Bengals to practice indoors at University of Cincinnati this week

NFL: AUG 16 Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
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The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the few remaining teams in the NFL to not have their own indoor practice facility. They’re the only such team in a cold weather city.

While the team was happy to continue practicing outdoors ahead of chilly playoff games against the Las Vegas Raiders at home, and Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs on the road, the preparation for the Super Bowl will indeed move indoors with the held of the local college team.

Via Kelsey Conway of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals will be practicing indoors at the University of Cincinnati this week with sub-freezing temperatures forecast in the area through Saturday.

Their opponent, the Los Angeles Rams, also don’t have an indoor facility. However, they have gone to practice indoors at SoFi Stadium when high winds and other weather have caused for a change of plans. Los Angeles also isn’t expected to see freezing temperatures anytime before kickoff.

It’s the right decision by the Bengals to go inside this week. The game will be played in benign conditions in L.A. and practicing through precipitation and freezing conditions isn’t going to do anything to help the team prepare for the game ahead.

7 responses to “Bengals to practice indoors at University of Cincinnati this week

  1. They have an arrangement with UC and can use that facility whenever they want. Which they have many times through the years. Still ridiculous they don’t have one. Hopefully the Brown family is moved by a SB appearance, but it’s possible that just makes them believe they don’t need one, sadly.

  2. If they win the super bowl the Bengals should build an indoor facility. And name it Burrow Field House

  3. Lack of free agent signings is not what makes Mike Brown cheap. Hesitance to spend on facilities is. They should have built an indoor facility long ago, he’s on record as saying it’s not necessary to spend money on one. Recently though the city gave him some prime land to build one, all he had to do was amend some of the lease agreements on the free stadium he already has total control over.

  4. I’ll give credit to the Bengals for stockpiling enough talent to get this far, however, them not having an indoor practice facility underscores how cheap of an organization they are. I remember the last Hard Knocks where they had to pay for the socks they were issued! Starts from the top down, they don’t care enough about their fans spend enough money to keep their players happy. The good ones won’t stay long.

  5. Not sure why the fact that they practice at UC is an issue. The school is less than 4 miles from Paul Brown Stadium and the Bengals have been able to use it whenever they want. As long as they have a facility to use, why does it make any difference who owns it? Current and former coaches have all said that when team will be playing games in bad weather, they want to practice in the bad weather to help with game preparation under game conditions. So, they would not use an indoor facility that often even if they had one. I find the obsession by the media and fans with the Bengals not actually owning an indoor facility to be a bit puzzling…

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