The Pro Bowl will continue, as long as it’s profitable

NFL Pro Bowl
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Once upon a time, the Commissioner huffed and puffed about the lack of quality of the Pro Bowl. He threatened to blow the whole all-star house down if the game didn’t improve.

We’ve addressed it before. Six years ago, if not longer. It continues to be a simple proposition. The game stinks. But people watch it. And it makes money.

As long as it makes money from people watching it, it will continue.

The Commissioner won’t continue to complain about it, because the Commissioner realizes that it’s impossible to reconcile promoting player safety and expecting the best players in the game to beat the crap out of each other in a meaningless punctuation mark (sort of) to a season. It’s irreconcilable. Why would or should anyone want to play in this game, if it’s treated like a normal game?

The only way to get the players to play in the game is to allow it to not be a normal game. To let it be glorified two-hand touch in pads. To not complain about the fact that there’s no hitting or tackling or usual exertion of football effort.

It otherwise makes no sense for the players to play in the Pro Bowl. It continues to make sense to stage the non-game game, because even though it’s not a real football game, it’s football players in football uniforms on your TV screens. The NFL is sufficiently popular that this alone will send the cash register into overdrive.

As long as it does, the Pro Bowl will continue.

47 responses to “The Pro Bowl will continue, as long as it’s profitable

  1. Speaking of not being real and staged. The NFL is no longer being seen as a true sport but entertainment only. WTH happened to our favorite sport Dammitt!

  2. Players make too much money to risk injury over a meaningless game. Get rid of it already. I think it only happens to recognize outstanding players who didnt make All-Pro teams. Pro Bowl selections help borderline HOF players make it. Williams in SF is a great example. Only one AP selection but nine PB selections, could it help him make the HOF someday ?

  3. Who in the hell watches the Pro Bowl? I can’t remember the last time I watched one, I’m gonna guess 40 years ago

  4. If they want people to watch, bring back the QB challenges and skill competitions like they had back with Fabre and Steve McNair and them.

    I would happily watch a long distance throwing competition over the flag football game that is the Pro Bowl

  5. It should instead be a game between the two teams with the worst records, with the winner getting the #1 draft pick. It might at least cut down on tanking.

  6. Haven’t watched in 25-30 years. Can’t remember the last one I watched. Football is not suited for an All Star game. Haven’t watched the NBA All Star for about the same amount of time but for different reasons, namely no defense. Neither are real games. Baseball is the only All Star game worth watching. You see the best doing what they normally do in a game, play baseball!

  7. in the 80s, 90s, early 2000s when football was the real thing, Pro bowls were fun to watch… best against best trying to prove who was top players among the elite of all positions…

    The past 10-15 years its been soft, boring and a joke… like watching grown men playing freeze tag with a football thrown in… Watching neighborhood kids in a muddy field, no pads, knocking the crap out of each other would be far and away more entertaining the the pro bowl!

  8. Watched the first 4 plays and turned the channel….the game has reverted to touch football…literly the play is over once they touch the player with the ball… What a joke….I won’t waste my time on such a horrible product.

  9. Nobody watches SNL and it is still on so the Pro Bowl is the SNL of sports but it was amusing to read that players beat the crap out of each other in the Pro Bowl. I think I have seen harder hits when we play a pick up game in the city park.

  10. They could make it even more profitable and have fans more involved an charities, but they never will.

  11. Why not just do the roster draft and don’t play the game, like last year? I can’t see why that wouldn’t work – players get the recognition, but don’t need to put their health at risk for the sake of making yet more money for the oligarchs.

  12. Good. I like the Pro Bowl. I would also like to see a game of all practice squad members. Watch ‘em fight like hell and see who makes a name for himself.

  13. fritzerland says:
    February 6, 2022 at 12:34 pm
    Always bet the under in the pro bowl.


    That worked out well huh.

  14. This is a mockery of football. I changed the Chanel and watched a bunch of cars go straight than turn left 200 times.

  15. tyelee says:
    February 6, 2022 at 4:08 pm
    Senior Bowl
    East-West shrine bowl
    50 feet of crap
    Pro Bowl

    FIFY. Billy Beane would agree. 🙂

  16. As long as it continues , I will continue not to tune in. Its no Pro Bowl. Its the Pathetic Bowl. Embarrassing

  17. The pro in Pro Bowl is a lie. The real games are professional. This is a sad joke on the paying public. I watched 2 minutes and turned it off.

    Suggestion: The Pro-Mentor. The selected pros meet with draftable players. The pros could vacation with their families while mentoring the incoming athletes about the pro game. The mentors would play the game under the watchful eye of their mentors.

    I can understand why the pros simply don’t want to do anything to ruin their off seasons/futures. The fans could end this sham of a game by simply not watching. Low ratings and the chief source of revenue would dry up and the game as it is would go away.

  18. I love the Pro Bowl

    Stars everywhere you look

    Russell W. always looks like he’s having such a good time-

  19. Real question here. Do the players who are in Pro Bowl get to stay in LA and get free Super Bowl tickets for themselves and family? That would be a carrot.

  20. I liked watching the skills competition though. They should get rid of the Pro Bowl but hype the skills competition more, keep it safe, and offer huge sums of money to the winners.

  21. I bet everyone that says “pro bowl?” And “people still watch this ?” Watched the whole game!

  22. I’ve no interest in the Pro Bowl – it just means a week off football before SuperBowl to me.

  23. Who would pay to watch this?

    Who would go even on free tickets?

    Have not watched never will..

    All about the $$$

  24. Will Mahomes actually try to throw the ball or is the choreography portion of the season over? What a joke!

  25. If only the WNBA would follow the same logic, “it will continue as long as it’s profitable” we all could’ve been spared years of wasted “sports” coverage.

  26. Speaking of not being real and staged. The NFL is no longer being seen as a true sport but entertainment only. WTH happened to our favorite sport Dammitt!

    Same thing that has happened to the world, let the snakes in and take charge and this is what you get folks.. A circus of jokesters.

  27. I live in Las Vegas and went to this game with my dad who is 76 and some friends. Yeah, it wasn’t played all out, but who can blame these guys when their lucrative livelihood is on the line. In the day and age of great college players opting out of bowl games, these guys still came out and played an entertaining game for peanuts. If the NFL wanted it competitive, they’d compensate these guys to make it worth their while to go all out. As I said to my dad when I bought the tickets, “”How often is the Pro Bowl played in your hometown?” Being from Pittsburgh, never! Nonetheless we enjoyed the game and the athleticism of the players participating.

  28. ProBowl-voted players should play a round of pitch-n-putt in Vegas every year. Honest. It’s something they could compete in with 100% and very little worry for their health. The broadcast could fully acknowledge the players’ NFL achievements. Fans at the game in Vegas could place bets. TV viewers could watch competitive effort.

  29. I took my son to the game since we live in Vegas and it’s rare to have a Pro Bowl in town. The game was laughable but it was a fun experience. There was one ‘hit’ in the game and the crowd came alive for a second but you could tell most people were just there for the experience more than the game itself. Everyone got pictures and videos of players, a lot of kids got autographs and everyone was in a festive mood so it was fun. They’ll need a skills challenge for me to go back again though.

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