Somehow, Fred Warner avoids a fine for his hit on Matthew Stafford

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
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At a time when the NFL routinely throws out flags and fines in the name of keeping quarterbacks upright and in one piece, 49ers linebacker Fred Warner got neither for a grossly illegal hit on Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford during the first quarter of Sunday’s NFC Championship, after Stafford threw an interception.

The officials missed the brutal, unnecessary blow during the game. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Warner was not fined.

Warner apologized for the hit after the Rams’ victory.

“I never do anything out of malicious intent,” Warner told reporters. “I watched the video it looks bad. . . . He was in my way and I made the hit. . . . Looking back at it, I feel bad about it.”

It’s unclear why a fine wasn’t imposed. Players get penalized financially for far less. Warner surely expected it, and he’d admit that he deserves it.

So either the NFL is serious about protecting quarterbacks, or it isn’t. Which is it?

34 responses to “Somehow, Fred Warner avoids a fine for his hit on Matthew Stafford

  1. Fined? He should suspended. That wasn’t a hit. There was no play. He just head butted the dude. The NFL is joke.

  2. The only thing I can think is since it was during a play in which the pass was intercepted, the protections for a qb don’t apply. At that point, technically, Stafford became a defender? It wasn’t a necessary hit but it didn’t look as brutal as it’s being made out to be.

  3. Somehow, NFL rules magically change come playoffs. Something, I’ve always had trouble understanding.

  4. Don’t be that guy that says a player should be fined. Players won’t like you soon . Report on something else.. advocating that a person should lose money isn’t cool.

  5. I don’t think Warner’s intent had malice. He just wanted to give Wolford a chance to try to connect with OBJ, Cupp, Jefferson, and Higbee.

  6. It’s Matthew Stafford so they don’t care, duh.


    Detroit Lions Fans – Who’ve been getting the short end of the stick from the league since forever.

  7. Meanwhile, Ramsey gets 15k for his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. I guess if the refs didn’t call it, it never happened…

  8. Maybe since he showed remorse for the hit, the league concluded he had learned his lesson?

  9. Dirtiest hit in the NFL in awhile. Back of the head, helmet to helmet after the play went by. Stafford arms went limp and he fell face curtsy to the ground. Could easily ha r knocked him out of the game and thst was what he intended. You see the 49ers play enough, you see that they are coached to be dirty.. Greenlaw, another 49er linebacker is even worse, and is a big leading with his helmet guy. DEEBO SAMUEL paid Warner’s fine by getting the ever living snot knocked out of him. He got hit so hard legally he looked like he died. Kyle Shanahan is desperate to forget about the 28-3 collapse to the Patriots when he was the OC at Atlanta and the 20-10 collapse against the chiefs in the super bowl, and just added a 17-7 collapse against the Rams in the NFC championship game. Now he’s got a quarterback that isn’t accurate and can’t throw a spiral that he traded a bunch of picks for. He’s about to get even more exposed

  10. The inconsistency is the problem, they really need to have the “eye in the sky” or whatever you want to call it. That was one of the easiest calls to change that I’ve seen I a long time.

  11. For some reason, the NFL favors the 49ers. Uncalled penalties in all their playoff games.

  12. That makes no sense at all. The nfl should explain exactly why that did not merit a fine or suspension because it really should have been both.

  13. He should have been heavily fined. Feeling bad about it does not cut it. Toothless NFL.

  14. don’t you get it?

    Matt Stafford doesn’t rate the protection given princesses Brady and Rogers, never has;

  15. dreemeagle says:
    Matt Stafford doesn’t rate the protection given princesses Brady and Rogers, never has;
    They threw a 15 yard flag at Brady just for mouthing off to the refs. Too bad there is no one in the NFL office who is required to explain fines (and no fines) to the press.

  16. This is going to cement Warner’s reputation as a dirty player. And if the NFL won’t do anything about it, I’m sure other players will take it into their hands on the field. This is how things get out of control. And karma is a bitch too. Hope Warner remembers that, because he is going to be a marked man next year.

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