Report: 49ers hiring Anthony Lynn as assistant head coach

Detroit Lions Training Camp
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The 49ers are hiring Anthony Lynn as assistant head coach, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. Lynn had other offers but decided to join Kyle Shanahan’s staff.

The 49ers still could lose offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel, who remains a candidate for the Dolphins’ head coaching job.

San Francisco will have a new quarterback next season with Trey Lance, the third overall choice in 2021, taking over for Jimmy Garoppolo. Lynn worked with Justin Herbert in Herbert’s rookie season.

Lynn joins the 49ers a month after being dismissed as offensive coordinator of the Lions after only one season.

He was the Chargers’ head coach from 2017-20 and previously served as an assistant with the Broncos, Jaguars, Cowboys, Browns, Jets and Bills. In 2016, Lynn was the offensive coordinator of the Bills and interim head coach.

22 responses to “Report: 49ers hiring Anthony Lynn as assistant head coach

  1. From our lowly but rising Lions to a playoff team loaded with talent…this is called landing on one’s feet.

  2. Good hire

    He can help with game planning and maybe a different perspective on schematic input.

  3. Wait, didnt their most recent assistant head coach just resign because he would not take a 60% pay cut? So Lynn is working for peanuts?

  4. Why do these teams keep doing this? He was let go for a reason. I can coach better than this guy

  5. this is the guy that stated out loud that Herbert didn’t have starting quarterback skills.
    herbert had been the starter ever since.
    if you can’t really identify talent, how can you coach?

  6. Since I don’t know anything about Lynn, I can’t leave a relevant, intelligent comment.
    Hence, I’m leaving this one.

  7. So now we knowmore about that 60%pay cut that was offered tothe prior assistant head coach.

    THe Niners wanted Lynn and told the prior guy that if he wanted to stay, he would have to take a different position….and that position payed 60% less.

  8. The NFL needed some good press after the Flores fallout.

    It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  9. Kyle, Real Estate, along with just about everything else, is much cheaper in most other NFL cities. Strike a deal for Cousins while you can.

  10. I like the hire. I wouldn’t consider this a recycled hire. I think his experience is invaluable as an assistant head coach.

  11. With no other information, I wouldn’t consider his dismissal from the Lions to necessarily be a black mark.

    There are many possible reasons for being fired, including personality conflicts, philosophy conflicts, a desire to hire a specific person (possibly a relative or friend), an owner’s misperception regarding talent/effort, and others.

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