throw passes that don’t get batted down….

  28. I’ve been a Washington fan since the 1970’s. I wasn’t very enthusiastic when they got rid of the Redskins mascot but I understood. I just hate that new name and can’t get with the Commies. I don’t think I could get to this point but I guess I don’t have a team to really get behind.

  29. Now let’s hope the team can “never” change it’s ownership in the same way.

    As to the name, I don’t hate it. It’s certainly better than the trope used before!
    As to the logo, well they can work on that. Perhaps next time assign the design job to someone other than an intern.

  30. COMMANDERS—YUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!-sounds so like one of those psuedo football league names! Snyder had a real opportunity to mend some fences with the fans by picking the one that the majority of the fans liked, but choose instead to satisfy his own ego—so typical and just another example of why Washington fans HATE Snyder!!! All we fans can do is continue to hope and pray that one day Snyder will be forced to sell the team!
    SIGNED—long time and DISGUSTED Washington fan!

    P.S. Im glad Joey T. ruined Snyder’s thunder!

  31. Dumb, should have been the Sentinels, but in reality to long time fans they will always be the original name…

  32. 87% in a poll hate it and I’m a boys fan and think it’s the dumbest name you could ever pick. Great marketing Dan as you have 87% of your fanbase that hate and go with it….lol. You think the stadium is empty now wait until 2022…lol. So many other names made sense…red wolves, red hogs etc

  33. Wow. There were so many great possibilities. “Commanders” is just bland and clumsy. Good job, Dan! Keep proving what a train wreck your organization is.

  34. WOW! That’s the best they can do? Pretty bland I’d say. Can’t imagine any objections to this one, we’ll see soon enough.

  35. LOL!

    Mortifying! Sounds like some generic USFL team. Washington needs to actually pay to get talent, even in the Marketing dept.

  36. Pretty underwhelming name. I am not a WAS fan, but this is pretty soft and boring. There was a lot of decent names with jersey mockups, and they chose the most vanilla one.

  37. Makes you wonder if Snyder, as soon as he purchased the franchise in 1999, swept in & changed it to something close, but not controversial, like Warriors, or Braves, or something, could he have avoided all this trouble & kept the logo and all that?

  38. After all this time, that’s the name they chose? Pretty soon you’ll see the opposition to the name form the usual suspects! Should have stayed Football Team!

  39. Seems Vanilla. You cant even get a good nickname out of it. Wa-Comm, Wash-Comm, ‘manders?

  40. Those uniforms and logo are terrible. Looks like something out of the arena league!! Two years and this is the best you got!!

  41. As a fan of this team for over 40 years I can say that I’m completely disgusted!! A new name should honor the history of this team…it should get fans excited and have fun at the games… Hogs, Redwolves etc were really popular with the fanbase, isn’t that who you should appeal to!?? Are you telling me Snyder can pay a $10 million dollar fine over sexual harassment and discrimination but can’t pay enough to come up with a name that would make fans happy!?!? All I see online are negative comments about the new name. Can we please start a petition to change the name to something better!?!? I WILL NOT SPEND A DIME on this team moving forward!! I can’t believe I supported Dan Snyder when people would bash him but please hear me now Dan, sell the F’N team! Insincerely, A DISGRUNTLED FAN

  42. I hope they didn’t spend any money coming up with that name; mediocre at best, just like the team.

  43. It seems fitting that the team with the worst stadium in the NFL now has the worst name.

  44. Yeah ! Let’s root for the Washington Commanders !! or let’s see… The Washington Commies… er wait a minute…

  45. Name is OK. Much better than Red Wolves, Red Hogs, Wolf Hogs, etc. Interesting that they didn’t really unveil a new logo or colors. Maybe next year to get more merch sales.

  46. Not great but could have been worse. I tend to believe sports teams are more marketable when named after something physical, like an animal, but a title like Commanders is not without precedent. It’s no different than Patriots, 49ers, Packers or Steelers. I’ll be interested to see if they fully embrace the “W” logo or try and tack on some sort of mascot.

  47. There was so much branding potential for Washington.
    Washington Infantry
    Washington Elite
    Washing Shadow Squadron
    Washington (A10) Warthogs – one of the most powerful, tried and true weapon systems in our inventory. When the enemy hears the A 10 approaching the battle field they know doom is approaching. They could have played that signature “brrrt brrrt” A10 cannon sound after every TD, fly them over the stadium befoee game dY, write war songs ..the branding potential is unlimited .
    Yet they come up with the name “Commanders”. Congratulations are in order,Washington?

  48. Really that’s the best you could come up with. Wonder what the logo will look like. George Washington on the bow of a boat.

  49. The more people hate it, the more I like it. That’s part of being a Washington Football Team fan. Get over it. At one point teams were named Giants, Saints, and Browns. All great names now, but if they just came out with those names today, they would be getting dragged. It’s Commanders, it’s a fine name. Get over it!

