Reports: Jaguars hiring Doug Pederson

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The Jaguars are hiring Doug Pederson as their head coach, according to multiple reports.

Recent scuttlebutt in league circles pointed that direction earlier this week, and it was all but confirmed earlier Thursday when Byron Leftwich withdrew his name from consideration. Leftwich wanted Cardinals executive Adrian Wilson as General Manager instead of current G.M. Trent Baalke.

Pederson went 42-37-1 with the Eagles, and he coached the team to victory in Super Bowl LII over the Patriots. He was fired after the 2020 season and spent 2021 out of coaching.

Pederson will see some familiar faces across the field from him this season. The Jaguars play at Philadelphia this season, and former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz now plays for the Colts, who also reside in the AFC South along with the Jaguars.

Former Raiders interim head coach Rich Bisaccia also was a finalist for the job.

The Jaguars used the No. 1 overall choice on Trevor Lawrence last year. They have the No. 1 overall choice this spring, and they have plenty of money to spend in free agency.

40 responses to “Reports: Jaguars hiring Doug Pederson

  1. Bisaccia was a finalist, Leftwich was a finalist…who the hell wasn’t a finalist for that dumpster fire? Jags gonna Jag.

  2. I love it! Go Dougie…if anyone can turn the jags around he can do so. Great hire and good luck!

  3. With all the trouble of teams potentially tanking seasons coming out why would you want a coach that that tanks games?

  4. Good choice. Now if they’ll only fire Baalke maybe Petersen will have a chance to create a good team and help save Lawrence. If they keep Baalke he’s poison it all and this won’t work….

  5. Go Dougy P! Just wish it wasn’t the Jags. I can’t help but to think he doesn’t have much of a shot with Trent Baalke there.

  6. Great hire by the Jags. Can’t think of a better head coach for Trevor Lawrence to develop under.

  7. 4 teams left. First 5 hired non-minority coaches. I’d hate to be that last team to hire a coach if the next 3 end up with non-minority coaches.

  8. It will be interesting to see IF Pederson is finally the Coach who can make the Jags relevant!.. which seems to be a repeated question every time the Jags hire the next guy…

  9. Well, at the worst it’s an improvement over Urban Meyer and gives Trevor a chance of hope

  10. I hope this deal with Pederson goes down. Considering what a chaotic mess the Khan’s coaching search has been, getting Pederson should smooth over those bumps.

  11. Trent Baalke is still a problem. That job is not real attractive unless you get veto power over him.

  12. Decent hire, good with QBs for sure. I think he and 2nd year Lawrence are good for 5 wins. Any more will be based on draft picks and free agents. I could see Jags getting to 6-8 wins this year. If Lawrence is the real deal, we’ll know this year.

  13. Good for him, kinda got railroaded in Philly. Not sure Jags is a great landing spot especially with Baalke. But he deserves another shot.

  14. Compared to Amos Alonzo Meyer, Trevor Lawrence is going to think Doug Pederson is the second coming.

  15. Honestly not a bad hiring. Get this kid an o line to work with and he might step up next season.

  16. Congrats Doug Pederson!
    It’s going to be an uphill battle turning around the Jags.
    But you’ve done it before.

  17. Good luck to Doug (except when he plays the Eagles) he is going to need it with that Franchise. That said they have a lot of assets to remake that team this year.

  18. Guy is not the easiest coach to get along with, but he does have a heckuva visor collection.

  19. I hope this is true. Dougie P got a raw deal in Philadelphia. He clearly deserved another shot. I just hope he can make it work with the goldmember, who is currently in place. I’d hate to see Doug waste his second chance on a bad situation, which is doomed…there may not be a third chance.

  20. “Leftwich wanted Cardinals executive Adrian Wilson as General Manager instead of current G.M. Trent Baalke.” Leftwich looking smarter every day.

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