Damon Arnette accused of pointing gun at valets, possession of cocaine

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Details of former Raiders first-round pick Damon Arnette‘s arrest in Las Vegas last Friday came to light with the release of a report by the Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday.

Arnette was booked on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, carrying or concealing a gun without a permit, possession of marijuana and possession of a class two level controlled substance after an incident at the Park MGM. Per the report, via Sabrina Schnur of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Arnette is accused of pointing his gun at valets who didn’t give him his car.

Witnesses said Arnette threw his ticket away and refused to show identification when asked and, per the report, video shows Arnette pointing a handgun at employees before getting in the vehicle. Arnette denied pulling the gun, but one was found in the car along with ammunition, 1.8 grams of suspected cocaine, and 13.5 ounces of marijuana.

Arnette was a 2020 first-round pick by the Raiders, but he was released after video surfaced of him threatening someone with a gun. He signed a future contract with the Chiefs after the end of the season, but they cut him after Friday night’s arrest.

25 responses to “Damon Arnette accused of pointing gun at valets, possession of cocaine

  1. Wasn’t Gruden always yammering on about him wanting to bring in only high character guys? Wasn’t that part of their reasoning for going off the board with some of their horrendous 1st round picks?

  2. This guy quit football after 2 years in College and had to be talked into coming back.
    Then and there the Raiders should have known that football was not important to him.
    Another terrible first round pick.

  3. Why is it some people always pull out a gun whenever they don’t get what they want. His massive sense of entitlement has already cost him his career. Now whatever money he has left will go to his lawyers. Not that he’ll need it in prison.

    He’s a textbook example of how to ruin your life in a short period of time.

  4. Sources say Arnette wants to play on same team featured in the longest yard! Prison officials are in discussions on a rookie contract with a no trade clause. The prison can exercise a fifth year option but not until after his third year. Sounds like a good contract for Arnette..congrats!

  5. Las Vegas has lots of good hotel housekeeping jobs such as parking valet jobs, to which Arnette can can apply to, after 5 years in prison.

  6. cribbage12 says:
    February 3, 2022 at 3:32 pm
    What bad could ever come from young NFL players in Vegas?
    No way that there could be anything to do in the other large cities in the US. Drugs, alcohol, guns and bars/night clubs don’t exist anywhere but LV.

  7. High,carrying a gun,cocaine and at an airport.where was he heading next? A police station to wave the gun around?
    I have lost hope for humanity…

  8. This guy has the character that made Dallas Football so great over the last 20 years. GM Jerruh will add him in a heart beat!

  9. Let’s limit this to NFL News. This guy is not at this time and never will be a member of the NFL. He’s had enough chances.

    Josh Gordon

  10. Mike Mayock and John Gruden accused of making HORRIBLE draft choices! where’s Bowden Jr now?

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