Packers confirm Maurice Drayton is out as special teams coordinator

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It was obviously not a good sign for the job security of Packers special teams coordinator Maurice Drayton that the team was targeting Rich Bisaccia as its next special teams coordinator. And now it’s official that Drayton is out.

The Packers announced today that Drayton will not return, hours after the news broke that Bisaccia was being targeted for the job. Drayton has been on the Green Bay staff for the last six seasons.

“We are grateful for all that Mo brought to our team the last several seasons,” said head coach Matt LaFleur. “He is a great man who is loved by our players and coaches and contributed a lot to our success. We wish nothing but the best for Mo, Tonya and the rest of their family moving forward.”

The Packers’ special teams were a disaster during the season, and particularly in their playoff loss to the 49ers, so Drayton’s departure is no surprise.

The Packers also announced that John Dunn has been promoted from an analyst position to tight ends coach.

15 responses to “Packers confirm Maurice Drayton is out as special teams coordinator

  1. As bad as Packers’ special teams were, they pale when compared to Rodgers selfish, indignant, jerk attitude. It will always be too self concerned to play well in the playoffs

  2. edlikethepig says:
    February 5, 2022 at 5:43 pm
    More scapegoats please. The fans demand blood.
    Packers Special Teams had at least one or two errors per game. And when it counted the most in the playoffs the Special Teams failed the most in the entire season. Drayton was LeFluer’s guy for a long time(they worked together b4 the Packers) and such has to give him a season review hence the delay. If you don’t formalize a review and document it, then you can’t move forward with improvement and are possibly subject to a lawsuit. In fact the length of time/delay, gave Drayton an opportunity to exit quietly which he didn’t take advantage of the timing. That is not to say, Rodgers and the offense didn’t play a good game when needed. It takes 24 points on average to seal a win in the NFL. The offense also fell short.

  3. Typical Packers. A day late and a dollar short. You had everything you needed to win a championship the last 2 years, and you allowed a CB that shouldn’t have been on the field (Kevin King), and a red-flag unit (special teams) derail serious championship contention. Window is closing or is already closed. Shame.

  4. Whoever it was that decided to switch out long snapper Hunter Bradley for Steve Wirtel mid-season has some splaining to do.

    Not only did that sabotage Mason Crosby for the next couple of games after the switch; Wirtel is the guy that got blown off the ball on the fateful punt that was blocked and returned for a TD that gave the 49ers 7 free points, on a day when their offense only produced 6 points the entire game.

    That move alone

  5. Yet the Packers still only gave up 13 points. I get that their Specials are awful but they shouldn’t get beat allowing 13 points. They have what Packers’ fans proclaim as the “greatest QB in NFL history” but they can’t score more than 13 points. Last year they couldn’t make a play inside the 10 to beat the Bucs. The Packers are Super Bowl ready. They just can’t make a play in a big spot.

  6. Oh come on… 7 of those points was a score on a blocked friggin punt. You gonna say it wasn’t special teams. Also, they needed a number 2, they low balled odell and now he in the superbowl. Packers are the packers.

  7. Yeah the Odell non move was a bummer in hindsight. Not sure how much cash GB had to offer him to get him to choose them over the Rams anyway but they should have offered more than the minimum.

    I’m sure he would have made a big difference in the playoffs but we will never know.

  8. The reason the Packers are at home is because their offense stunk in a must-win game. Period, end of story.

  9. Makes sense. 32 rating in a 32 team league where Rich Goeslin wrote he would have rated them lower if he could. Yikes

  10. This only came about 17 games too late this year. Matt LaFleur has to take the majority of the blame for retaining & then promoting this coaching failure.

  11. “We are grateful for all that Mo brought to our team the last several seasons,” Mo has done nothing for the special teams except make them even worse than they used to be and should have been fired three seasons ago.just because you are a great guy dont make you competent to coach in the nfl.

  12. The invisible postseason quarterback lost this game. When a defense plays as great as it did, despite poor special teams play, a true, real, MVP quarterback should be the difference-maker in a postseason game of that magnitude. It’s not Rodgers. It hasn’t been Rodgers for ten years. Send him packing. You’ll never see him near a SuperBowl again.

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