Ugly play on display as Pro Bowl quarterbacks throw seven interceptions, fumble four times

NFL: FEB 06 2022 Pro Bowl
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The NFL’s best are supposed to be on the field at the Pro Bowl, but it didn’t look like it today.

Although fans are accustomed to players not going all-out in the Pro Bowl, today’s affair was different, with appalling play from the biggest stars of the game, the quarterbacks.

The six Pro Bowl quarterbacks threw a combined seven interceptions: Russell Wilson threw two while Kyler Murray, Kirk Cousins, Mac Jones, Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes each threw one. The quarterbacks also fumbled four times, with Cousins fumbling twice and Jones and Mahomes once each.

The final score of AFC 41, NFC 35 might make it sound like a good game, but two of the touchdowns were pick-sixes on which the offenses barely looked competent, and when the offenses did move the ball, it was mostly a result of the defenses not covering anyone. There was no running game to speak of; Nick Chubb was the game’s leading rusher with 17 yards.

Cardinals defensive lineman J.J. Watt tweeted what many were thinking: “I’ve seen walk-thrus more intense than this.”

The Pro Bowl may be fun if you just want to see a bunch of well-known players sharing one field. But if you were looking for anything resembling a well-played football game, what you saw was ugly.

59 responses to “Ugly play on display as Pro Bowl quarterbacks throw seven interceptions, fumble four times

  1. The skills challenge was fun.
    Ditch the pro bowl and just do a longer skills challenge.

  2. They shouldn’t even put on pads. It should just be a ceremony. An honor. Maybe some fun activities. Some contests. Not necessarily football stuff. Could have free throw shooting, and 3-pt. shooting contests. Maybe a 9 hole golf tournament. Ping Pong. Why would you have the best players in the league go out and risk injury? I haven’t watched a pro bowl in over ten years. Even if they played hard, what’s the use? People cry about potential injuries every time a player gets hit. Just don’t need this.

  3. Time to ditch pants for shorts and add flags, tweak some rules – make pro bowl flag football game. It’d be a little more competitive anyway

  4. Was going to comment on earlier pro bowl story but declined. I seriously had no idea it was on today, nor do I know anybody who has ever watched a pro bowl. Football simply doesn’t lend itself to an All Star game. Make it go away.

  5. Pro bowl used to matter when we didn’t have 24/7 coverage of football and any opportunity to see your favorite player was previous. But player contracts are huge compared to a few decades ago & Pro-Bowl doesn’t generate the revenue to pay anyone enough to make it worth their while. Used to be players were attracted by a free trip to Hawaii for themselves & family. Making the Pro-Bowl is still an honor (especially at contract negotiation time) but there’s just not much upside to playing in the game anymore.

  6. ….but everyone was laughing and have a grand old time!!! Football?….we don’t need no stink’en football.

  7. I think the game should be between the worst AFC team vs the worst NFC team with the loser giving the winner its top draft spot.

  8. I had not watched the Pro Bowl in several years and watched today. Oh my gosh! Why do they even bother (money)? What a senseless waste of time and bastardization of the game! Look, it’s been a long year for these guys and I get why they do what they do so that no one is at risk of an injury – getting injured in an exhibition game would be tragic. It’s just a pointless exercise. A trip to Hawaii isn’t a big deal anymore and they don’t even play the game in Hawaii. Did not ever pass as entertainment.

  9. I didn’t bother to watch…just saw some highlight. It’s ugly, and should call it loser bowl instead.

  10. I didn’t bother to watch…just saw some highlight. It’s ugly, and should call it loser bowl instead. If I were to grade it, I’d give it a G, which it did not pass grade F. Lol

  11. It was originally played for free but all the money went to the players pension… idk if that still what they do?

  12. So the players not really hitting, tackling, fighting didn’t clue you in but the qbs issue did?… OKay!

  13. As a kid I used to love when Hardy Nickerson was the only Buccaneer representing Tampa Bay with Bucco Bruce on his helmet making plays.

  14. Sure, it was a total exercise in ridiculousness, if you expected a competitive game with players actually trying to win – but if you expected that, you haven’t been paying attention for the past 20+ years. It’s just a bunch of guys having a little fun after a long year that ended for every one of them in disappointment, and a lfiller on the Sunday after the playoffs and before the Super Bowl. Did you see Mac Jones run all the way down the field to the end zone, even though everyone (including him) heard the whistle and knew the play was dead, and then do the Griddy? Did you see the Diggs brothers switch roles for a series, with Trevon playing WR while Stefon played DB and covered him? It wasn’t a serious game, but it did have its moments. Lighten up, everybody – it’s all in fun.