  50. The WCs will make them the butt of toilet humor jokes for anyone who knows what a WC is (water closet aka bathroom for those who didn’t know)

  51. Absolute toss. And the logo – it’s just a typeface. The new jerseys – the black and white look like lame Falcons copies. The old white R******s jersey was awesome, this is just awful. All the design work looks like it was done by an undergrad intern. Snyder botch job on the cheap, as per usual.

  52. I mean they will never get it right. Not sure it’s as bad as everyone makes it. By that I mean the pubescent mob known as social media.

    Hopefully it changes the team moving forward. Way better than the generic Football Team.

  53. from one of the toughest and best NFL names symbolizing a people of worriers that struck fear in the hearts of men from the beginning of time to a little league team name that only provokes laughter…

    My heart goes out to their fan base….. This could have been handled WAY better!

  54. I don’t know which is worse, the new name, or the new uniforms. This organization is incredibly inept.

  55. It actually has a ring to it already unlike New Orleans Pelicans. However, WFT was a good name, different, should have stuck with it.

  56. Beyond the nickname of Commies, I don’t think Commanders really rolls off the tongue. A majority of teams have two-syllable names, often with alliteration related to their city.

  57. Nah. I’ll continue to refer to them as the name they had the longest, and really don’t give six hoots what anyone thinks of it.

  58. How do this work in the fight song? Seems like Red Wolves was the perfect solution.


    Same guy that trademarked Warriors trademarked that one too. Glad he ended up with nothing.

  59. They botched the name, logo and uniforms. A fan came up with a Redwolves logo that is 1000 times better than what Snyder came up with. Complete Clown Show in DC for last 23 years. I actually pity Washington fans.

  60. Glad to see Snyder dipped into the Washington DC 4th grade art classes for the logo and name. Smh

  61. This demonstrats, in a nutshell, how out of touch with the fanbase, football and society this owner is! There’s literally nothing to like about the name… or him!

  62. Such a missed opportunity.
    Washington War Pigs
    already had a strong reference to the hogs of their glory day and they had a phenomenal built in team chant.

  63. Hey all the PC, what about the…Atlanta Braves, KC Chiefs, Chicago Blackhawks, Florida State Seminoles, etc ????

  64. Uhhhh..

    The Cowboys were the Champs for the 1992 season
    The 9ers were the Champs in 1988
    The Raiders were the Champs in 1983

    Can these guys do anything right?

  65. All this time and that’s what the new name is? Geez… and the helmets… the “W” looks like a stencil letter…

  66. Too many syllables. Also if all the players are commanders who is taking the orders? Sargent, captain, pilot would have all been better.

  67. The Least Interesting Man Alive says:
    February 2, 2022 at 10:37 am

    The Cowboys were the Champs for the 1992 season
    The 9ers were the Champs in 1988
    The Raiders were the Champs in 1983

    Can these guys do anything right?

    0 0 Rate This
    Well technically each season is considered 91-92, 87-88, and 82-83. And superbowl won by the Commanders was in January of the year on their crest. So technically, yes, they did it right. All people want to do is hate. It’s sad.

  68. When you Google “Washington Commanders uniforms,” they have three mannequins wearing their ugly new unis — which makes perfect sense since no player in their right mind would be caught dead in them, and the only people they could find that would are dummies! Stupid name. Atrocious uniforms.

  69. A Commander to me will always be nothing but a cheap cigar.

    “Have a Commander. Welcome aboard!”

  70. RedHawks
    RedWolves………”R” with the arrow on the helmet………was that taken?

  71. bawlzich says:
    February 2, 2022 at 9:51 am
    Not a fan of this name. They could have done better.
    Seriously? Remember this is Dan Snyder you’re talking about.

  72. In five years everyone will soften their stance! The name fits the area, The naval academy is there! It’s our Nations Capitol! What the hell does Red wolves have to do with anything? The name fits our military tradition!

  73. The Washington Admirals would have been better.Commanders just dont sound right,it just dont ring.

  74. Anyone who thinks Dan Snyder is running this operation is oblivious to how business operates. It’s been apparent for the last few years that Goldman etc have been managing the moves to get this franchise out of the negative press as much as possible, distance itself from the past 20 years, shore up any lingering issues, and package the team for sale. They have been making the right moves to do just that. It’s very clear that the team is on that path. Getting them to a winning record with a new stadium and no baggage is the best way to maximize the value of the business. Anything past that is gravy. Or did you guys think Dan Snyder just built that new $100M mega yacht so he could take a vacation and let the team be run by committee for the next 20 years.

  75. Washington Football Team worked for me, and the logo popped. Don’t hate Commanders. Burgundy and Gold are back with the new uniforms!! Glad they ditched the distracting white pants. The black uniform is superfluous and silly – a marketing cash grab.

  76. Commanders wasn’t certainly my first choice but I will say that it is slowly growing on me. It will be interesting to see what the team does with it.

