Jaguars announce hiring of Doug Pederson as head coach

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have officially announced the hiring of Doug Pederson as their newest head coach.

Pederson joins the Jaguars after a five-year run as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles that included a Super Bowl title in 2017. Pederson did not coach last season and is replacing Urban Meyer in the position with the Jaguars.

“Doug Pederson four years ago won a Super Bowl as head coach of a franchise in pursuit of its first world championship. I hope Doug can replicate that magic here in Jacksonville,” Jaguars owner Shad Khan said in a statement. “But what is certain is his proven leadership and experience as a winning head coach in the National Football League. It’s exactly what out players deserve. Nothing less. Combine this with his acumen on the offensive side of the ball, and you have why I am proud to name Doug Pederson the new head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. I know our fans will warmly welcome Doug and his family to Duval and I personally look forward to having Doug as part of everything we envision for the team, downtown and community in the years ahead.”

Pederson’s top task in Jacksonville will be making Trevor Lawrence successful. Last year’s No. 1 pick had a shaky first campaign with the Jaguars as Meyer imploded in his leadership of the team, leading to a mid-season dismissal. Lawrence threw just 12 touchdowns with a league-high 17 interceptions as the Jaguars managed only a 3-14 record.

Pederson managed to win a Super Bowl in Philadelphia with a backup quarterback in Nick Foles taking over seamlessly for an injured and previously thriving Carson Wentz during the 2017 season. While his tenure with the Eagles didn’t end on a high note, Pederson’s track record with quarterbacks would have been among his top selling points to the Jaguars.

The Jaguars have another No. 1 overall pick this spring to help bolster the talent lever around Lawrence as well.

“Let’s get to work💪🏼 – Welcome to #DUUUVAL ! Great days ahead,” Lawrence wrote on his Twitter account Thursday night.

79 responses to “Jaguars announce hiring of Doug Pederson as head coach

  1. Great hire. As I’ve said before, about 80% of what happened in Philadelphia towards the end was not Doug’s fault. The Super Bowl went to his head a bit, but he had to deal with an impossible quarterback situation and of course meddling ownership and general manager. I think he’s going to be really successful.

  2. I was pulling for Leftwich, but the line about proven leadership makes a lot of sense. After Urban Meyer you wanna go with someone who has been there before, to reinstall basic respect for your organization

  3. Doug is a great coach and I hope he will have the same success there that he had in Philadelphia. I also hope they hire Rick Spielman too.

  4. What a great hire. Wish he had never had to leave Philly, but oh well. Perfect offensive guy for Lawrence.

  5. Good coach, clown show organization. Hope it works out but I think he’ll regret taking this job.

  6. Make that 6 for 6. The NFL is really about to go 9 for 9. They are proving Flores right.

  7. Was actually hoping Pederson would take over from Tomlin in Pitts but now they will keep Tomlin another 20 years …

  8. I know Frank was the brains behind the 2017 offense, but Doug is a very good QB coach. I hope he can bring the best out of Trevor.

  9. Brace yourself Dougie…. Nothing can prepare you for what you’re about to go through.

  10. This is a terrible hire. Hiring Byron Leftwhich with Adrian Wilson as GM is the road they should have taken. Leftwhichs offense fits TL skill sets and strengths as a passer like a glove. This hire was so mismanaged from the moment they fired Urban that it’s laughable, it’d be comical if it didn’t reveal the deep underlying dysfunction within the Jags franchise.

  11. Khan and Baalke are the brain trust that brought Urban Meyer to Jacksonville, so I’m surprised they didn’t hire Hue Jackson this year.

  12. I think Letftwich would have been a great coach for Jacksonvile, especially for Trevor Lawrence. He played in Jacksonville. He played the QB position. He was the OC for the Tom Brady, the most accomplished QB in NFL history, for the past 2 seasons. But, if he wouldn’t have meshed with Balke, it was right to walk away from the job.

    That said, I think Pederson is an excellent choice. Pederson is SB winning coach and he was also a QB in the NFL. In fact, he was the first name I thought of win Meyer was fired. Now, we just have to see if he’ll be able to get along with Trent Balke.

  13. Pederson must really want back in. A far better coach than I frankly though the Jags would get once it was clear they weren’t sending Baalke anywhere. Trevor Lawrence should be giving thanks because they could have done far worse.

  14. Coulda had Leftwich, but instead you get Pederson, all because Shad wouldn’t get rid of Baalke. Jags gonna Jag

  15. Good for Doug…he will always be a hero here in Philly. Just hope the dysfunction in Jacksonville doesn’t derail him.

  16. Not the worst hire they could’ve made. Still believe Baalke should’ve been canned and hired a combo of Adrian Wilson/Leftwich but what do we know. Lol

  17. Eagles fans, what do you think? I always thought Pederson was a good coach and that Wentz was the problem, but who knows.

  18. Watch your back Doug. Baalke will work to undermine you every step of the way then tell the clueless owner you need to be fired due to the GMs incompetence.

  19. That’s a great hire. If Doug could put up with Howie he can certainly put up with Baulke. Go Jags

  20. I’m hoping Doug knows what he’s getting into. He worked with an inept and controlling GM previously in Howie Roseman. He ended up getting canned and we all were screaming for Howie’s Head.

    I will say this jags fans, you have a good coach in Doug Pederson. Hopefully his time in Jax won’t be ruined by Baalke. History tends to repeat itself though.

  21. Happy to Doug get another chance. Just hoping he doesn’t have the success Andy Reid had after leaving the Eagles.

  22. “Doug Pederson four years ago won a Super Bowl as head coach of a franchise in pursuit of its first world championship


    Yeah….because my team’s coach decided to put his own ego ahead of the team. No wonder Brady and Gronk walked the first chance they could

  23. I’ve never understood owners on some teams, Jacksonville, Miami and Houston, who blindly give “constant credibility” to inept GM’s who continually are bad, they must be beyond “yes” men to keep their job.