  15. Eh, I’ve been watching Olympics and taking a nice walk to park. I could not care less about the pro bowl

  16. Stop complaining about it. Just don’t turn to it if it ruins your lives. It’s simply a game of 2 hand touch with great players. Throw it on in the background if nothing else is on and move on with whatever it is you do.

  17. I’ve said for years that it should be some sort of a golf thing. I think it would be worth watching. I know some football players are great golfers, but would love to see the big lineman play. Mic them all up, it would be better than whatever was on today (I didn’t watch).

  18. I love the idea, as mentioned above, of the worst team in the AFC vs. the worst team in the NFC. The winner gets the no. 1 pick in the draft. So you could not tank for the first pick, you would have to give an honest effort. Just a dream I guess.

  19. My Flag Football Team played better than either Pro bowl team. We went undefeated in our league (10 game season) with only one touchdown scored against us in regular season in a major metro area. BTW, it’s 9 men on the field and you can leave your feet. A lot of frustrated ex-college players bring it.

  20. Make it 4v4 or 7 on 7 flag football, everyone plays and rotates positions. Linemen at qb, qbs at safety etc. Would at least make it more fun and competitive. If your going to relegate all the contact out at least make it flag instead of two hand touch.

  21. The obvious way to make the Pro Bowl a good football game is to give a huge cash incentive to every player on the winning team.

    Right now, it’s basically the same as your boss telling you that you’ll get an extra paycheck to show up for an extra day at work whether you get anything accomplished or not.

  22. Worse all star game in sports. Yes it makes money but something better would make more money. I watched Star Trek reruns instead.

  23. An embarrassment for the nfl. Start paying the players 250k for loser 500k for the winner and 750k for the mvp. If the league can’t afford it do away with the game. Nobody wants to see two hand touch in pads.

  24. I was at the game and the pregame kid’s flag football games were more physical and competitive. The kids were ballin!

  25. I didn’t think Jones should have been there but that Forrest Gump imitation turning into a griddy changed my mind! Lolol

  26. I had it on and half watched while I worked on other stuff. It was fun, certainly not valid football, but still amusing. The announcers were helping a lot by refusing to take it seriously and loading up on sarcastic comments.which added to the game. It wasn’t football for sure, but I did derive amusement and entertainment from it.

    Best part was Mac Jones taking it to the house and doing the griddy.

  27. billsfan716 says:
    February 6, 2022 at 11:35 pm
    When Mac Jones is a “pro bowl” player this year…that tells you all you need to know

    It tells you there are a ton of QBs that he is better than. Maybe not all, maybe he was only in as an alternate, that still puts him ahead of a lot of the pack and I think some of those other QBs he went ahead of have been in the league developing for longer than he has.

    How did Allen do his rookie year? Refresh me.

  28. Ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back. It wasn’t entertainment, it wasn’t a contest.
    Don’t get what the game was about.

  29. Its been unwatchable since Sean Taylor played the in the game with the same level of intensity that he was always known for. I get it, nobody wants to get hurt, but goodness gracious man, if it’s going to be a flag football game, then take off the pads. I tried to watch this bore fest but felt embarrassed for myself watching it as well as the NFL. It’s time for no more Pro Bowl. ITS TIME. STOP IT.

  30. xballhawkx says:
    February 6, 2022 at 10:55 pm

    Don’t worry… Nobody saw it.

    On the contrary. While the Pro Bowl is the least competitive all-star game in pro sports, it consistently draws a larger audience than many *playoff* games in other sports.

  31. The Pro Bowl is the second most unwatchable “all-star” game behind the NBA All-Star Game.

  32. I think it’s funny when people complain about the pro bowl. Ummmm….don’t watch it. I mean, I was watching the Olympics and didn’t even know the pro bowl was on.

  33. If you watched this game, you either have no life or you have a major gambling problem

  34. What is the purpose of the pro bowl? Many of the all pros didnt even show. there is no incentive to really win, ya they get some money to share like they need more, and everyone is just jiving around pretending to play football.

    When the hc of one team isnt even coaching but says his assistants are doing a good job and dont need him that is just crazy.

    Its a total waste of time. Should be completely overhauled. tired of hearing the commentators “these poor guys just went through a tough season and are hurting”. Please give us a break.

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