Doug Pederson: This isn’t going to be an overnight fix

Jacksonville Jaguars Introduce Doug Pederson As New Head Coach
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The Jaguars hired Doug Pederson as their new head coach this week and he held his first press conference since taking the job on Saturday.

Pederson is inheriting a team that has gone 4-29 while firing two head coaches and finishing out the 2021 season with Darrell Bevell as the interim head coach. Bevell was promoted after the brief and disastrous Urban Meyer era came to an end after just 13 games.

Pederson referenced that embarrassing episode during his press conference while also acknowledging that there’s a lot of work to do in order to get the roster in the shape needed to compete.

“I know you’ve been thought a lot but that’s about to change. I will make this a winning organization. This is why I have been hired. This is not an overnight fix, we’re going to do it one player and one coach at a time,” Pederson said, via Ashlyn Sullivan of the team’s website.

Pederson guided the Eagles to a Super Bowl title in his second year on the job, but it sounds like he may Jacksonville as a longer turnaround.

23 responses to “Doug Pederson: This isn’t going to be an overnight fix

  1. Good idea to hire a proven, legitimate, championship winning coach. Some owners tend to outsmart themselves looking for the next wunderkind

  2. It would indeed be interesting to know what what Khan was thinking when he hired Urban. Maybe he was hoping for lightning in a bottle.

    In any event, Pederson is a proven who gives the Jags some hope for the future.

  3. As long as you leave race out of it I’m going to root for you, and the Jags organization, but if things go south, and it’s not working, I don’t wanna hear anything about ownership asking you to lose, or discriminating against you because of the color of your skin. If you get fired you get fired. Accept it and move along it comes with the territory. Thank you and good luck turning around that dump of a franchise…You’re gonna need it

  4. I doubt the “Let’s have some ice cream” will do in Jacksonville. Doug had great help with players group led by Malcom Jenkins, great QB coach, asst. coach,, personnel all involved in decisions. I’m curious to see how he does on his own. He took time off because he was still being paid by Eagles. not to refresh as claimed. We soon will find out who were the brains behind the Eagles SB win. I wish him well but sure have my doubts.

  5. Doug hired ALL the assistant coaches that helped the EAGLES get to the Super Bowl. Give him some credit.

  6. Not overnight, but it needs to start improving that quickly. If not, next offseason will be reflective of another ground hog season. I’m cheering for him.

  7. I think Doug is a good hire for the Jags. I don’t think he’s going to turn them into a Super Bowl team, but I think he can, at a minimum, keep them respectable. Even with a fairly bad roster, Carson Wentz Carson Wentzing, and a LOT of internal turmoil, he STILL had the Eagles in the conversation to win the division every year, and made the playoffs 3 times in 5 years as the Eagles head coach going 4-2. Sure, he was 4th place his first and last year, but first year was STILL 7-9 with a raw rookie QB and the last year was only I think 1.5 games out of WINNING the East, for whatever that was worth in 2020 (not much). Anyway, the Super Bowl may have been a fluke, but it still counts. I think he can get you relevant into December every year and make the playoffs more often than not.

  8. He caught Lightning In A Bottle in Philly.
    Don’t make this guy the genius that he Aint.
    He was lucky to assemble a great staff and players that came together.
    Philly fans should be happy for the lottery ticket he cashed for them.
    Jacksonville fans should be leary until he proves otherwise.

  9. Best of luck Doug, for the sake of your new team, I hope you’re smart enough to give up play calling.

    He was a very good “players coach” but he’s kinda bland when it comes to X’s & O’s. He needs to focus on leading & developing Lawrence, if he does that & isn’t stubborn about play calling duties, I think this will work out for the jags. Best of luck, god knows the fans of that franchise deserve it

  10. That’s the smart thing to say, but Cincinnati has a horrible roster and a second year elite QB. They’re in the super bowl. Jacksonville has an elite young QB, too. The entire team will take a step backwards because everyone will be learning a brand-new playbook, and the Jags have a huge roadblock in their front office. Get a new GM and Jax should be able to compete next year. It’s a QB league.

  11. After what the Bengals have going from 2 wins to 4 wins to the SB, there is really no more excuses for teams like the Jags. If Trevor Lawrence is as good as advertised, he should be much improved this year.

  12. unclmikl says:
    February 5, 2022 at 3:33 pm
    He caught Lightning In A Bottle in Philly.

    Meh was very fortunate BB decided to put his ego ahead of the team and allow the Eagles to curb stomp the Pats’ defense in the SB. Maybe somebody can investigate that

  13. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    February 5, 2022 at 3:09 pm
    Doug hired ALL the assistant coaches that helped the EAGLES get to the Super Bowl. Give him some credit.


    While making stuff up is fun sometimes, this isn’t actually true. Not only did he not hire his own assistants, he also didn’t have a say in who came and went.

    Once the din of clinking glasses among J-ville fans and Eagles fans with selective memories dies down, people will remember that Doug presided over one of the most precipitous collapses in football history. The Eagles became one of the most penalized, least disciplined teams in the NFL under his watch. And practices were so disorganized that Jeff Lurie left one that he visited in November out of absolute disgust. The writing was on the wall for Doug then, as it should have been.

  14. Doug will do a great job bringing stability to the jags. Looking forward to seeing him help Lawrence take his game to the next level. Very steady and heady coach who is what this team and organization need at this particular juncture.

  15. It won’t be fixed at all with Baalke there. It will only get worse. It will only begin to be fixed when Khan gets a clue and fires Baalke. He always seems to make the worst hires for the front office. There’s a reason they’ve only had one winning season while Khan has owned the team. It’s hard for the organization to succeed when the owner could care less about winning.

  16. This team could go 0-17 next year. The visor wearing clown has demonstrated that for all of his so-called offensive genius, he ruins defenses. He doesn’t even have a competent QB with the dog faced fake Fabio showing us he is nothing as a pro.

  17. I hope for Jax fans sake the above picture of Pederson isn’t a sign of things to come because he sure does have that “I don’t have a clue” look!

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