  24. Sorry fellow Eagle fans. Doug was as wrong as Wentz was in that BOTH were childish by not speaking to each other..and imo Frank Reich was more the reason we won the SuperBowl. Once the league figured out Doug’s RPO only offence, Doug became average. Baalke will make Lombardi bad..Doug will bomb in Jax..

  25. Congrats Duuuval! You’ve got a good hire on your hands. He’ll bring the culture back and also improve Trevor. He has the “emotional intelligence” that dunce Meyer NEVER had. Just hope for a bright OC hire. That’s the only flag I can think of. Dougie P caught a can of beer with one hand in the Super Bowl parade then immediately cracked it. It’s night and day from the last flunky.

  26. Thought this is where Leftwich would land, but he took himself out of the running. Pederson is probably the best coach the Jags have had in years. Not that the bar is too high.

  27. Wonder what kind of concessions were made about degree of GM’s control. A good HC would be wary of a situation making it harder for him to keep his job.

  28. He’s a man of faith, determination and discipline. Quality coach with SB rings as a player and coach on different levels . Jags need that over a flashy trendy coach.

  29. A proven commodity as a coach. I have no idea what happened off the field in Philadelphia with tanking and all the other rumors about him and I don’t think many actually do. I wish the Bears had given him more consideration though.

  30. Called this yesterday. Great hire Jacksonville, you got it right for once. Former NFL QB will be a great help for Lawrence.

  31. Risky for Pederson in that he was torpedoed by a bad owner and front office in Philly and steps into a very similar situation. If they can get rid of Baalke (or freeze him out so he can’t make any decisions) maybe it goes better this time.

  32. Great guy, great coach, great hire! Doug had his hands tied in Philly and still managed to take the team to the playoffs 3 years in a row and win a Super Bowl (with a back-up quarterback & left tackle). It’s really not fair to judge Doug on his last year in Philly. I know every team has their share of injuries, but Philly used a league-high 14 different offensive line combinations in 2020. That’s almost unheard of. Add that to dealing with a stubborn quarterback, horrible WR group and a meddlesome front office, it’s no wonder he had such a bad year. I hope it works out for him in Jacksonville. I’ll be rooting for him & the Jags.

  33. After the line of failed OC/DC “can’t miss” coaches, the “college guy” now they are going to try the retread route. Leftwich will go to Arizona, probably much sooner then expected.

  34. Speaking of tanking. Are we forgetting that Doug Pederson disgraced the game by pulling his quarterback in his final game in Philly to purposely lose? A game that had playoff implications.

  35. IF Pederson thought that he had a meddling GM in Philly, just wait until he has to deal with Baalke. Baalke poisons every team he’s with.

    Good luck Doug. You’ll need it.

  36. Another recycled fired Coach pulled off of his couch to coach a football team. Oh yeah, this is going to work. Congratulations JVille,

  37. Doug’s a great coach, but I’m afraid Baalke will ultimately be his demise. Watch Baalke use that #1 pick to draft some incredible player who would have dropped to the third round due to a season (and possibly career-ending) injury. It’s in his DNA. He did it all the time with the 49ers, and as you recall, he did it just last year when he used the number one pick to draft Trevor Lawrence — even though he had shoulder surgery before the draft. Leftwich was smart to not take the job with Baalke still in place. Good luck Doug and JAX — you’re gonna need it.

  38. The fact that there are a lot of Eagles fans here commenting and genuinely congratulating him on this job tells me that he will be a great coach for the Jags. Eagles fans know their stuff and are as hard on their team as anyone so for them to be complementary tells me a lot.

  39. lonespeed says:
    February 4, 2022 at 11:23 am
    Speaking of tanking. Are we forgetting that Doug Pederson disgraced the game by pulling his quarterback in his final game in Philly to purposely lose? A game that had playoff implications.

    Do you really think that was Pederson’s call? Or any coach’s call for that matter? That’s a call that comes from up top. That had Jeffrey Lurie & Howie Roseman written all over.

  40. Coach Pederson, get on the phone ASAP & talk to Vic Fangio regarding the D coordinator job..

  41. Sucker.
    Hopefully he can regain the players’ respect and trust.
    As it stands with current management and ownership, the Jaguars will be picking at or near the top of the draft for years, unless the draft changes to a lottery sooner.

  42. Carson Wentz was on his way to being the MVP OF THE NFL when he got hurt while playing for Pederson. Think about that.

  43. Sign DeFilippo as the OC. When Wentz went down, Foles filled in nicely. He was their QB coach. And we’ve seen that Reich can’t handle Wentz. John knows Doug’s system, too.

  44. lonespeed says:
    February 4, 2022 at 11:23 am
    Speaking of tanking. Are we forgetting that Doug Pederson disgraced the game by pulling his quarterback in his final game in Philly to purposely lose? A game that had playoff implications

    You do realize that Sudfeld took 1st team reps that week…was told by the team he would be playing and that was Jalen Hurts worst game to date?? He had a 25 QBR when he was pulled…he was absolutely horrible. The only mistake Pederson made was not making the switch at halftime. He never tanked that game

  45. A lot better coach than Urban Meyer. He should help develop Lawrence a bit and should help actually formulate a gameplan and scheme for them. Pretty sad seeing as how hiring a SB winning head coach is bad for business with the Flores lawsuit out there. This is how it is done Flores. After a firing you usually have to wait until the next hiring cycle to be considered for HC vacancies. This is a low level job as well but MOST openings are.

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