49ers fan in coma after beating outside SoFi Stadium

NFL: AUG 29 Rams Scrimmage
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An ugly incident took place in the parking lot outside SoFi Stadium at Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, leaving a 49ers fan in a coma and police searching for the person responsible.

Daniel Luna, a restaurant owner from Oakland who traveled to the game to cheer on the 49ers against the Rams, is hospitalized at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after paramedics found him having been beaten and severely injured in the parking lot, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Police say they have no suspects in the beating but are scouring security video to attempt to identify the people involved.

The 49ers released a statement expressing concern for Luna, a lifelong Bay Area resident and 49ers fan.

What happened to Daniel Luna is reprehensible, and we strongly condemn all violence,” the team said to CBS LA. “We know local authorities are conducting a full investigation and we’re here to support them however we can. Our thoughts and prayers go to Mr. Luna, his family, friends, and the medical team providing him care.”

Luna was wearing a 49ers jersey at the game, and he was there alone after friends he had been planning to attend with had to cancel.

20 responses to “49ers fan in coma after beating outside SoFi Stadium

  1. The RAMS reprehensible attempt to keep 49er fans out, in effect saying we don’t want you in our stadium, has to be partly to blame for actions like this. Apparently Rams fans weren’t happy enough with a win. I’m a Bengals fan now for certain.

  2. Despicable. What do the Rams have to say? I imagine it was done by a Rams fan. Best wishes for Mr Luna.

  3. This incident is of course reminiscent of Bryan Stow, a SF Giants’ fan and father of two from Santa Cruz, who was beaten into a coma in the parking lot after attending a Dodgers game. Maybe this stuff goes on everywhere, but also maybe the LA fans are animals.

  4. Awful. And it begs the question of why anyone in the current era of huge, cheap TVs should want to bother with the time, expense, poor experience, and risk of injury that comes with attending games in person. I hope they find those responsible.

    The only way I’m going to another NFL game is when I can afford a box.

  5. It seems unlikely that the Niner fan instigated violence, since he was alone, and apparently overmatched.

    However, we can’t know for sure what happened, until more information becomes available.

    Hopefully, there is video footage.

  6. That’s why you never wear your team’s jersey to away games especially if they are rivals.

  7. Ive been to a couple dozen NFL games. I never got into it with anyone, just minded my business. I witnessed many assaults inside and outside the stadium. To be honest, both parties were willing participants, even if the numbers were lopsided. If you dont want to end up like this guy, just chill and watch the game, cheer at the appropriate moments. Let rowdy drunks fight amongst themselves, dont get into it with others, or get involved in the disputes of others.

  8. Add more seats, increase the crowd, serve liquor. Anything to make more money. Who cares about security ?

  9. I hate stories like this. He had on a different colored shirt and rooted for the other team.
    So he deserves to be beaten. One of the things I don’t like about sports.

  10. Gross. Why can’t some fans just go to the game and enjoy it? Violence like this is totally unnecessary. I hope the victim recovers.

  11. kicking and beating a person after they are already down is cowardly.. I hope the goons get caught one way or the other…

  12. this is the same BS that happens between Giants and Dodger fans apparently some fans on both side depending on where game is played seem to think that this is ok it’s been going on for years and neither the MLB or NFL seem to ever do anything about it

  13. This wouldn’t happen at all if visiting fans knew how to behave. Not that a beating is deserved, but I’ve seen plenty of visiting fans that need, er, something.

  14. Screw this guy he started the altercation. He should have kept his hands to himself!!

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