NFL announces retirement of eight officials, each with 20 or more years of experience

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Many of the NFL’s most experienced officials will not return for the 2022 season.

The league has announced that eight league officials, all of whom have been working for at least 20 years, are retiring.

The best-known is referee Tony Corrente, whose retirement was reported last month. Corrente worked a total of 27 years, and he was the referee for Super Bowl XLI.

The other retiring officials are down judge Ed Camp, field judge Scott Edwards, field judge/side judge Greg Gautreaux, side judge Joe Larrew, replay official Johnny McGrath, line judge Mark Steinkerchner and field judge Steve Zimmer.

NFL officiating has been widely criticized this season, particularly the inconsistent enforcement of the taunting rule, which included a call Corrente made against Cassius Marsh of the Bears in a Monday Night Football game against the Steelers.

Losing many of the league’s most experienced officials could be an opportunity for the league to improve officiating — if there are enough good college officials in the pipeline ready to move up to the NFL. Which is a big “if.”

39 responses to “NFL announces retirement of eight officials, each with 20 or more years of experience

  1. It’s not a hard job just listen to the nfl and give them the out come they want!!! Roger Goodell even said that the team he roots for is the team that is behind !!!!

  2. So basically they retired everyone 65 and older without ever admitting that they were making bad calls.

  3. “Retiring” is a convenient way of saying ” we think you can go, now”. Been watching NFL for 40+ yrs now, and the current refs ineptitude is by far the worst I have witnessed.

  4. I have never understood why these refs are allowed to get to the age they are. Where are the younger refs? Why are the same refs making the same mistakes year in and out. Oh yeah they aren’t full time.

  5. Make them Full Time employees of the NFL then maybe they will understand the rules of the NFL

  6. There is a good reason airlines have a retirement age. The NFL needs one also. We need more young strong healthy officials. Bill

  7. I’m 100% serious when I say that I’d argue that atrocious refereeing seemed to coincide with Goodell coming in as commissioner and Paul Tagliabue going out! In fact, most things with the league got worse with that change.

  8. Are they being forced out? Maybe they should have Flores lawyers look into this matter.

  9. They’re doing a much better job of diversity and inclusion amongst the Refs than the head coach ranks.

  10. They should have been fired before they retired. Now they can go on the Green Bay packers payroll full time.

  11. 1. Make refs full time employees.

    2. Hold refs accountable for terrible and blatant erroneous calls that directly impact the outcomes of games

  12. mrbigchest says:
    February 6, 2022 at 9:28 am
    until Boger and Torbert are out I could honestly couldn’t care less who retires

    22 9 Rate This

    Beat me to it!

  13. Vinovich needs to go, too. Blindest referee in the NFL. This literally means he’s the blind leading the blind.

  14. Vinovich is by far the worst. Should have been gone since that nfccg that sent the wrong team to the super bowl. Or maybe it was the right team but we got screwed like the saints cuz we just got the worst game ever.

  15. Good news. Now get some young eyes and guys who are in shape to keep up with these pro athletes running up and down the field….

  16. No Boger? Flores got the NFL running scared. Dude should have been immediately “retired” years ago.

  17. Anyone expecting ANY human, in real time, on the run, getting screened by 300lb bodies, sometimes 20 yards away from a play to be able to see calls like they do in there recliner, on a 70″, 8K tv with multiple replays in super slo-mo and nine camera angles that give the perspective of being an arms length away is delusional. Officiating isn’t getting worse, you’re just getting a MUCH better vantage point on which to judge their work than they have to make calls. The best way to really improve officiating has nothing to do with the officials on the field, it’s having a dedicated eye in the sky that has they same angles you do, in real time, and has the ability to override EVERY call on the field, not just the ones that are currently reviewable.

  18. Nothing will change. The new ones will come in and comply with the orders and if they choose to go against those orders they’ll be replaced.

  19. how many of them were on the field during the quick whistle touchdown gift in Tennessee and the quick whistle on the fumble recovery in Kansas City?

  20. With all the pressure that refs are under, and all of the money that is at stake for players, coaches, and gamblers, the refs need to be full-time employees. There needs to be a farm system.

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