Jimmy Haslam denies Hue Jackson claims, says Jackson “has never accepted blame for one thing”

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Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam refuted claims made against him by former Browns head coach Hue Jackson alleging he was incentivized to lose during his tenure with the team.

Via Adam Sparks of KnoxNews.com, Haslam denied the allegations made by Jackson and went right back at Jackson for the losses that mounted during his tenure with the franchise.

Unequivocally, Hue Jackson was never paid to lose games,” Haslam said. “That is an absolute falsehood. And it’s also an absolute falsehood that I laughed while we were losing. Most people who know me would say, ‘That’s not how Jimmy would react to losing.’

“In the 15-minute ESPN interview that he did, for approximately 14-and-a-half minutes it was about how he was treated so poorly with the Browns and lots of claims he had.”

Jackson said in tweets on Tuesday that Haslam was “happy” the team was losing games. Jackson then wrote “trust me it was a good number” in response to someone who said Haslam wasn’t offering $100,000 per loss, which is what Brian Flores claimed Stephen Ross offered him to loss games with the Miami Dolphins. Jackson then did an interview on Wednesday where he softened his claims about payments for losses but reiterated he was “put in a situation where I could not win.”

Haslam basically said that Jackson needs to look in the mirror if he’s searching for whom to blame for the Browns struggles during his tenure with the team.

“Hue Jackson has never ever accepted any responsibility for our record during that time period,” Haslam said. “He’s been masterful at pointing fingers but has never accepted any blame. I have accepted a ton of blame, and rightfully so.

“There are a lot of things I could’ve done better. Hue has never accepted blame for one thing.

“I can’t think of any individual that I’ve worked with over the past 45 years that I spent as much time trying to help be successful as I did Hue Jackson. His third year, when our roster began to pretty dramatically improve, the eight games he coached we were 2-5-1. After Hue was dismissed, we went 5-3.”

Jackson finished his tenure with the Browns with a 3-36-1 recording, including an 0-16 campaign in 2017. That season came one year after they won just one game in 2016. A 1-31 stretch during two seasons as head coach is quite the run of futility.

56 responses to “Jimmy Haslam denies Hue Jackson claims, says Jackson “has never accepted blame for one thing”

  1. Sorry Haslan, but when you listen to a homeless guy to draft Johnny Manziel you lose all credibility. Hue Jackson makes more sense in this story…

  2. I wish I had something to blame my failures on that was beyond my control. Sure would make getting through life easier.

  3. I can’t stand the browns but I don’t believe Hue Jackson for one second.
    I think this Is way if justifying a 1-31 record.

  4. Remember Cleveland’s owner famously fired several coaches before Hue arrived after only a single season and they ALL had more wins than Hue. Why did Jimmy Haslam bring Hue back for 3 seasons? He even fired interim coach Williams after a half season and Freddy Kitchens after a single season in the post-Hue era. Both of those coaches had more wins during their short stays than Jackson accumulated in 40 games. Make no mistake, Hue wasn’t fired for going 1-31, he was fired for going 2-5-1 when they finally had a competitive roster. He didn’t have the common sense to start his best players. He left Chubb on the bench in favor of Carlos Hyde and favored Tyrod Taylor over 1st overall pick Mayfield who would go on to set the Rookie TD record once given the chance to play in relief of an injured (and terrible) Taylor; finally ending Hue’s 635 day losing streak. The Browns were very open about tearing the team down to the studs and rebuilding. They told everyone the next 2 years would be painful as they let anybody with talent walk and traded down repeatedly in the draft to acquire additional picks. The players knew what was happening, so did the media and the fans, but Hue was clueless as to the 4 year plan and now has the nerve to accuse the Browns if screwing him over?
    Hue has probably done more to set back the plight of black coaches getting hired in the NFL than any other single factor.

  5. Bang… so much for Hugh joining that lawsuit!!! Haslam blew him outta the water. This is the big boys game here. Unwinnable Hugh and Brian..

  6. Well for once at least Haslam isn’t lying. In the recent special devoting an hour to the Browns’ poor recent history, nobody came off anywhere near as bad as Hue, and yeah, he flatly refused to take responsibility for what happened under his watch. Sure looked to me that he tried to poison the well when he was given GM powers in the wake of Al Davis’ passing, trading away all the draft picks he could for a team that everybody knew was looking at a long, painful rebuild, so nobody else would want the job. Hue was even worse than Kiffin. He’s a snake.

  7. I might trust Flores but I could never true Hue Jackson. The latter is true looser that can’t keep his mouth shut….

  8. I remember it was Hue who kept Baker on the bench when he was the best option to win. If Haslem paid him per loss he would stand before you today as a broke man. Coach Flores is a good coach and by all accounts should be coaching in the NFL. Hue brought up a different subject and made it about him. Racism didnt cause him to be 3-35 lol go sit down Hue. Lack of minority coaches in the NFL is a joke. But Hue wouldnt be coaching i. The NFL as a HC if he were white black brown or red

  9. Talk about biting the hand that fed. The worst coach in NFL history was given a mind-boggling amount of time to prove himself, failed miserably, and now blames the one that gave him the opportunity. Go away already.

  10. Hue was good enough for mediocrity when it mattered.

    Eventually you have to take the next step.