  77. Washington Commies. Sounds about right, especially with the current crop of wunderkinds running the joint.

  78. It’s a dumb name but sports are full of dumb names. I should know. I’m a Packers fan. They’re named after a meat-packing company.

  79. I realize the announcement was already scheduled, but with the other situation going on in the NFL as of yesterday, they probably should have postponed this so that more people would be paying attention and could decide they hate the new name. By the way, in honor of Daniel Snyder, I sure hope they put a gigantic “C” on the side of their helmets…….

  80. Well technically each season is considered 91-92, 87-88, and 82-83. And superbowl won by the Commanders was in January of the year on their crest. So technically, yes, they did it right. All people want to do is hate. It’s sad.

    Very simply, that is not what the NFL record book says.

  81. Yet another team trying to switch to black uniforms enough already they cant all wear black!

  82. How Snyder became a billionaire is beyond me based upon his endless failed actions as an NFL owner. He had the perfect name with great history with the Red Tails, yet chose a generic term instead in the Commanders. EPIC FAIL!

  83. I have said it since the day they starting going by “Washington Football Team” that this whole name change saga is the equivalent of Snyder taking his ball and going home because he didnt get his way – “Ok well if I REALLY can’t have my offensive nickname that I vowed to never change… then i’m just going to pout and call it “Football Team” just to prove a point”… “Oh if i don’t actually choose a real team name it’s too transparent and obvious that i’m just being a cry baby about it… ok – here’s the lamest, most boring team name i can think of… Commanders. No one puts Snyder in the corner”.

  84. That logo looks like toilet paper being rolled off the toilet paper holder. I hope their play didn’t need it.

  85. Really could they do any better than this one? I remember a list of names a while back. The Washington Red Hawks I thought was a good one to have. Guess not! Terrible choice.

  86. I call for a name change. So, instead of honoring the Indians, we’re honoring the racist military bastards that slaughtered them and put them in reservations? Got it.

  87. The name is awful but the unis are even worse. They literally had the best unis in US pro sports and threw them out for this CFL junk.

    Washington Football Team was perfect, they could have used “the ballers” etc etc etc.

    Im just stunned we get this after 2-3 years of work on it

  88. Commanders? Generals? What’s the Difference? Oh that’s right, The Washington Generals is the team the Harlem Globetrotters have beat up on for 70 years. Like I said, What’s the Difference?
    At least they didn’t recycle the old Washington Senators name. With the political climate of today, that would really be offensive.

  89. Still a much better name than the Browns. Chiefs will be the next to be forced into a name change. There is already a movement going from the same people that did the Redskins in.

  90. Commanders sounds like a team name from Any Given Sunday. When do the Sharks and Knights play?

  91. Woof that was the best they could come up with? Washington Football Team was way better. IMO

  92. I’m sorry Washington fans, that’s a terrible new name and terrible new take on the uniform.

    Black for black’s sake – nothing previously was black, so let’s jump on other teams using black and look ‘cool’.

    Could’ve easily become the Redtails, Redwolves or Warriors, which to me are three better names than Commander.

    First thought was Tank commander, followed by Commie. What even is a commander? What do you picture when you think commander?

    Once, again, sorry.

  93. I initially thought the 19 & 32, in the logo, was their win/loss record from the past three years 😉

  94. Pretty disappointing…

    Perhaps three years from now it’ll sound normal but for now it’s a real disappointment. It sounds like a team name from a bad football movie.

    They should have left it the WFT…

  95. “Can someone now please Command Snyder to sell the team?”

    After the new round of allegations that is hopefully coming next.

  96. Everyone’s complaining about the name, “Commanders”, but I assume the decision came down to which one was the cheapest. Of all the names considered, all were probably in use by some business or website somewhere in the world. The lawyers probably had a terrible time trying to work out which ones would drop naming rights and take payouts, etc. (and submit to NDAs as well!)

    I am the last person that wants to make excuses for Snyder (I hope he loses this franchise), but as for the naming, I doubt it was as simple as doing an eeny-meeny-miny-mo and picking a name.

  97. Agreed agreed agreed.

    Better names:

    Warriors (fits into the fight song nicely)

    etc. etc. Big fail. And also agreed, the uniforms are high-school level. Black helmets are just riffing on the Steelers.

  98. Nice. They put the wrong years on their logo. 1983, 1988, and 1992 should be 1982,1987, and 1991. When someone employed by the team makes a new logo, and that logo is approved with incorrect information on it, (no big deal, just the wrong seasons for Super Bowl Championships) further elaboration of the level of incompetence and dysfunction in the organization is not required.

  99. Theres going to be a lot of Commanders out there that won’t be happy to be associated with that team.

  100. I voted for Sentinels, but think Commanders is solid name. Thankfully, Washington Football Team is gone. They have an actual team name now. Go Commanders. Now they need to work on the new stadium!!!

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