JuJu Smith-Schuster: Cowboys’ facility is “amazing,” Steelers are working on wooden locker rooms

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers
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JuJu Smith-Schuster is, for now, still a Steeler. But he’s expecting to hit free agency next month, and he’s letting the Steelers know he thinks they should step up their game in more than just the contract they offer him.

Smith-Schuster was at the Cowboys’ facility to shoot a commercial this week, and he raved about the “amazing” work environment that Cowboys players had, and then said the Steelers have a long way to go before they’re in the same class.

“It’s unbeatable,” Smith-Schuster said of the Cowboys’ facility, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “The Steelers are still working on trying to get out of the wooden locker rooms. And over here, it’s very prestige. Oh, they’ll definitely hear this. I want them [the Steelers] to hear this.”

The Steelers surely will hear that, and it may lead them to decide not to make a competitive contract offer to keep Smith-Schuster. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has said he wants players to feel like volunteers, not hostages, and if Smith-Schuster doesn’t like the facilities in Pittsburgh, the Steelers may decide it’s better if he leaves.

52 responses to “JuJu Smith-Schuster: Cowboys’ facility is “amazing,” Steelers are working on wooden locker rooms

  1. Or maybe they will hear it as valid criticism and consider trying to catch up to their competition. Stooge.

  2. Antonio Brown 2.0
    He is already telegraphing what type of locker room cancer he will be.

  3. That’s great! The Cowboys have a billion dollar facility meanwhile the Steelers have won 2 Superbowls since Dallas last sniffed one.

  4. Oh, sweet Juju… How the Steelers wish you learned how to beat press coverage, get vertical, and separate down the field. Not only did you do none of those things, you corrupted a supremely more talented version of yourself in Claypool.

  5. He’s a good #2. As soon as he became the #1, he did absolutely nothing. He’s not worth a long term contract. And certainly not worth primary receiver money.

  6. Now explain this to me like I’m a five year old – what difference does a locker room make if you are a professional athlete? Apparently a beautiful locker room has done nothing to make the Dallas football team able to win a playoff game!

  7. So you didnt get the contract offers you expected last offseason and instead went back to the Steelers and now after a poor season you bash their facilities? I guess teams must have taken his mind into consideration when not trying to sign him last yr

  8. No teams should sign this guy just by those comments alone. Total diva and nothing to back it up although still a young guy.

  9. It always amazes me (clearly a knock on me) how athletes like this speak publicly when they’re in a position of need. He has no contract beyond this year and although I hope he is financial stable, he wants to get paid to play football next year behind. How does such a person not understand they’re ‘auditioning’ for other potential future employers and their behavior matters, more importantly can negatively affect that next opportunity financially.

    Bunch of morons. I need to not be surprised

  10. Grit is why Steelers win and nice palaces are why Cowboys are “stars” who fold when the pressure is high.

  11. He knows if he plays for dallas he’ll have triple the tik-tok followers. That’s probably his main concern.

  12. Like nobody else here would choose an office with no AC over one that has air conditioning. Same idea, different budget.

  13. Love all the Steelers fans crowing on here when Cowboys are clearly the better team right now. But yes, keep bragging about what your team used to do.

  14. JuJu is not a #1 receiver, and as a #2 receiver, he’s whiny and unproductive. Guy needs to grow up.

  15. fivechampionships says:
    February 3, 2022 at 5:20 pm
    Love all the Steelers fans crowing on here when Cowboys are clearly the better team right now. But yes, keep bragging about what your team used to do.

    6 15 Rate This

    The Cowboys are sitting at home after round one just like Pittsburgh. Also, the Cowboy fans are the one that hang on to the past. Last Superbowl is on VHS. Probably want to pick a better battle point.

  16. This is kind of hilarious. There was a ton of chatter about how the lockers looked like they belonged in a high school in the 50s when the videos of Big Ben cleaning out his locker started coming out. Lmfao. Yes it should not be something players are focused on, but let’s be real, those things matter.

  17. fivechampionships says:

    February 3, 2022 at 5:20 pm

    Love all the Steelers fans crowing on here when Cowboys are clearly the better team right now. But yes, keep bragging about what your team used to do.


    Both teams made the playoffs and both lost in the Wild Card round. One made it with a washed up QB while the other made it with a QB that ran a QB draw with :13 left and no timeouts and then didn’t know to give the ball to the ref.

  18. JuJu Smith-Schuster better soak it all in now, because in 3 years ain’t nobody is going to want him in a commercial. For that matter what company wants him in a commercial now???

  19. We talking plywood here? I mean if they’re a nice, finished hardwood, what’s the problem?

  20. The only time AB has ever been right about something is when he tore into this kid’s ability.

  21. Heinz field was built in ’01, I believe. So, maybe 21 years down the line it may be a bit dated. Oh well. I think the millions of dollars players get paid should offset that a bit. The facility may be great in Dallas, but that doesn’t mean you always like Who you work with or for. Substance over flash.

  22. Yep, great locker rooms. And yet they can’t afford to build the stadium north-south to avoid the problem of the sun.

    The Cowboy Way-form over substance. Ol’ Ju Ju should fit right in…

    Say what you want about Michael Irvin – no one ever accused him of being soft. Plus he made all the tough catches, and earned three rings. Wake me when ol Ju Ju even makes it to one Super Bowl…

  23. The Steelers missed JuJu last year and they, no doubt, would admit it. Nevertheless, JuJu is not worth the headache he brings to the locker room. Steeler fans, media and the coaching staff must already be sick and tired of the baggage that comes with the likes of AB, Le’veon, and–to some extent–Chase Claypool. If the high-tech ambiance of America’s Team turns Juju on so much, then Dallas is obviously the place for him; at least he wouldn’t be vulnerable to getting any splinters from sitting on those wooden benches.

  24. Whose had more success over the last 20 years, the team that lives for comfort or the team that lives for football? Who has more playoff appearances, playoff wins and SuperBowls since 2000? Oh right, the wooden locker dudes. Go to Dallas JuJu and lose in comfort.

  25. Another locker room cancer… following the route of Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. Both could have had stellar careers with the Steelers, but all the talent in the world goes for naught when your head isn’t screwed on correctly. See ya Ju-Ju… don’t let the door hit you in the a** as you leave!

  26. Please sign with another team JuJu and be their Tik Tok distraction. He really thinks he is a tier one receiver and he is basically Cole Beasley. Very replaceable.

  27. Meanwhile, the Cowboys haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 26 years and the Bengals who don’t even have an indoor facility, are going. Guess you need more than the cellophane wrap.

  28. Gee JuJu – I thought you wanted to be “a Steeler for life”? Guy is a phony, bandwagon jumper who couldn’t even drive a car til he was 20.

  29. fivechampionships

    …But yes, keep bragging about what your team used to do.



    Well played.

  30. Hmm. Lets get analytic. I bet locker rooms for all teams have been rated in some player survey or other. And their records are available. What is the correlation between locker room ratings and W-L in Regular seasons, Playoffs and Super Bowls. Bet there is a small positive correlation because spending on players space might make the team more attractive to their own or other teams’ fee agents? Or, maybe the opposite – The more you spend the worse you become? Since neither you nor I kn ow which is true – Someone please look at the data for fun. What the heck, SB week needs factoids!

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