  11. All you have to do is go back and listen to Hue Jackson’s press conferences. He never owned anything. Between him and Ray Farmer (the G.M.) they were smug while getting crushed and putting an embarrassing product on the field. I was at a game where it was like a forth and 4 for a touchdown and he ran the field goal unit out on the field and the fans at First Energy stadium started booing … so he calls time out and goes for it AND DOESN’T MAKE IT. It was pathetic. We were not Jimmy Haslem fans but he is right when he says Jackson never owned anything. It was always “we we we” and never once “I”. Notice how many times his name has been linked to another head coaching job in the NFL. That tells you all you need to know.

  12. And again the response is made in a PR release that has no consequences. Make your response in court under the pains and penalty of perjury like Flores did.

  13. You can look at this a number of ways, Haslam was either incredibly loyal to Jackson by giving him a chance to turn things round after 1 win in 2 seasons. Or he was happy for Jackson to fail to give him draft capital, which has let’s be honest has turned the Browns fortunes around. Or Haslam didn’t/doesn’t know how to run a franchise properly, the truths out there somewhere.

  14. The Browns as an organization tanked those years. It is very obvious. Just look at the roster and payroll.

    Too bad the plan didn’t work and they are almost out of that carryover money.

    Plus, Haslem’s criminal past doesn’t really provide trustworthiness with what he says.

  15. Agree with jimmy.on hard knocks,Corey Coleman went to Jackson and asked him why he was running with the 2nd team.hue pushed it off saying go ask Todd haley( the oc).no trust in hue and believe nothing he says.spineless.go away hue.

  16. If Haslam paid Hue Jackson to lose then he is a terrible businessmen, there’s absolutely no need to pay Hue to lose games as that’s what he would of been doing regardless.

  17. Jimmy doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to being trustworthy. Investigated for fraud and paid 92 million in fines. You and me go to jail.

  18. Hie Jackson was the worst Head Coach in history. He was a good Coordinator, but that doesn’t always translate. And why start talking when he’s been gone for so much time? Sounds like Haslam is right.

  19. His third year, when our roster began to pretty dramatically improve, the eight games he coached we were 2-5-1. After Hue was dismissed, we went 5-3.”


    That’s probably the point at which Haslam stopped paying the team’s coach to lose games

  20. If this was another owner I might give them the benefit of doubt. But after the whole flying j’s fiasco. I thi it hue is probably right

  21. Cleveland Clown organization doing dysfunctional things. There’s a reason why they haven’t the AFC North in long long time and probably won’t ever. They have one of the best rosters in the NFL but still finished last place.. what a pathetic team starting from the top

  22. The issue is not poor coaching. The issue is why the league allows inept owners to employ inept coaches to field teams that aren’t worth the price of admission. Why is it good business to alienate your fan base with such practices?

  23. So Haslam as an owner says he taken responsibility…where then are the consequences of his actions or inactions?

  24. Somebody needs to ask Jackson exactly what he meant by “Trust me, it was a good number.” That certainly implies that he was offered money to lose games. They lost more games than any team in history over a 2-year period. That’s prima facie evidence that Jackson accepted money to throw games. I’m pretty sure that’s a felony. So did he accept money to lose and now is walking that back to make it look like he isn’t a criminal or did he make a flippant remark that means nothing? If the latter, what’s the controversy here?

  25. Seems to be the trend in the NFL always pointing to others when in reality you were in charge and did not hold yourself to same as you finger pointing. Since it does not fit the latest and greatest it is ignored.

  26. Hue Jackson is lying. Here is how I know. 75% of all NFL games are decided by 3 points or less. The easiest way to tank is to keep a crappy kicker on your roster. The Browns went through 3 kickers in 2 weeks because they got fired. Tanking teams would have not made any change to a kicker who can’t even make extra points. Haslam brought up another excellent point was that Hue still was handed a very strong roster in 2020 and went 2-5-1, then got canned. So what’s his excuse for that?

  27. While those Browns rosters weren’t great, they were def better than their records. 4 of our 5 OL had at least one pro bowl (Zeitler, Tretter, Thomas, Bitonio). We also had Crowell & Duke Johnson (both solid backs), Barnidge, Njoku, T. Pryor, Higgins, Hawkins, Gordon…. And on D, SB bound Ogunjobi, Ogbah, Garrett, Kirksey, Demario Davis, Haden, Shelton, Jamar Taylor…. Not saying there weren’t holes in those rosters, particularly at QB, but they should’ve been able to win some games. If the new mantra is, “tough, smart and accountable,” Hue again goes 0 for 3… always more committed to playing politics than football, and more interested in winning the locker room than winning games. He tried to piggyback on BLM; he’s trying to piggyback on Flores. The fact that he needs to piggyback at all tells you everything you need to know about his ability to generate momentum for himself, much less for an entire football team.

  28. Haslam, the owner of a company subject to a $50M charge for fraudulent business practices, should be smart enough to know what he says publicly can come back to bite his posterior in subsequent litigation. If Jackson has the physical evidence he claims, Haslam’s words will come back to haunt him. And this coming from a guy with no skin in the game that thinks Jackson was a lousy coach for that team.

  29. I’d rather let teams tank then let the nfl rig a lottery system. The one we have is broken but the grass isn’t always greener.

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