Who will the Jaguars hire?

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Of the nine head-coaching vacancies in the current cycle, none has been more confusing than the one in Jacksonville. So where does it currently stand?

Good question.

Not long ago, signs were pointing squarely toward Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. At one point last week, long-time Cardinals reporter Mike Jurecki said that Leftwich and Cardinals executive were heading to Jacksonville as a coach-G.M. package deal. That never happened, but the Jaguars also never disputed the claim.

Current scuttlebutt in league circles points to Leftwich out and former Eagles coach Doug Pederson in, with G.M. Trent Baalke staying put.

Nothing is official. And confusion still lingers. At the center of it is Baalke, whose presence has (per multiple sources) prompted multiple candidates to not pursue the job.

Whatever the Jaguars do, they need someone who will work well with quarterback Trevor Lawrence. His first season was wasted. Without good coaching, he won’t reach his potential.

So what will happen? Time will tell. But it’s taking a lot of time, and there’s currently no telling where it will end up.

24 responses to “Who will the Jaguars hire?

  1. With all the tanking talk going on. I hope Trevor just tanks couple seasons to get out of that mess.

  2. I’d love for Doug Pederson to get another shot as HC.
    But I’m not sure I want to see it with the Jags.

  3. NOBODY wants Trent Baalke in Jax. Shad Khan is becoming the biggest joke of an owner in sports. Pederson would work with Baalke because nobody else wants Pederson. Really hope Jaguars go in a different direction. Pederson proved a fraud in the long run.

  4. If they keep Baalke, Lawrence is gone in 4 years. The Kahn’s are beyond unintelligent. Baalke is one of the worst GMs of this millennium. Insane.

  5. … and this year they’ll expect us to pay for two preseason games while two regular season games will be played in London. Worst run franchise in the NFL.

  6. How can Khan be so clueless about Baalke. Nobody, and I mean nobody, was going to give Baalke a job after seeing what he did in SF. For whatever reason, Khan is the only one dumb enough to give him a job. He says he cares about the fans but after the fan revolt about Baalke he did nothing. No coach wants to work under Baalke and still Khan does nothing. Talk about clueless.

  7. The thing about Lawrence is that he can’t really wait it out, if he goes the full 4 years and never wins, he’ll be a career backup. His talents and psyche too damaged. If I was him, I’d be begging for Pederson or Harbaugh, up to and including threatening to hold out.

  8. Now is probably the best time to hire Byron, especially after that mess at coach they had last year.

  9. Take your time in the hiring process. You’ll pay more for the leftovers, in more ways than one…

  10. Jacksonville hierarchy doing the right thing by not denying nor confirming the rumors. Keep’em guessing. I think Leftwich would really help Lawrence, and he hasn’t said anything either.

  11. As a former Jacksonville resident, I lived and died over this team for 27 years before I just had to walk away. They do everything wrong, all the time. Model franchise to look at exactly what NOT to do.

  12. Khan is in this to move the team to London and if he can stay around long enough it will happen.

  13. Lawrence needs to START threatening to not report or demand a trade if the Jags don’t FIRE Baulk and get a competent GM. HE Has the leverage and should use it NOW.

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