Is Tom Brady on track to be the primary owner of an NFL team?

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There’s plenty of talk that Peyton Manning could become part of the next ownership group of the Broncos. But Manning, alone or with his family members, doesn’t have the capital both to purchase 30 percent of an NFL team and to operate the franchise. Eventually, Manning’s top on-field nemesis may.

Freshly-retired quarterback Tom Brady gradually has been building an empire. His wife, Gisele Bundchen, has built her own. They eventually could have enough between them to buy controlling interest in a franchise. (Maybe they already do.)

Consider the contents of a Sunday item from Liam Killingstad of With $450 million in football and sponsorship earnings (pre-tax, of course), Brady has other business interests that could grow and grow and grow.

Cryptocurrency. NFTs. Clothing line. TB12. Production company. Maybe more. Maybe much more.

He’ll need more to eventually reach oligarch status. If he does, it would be interesting to see whether someone who knows the sport as well as he does would do a better job as an owner than someone who made a ton of money in some other industry and bought a football team — or someone who 23-and-me’d their way into inheriting a franchise.

One of the unspoken realities for those NFL owners who know how to properly manage a team is that they love to welcome really rich bozos into the club. The presence of poorly-run football organizations makes it a lot easier to win football games. Brady would potentially be a formidable presence, channeling his uber-competitiveness and his intimate, detailed understanding of the sport into an operation that could become as successful as the franchise with which he won six of his Super Bowls.

In other words, fans who have no choice but to accept the owners of their favorite teams perhaps should start hoping that their favorite team will be for sale right at the time Brady is ready to buy one. Plenty of fan bases could do a lot worse — and are doing a lot worse — than having someone like Brady in charge of the organization.

48 responses to “Is Tom Brady on track to be the primary owner of an NFL team?

  1. He’d be perfect. And he’s already well versed in funneling back money through shell companies like TB12.

  2. Didn’t work out so well for another GOAT. Michael Jordan still waiting for success off the court.

  3. Difference between Brady and many of the owners is Brady will have earned it. So many of the second and third generation owners haven’t worked for a thing in their life.

  4. Tom Brady would make a terrible owner for the same reasons he made a great player. That competitiveness and willingness to have your hands in all aspects of the pie just doesn’t work at the ownership level. Jerry Jones tried it, and failed at it and is still failing at it. Look at the NFL franchise that has been the model franchise over the last two decade, The Patriots. Robert Kraft and his son let the team run outside of the direct day-to-day involvement with on field decisions. If Tom Brady really wants to further enhance his legacy, he should look at becoming a head coach where his knowledge of the game and hands on decisions will have a greater impact. Great players, that meddle in their teams on field play, generally have poor track records. Michael Jordan, arguably greatest to ever play in his sport, tried to do the hands on owner thing with the Charolette Hornets and he learned real quick that doesn’t work. It never has worked and it never will work. Owners own, coaches coach and players play, and anytime you try to crossover in those areas, you are just asking for trouble.

  5. Tough to answer without knowing how much annual profit (on average) there is in owning an NFL franchise.

  6. Brady doesn’t know the first thing about business…TB12 is failing and so will the Brady brand, which is probably just cheap clothing from overseas with his name on it.

  7. I could see Tom as the 1st GM AND HC with NO interference from a existing owner for let’s say 5 years. Kahn should sign off on that right away!

  8. MJ is uber competitive. That’s not bringing titles to Charlotte.
    Just buy a franchise to flip in 15-20 years for substantial profit while building wealth and staying connected to the game.

  9. Yeah like having Michael Jordan own a team in the NBA did wonders for that team… right?

  10. If the NFL investigates Brian Flores charges of ownership offering $100k for each loss, Dolphins franchise should be available.

  11. He already owns the officials and the NFL front office, owning a team is the next logical step.

  12. It will have to be a warm-weather-located team if his wife’s millions will be used.

  13. Kind of fun to speculate over, but doubt he’d want the hassle, and I doubt he would want to have to rub elbows with the sleazy group of other owners in the NFL other than Kraft….

  14. I’m not saying this to be mean because Tom Brady is definitely the goat, but I never got the impression he was that smart outside of football. He’s a lot like Montana and Dan Marino who were football savants but didn’t know anything outside the sport. Honestly people who are as into football as Brady was are rarely that smart outside of the game.
    You might say who cares? I just need them to run the team. But understanding contracts, negotiations, salary cap structures, PR, etc is actually most of the job. Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Isaiah Thomas, many other great players have struggled making the transition to the front office.

  15. surran70065 says:
    February 6, 2022 at 4:37 pm

    But he’s not a minority

    Tom Brady is the ultimate minority. One of a kind in the universe.

  16. Not the same skill set… Tom Brady as an owner might very well end up like Michael Jordan. Reminds me of Ted Williams trying to be a baseball manager. He was just so good and so competitive, he has no patience with the ordinary baseball player (not to mention pitchers!). We saw that with Brady in NE in 2019 with WRs who could not get open (some of that happened in 2013 as well). Not sure his GOAT status as a player would translate over.

  17. He’ll coach his son’s team first. The next NFL ownership group will include JayZ.

  18. First step to primary ownership could be partial ownership. Maybe Kraft gives him a decent stake for a really nice price as a thank you for all he’s done. He’s definitely made the patriots worth about a billion more than they would be if they were still a middle of the pack or bottom feeder team.

  19. Being good the Broncos are the only team currently for sale he can buy them and call the team the Denver Deflaters

  20. Starting price for a NFL team is 5 billion. Even 30% of that is still a little steep for Tommy And Gisele.

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