Will the Texans hire Brian Flores?

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The Texans have three finalists for their head-coaching job, which has been vacant for more than three weeks. Former Dolphins coach Brian Flores, Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon, or Josh McCown, unaffiliated, will get the job.

Amid unconfirmed chatter that the job will go to Flores or Gannon (it becomes much more difficult, even for the Texans, to hire a completely unqualified white candidate after the filing of the Flores lawsuit), would the Texans actually hire Flores?

One school of thought, as articulated during Friday’s PFT Live by Peter King, is that the Texans would be wise to hire Flores. Any players who pay attention to league news and matters would view the Texans very differently than they already do if the Texans were to entrust the head-coaching job to the man who has filed a landmark racial discrimination case against the entire league. And as to any potential retaliation by the NFL against the Texans for giving a head-coaching job to someone who has made inflammatory allegations that have prompted the issuance of strong statements from the likes of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, former Broncos G.M. John Elway, and the New York Giants, perhaps the league office would be relieved by the potential benefits — especially from a P.R. standpoint — of Houston doing something that the league has been trying desperately to get more teams to do.

That still may not make it easy for the Texans to do. Flores devotes a full section of his lawsuit to the Texans and their treatment of former coach David Culley. Here are the statements made about the Texans, converted from the numbered-paragraph format of the civil complaint:

“David Culley has been a collegiate and NFL coach for more than 45 years, including 27 years in the NFL. Despite his reputation and success, Mr. Culley was never hired into an Offensive or Defensive Coordinator position. However, in January 2021, the Houston Texans hired Mr. Culley to be Head Coach, though it was widely considered to be one of the most difficult situations for a first year Head Coach in memory. The previous season, the Texans went 4-12 despite having Pro Bowl quarterback Deshaun Watson start every game, throw 33 touchdowns against only seven interceptions and end with a passer rating of 112.4.

“However, Mr. Watson was unavailable to play due to allegations of sexual misconduct and Mr. Culley was forced to start Davis Mills, a rookie third round draft pick at quarterback. The team had also lost its top two players in recent years, J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins. Mr. Culley’s prospects for success were near impossible, but Mr. Culley managed to coach the team to the same record as the team had its previous season. [Editor’s note: The Texans were 4-13 in 2021, and 4-12 in 2020.] Immediately after the season ended, the Texans fired Mr. Culley without explanation other than vague ‘philosophical differences’ — which begs the question why he was hired just one year earlier in the first place. Even the Texans GM acknowledged that, ‘a change after one season is unusual.'”

To hire Flores, the Texans would have to look beyond not only the allegations against the rest of the members of Club Oligarch but also the statements made about the Texans themselves. Indeed, if Flores’s lawyers hope others will join in the lawsuit, Culley would be a prime candidate to contend that the Texans hired him struggle in an impossible situation before being fired, with the team articulating the insulting-to-the-intelligence notion that Culley had made some sort of power play after winning only four of 17 games.

Finally, the Texans are the Texans. They have made a series of unconventional (putting it nicely) decisions in recent years. Even if it would help them to hire Flores, who had back-to-back winning seasons, who went 8-1 over the final nine games of 2021, and who swept the Patriots last season, would they do it? Would Jack Easterby welcome Flores, given the possibility that Flores has little regard (as  many do) for Easterby’s act? Would G.M. Nick Caserio want Flores, based on the fact that Culley was willing to be micromanaged by his boss — and that Flores likely (and rightly) wouldn’t stand for someone telling him what to do and how to do it?

The winner in all of this could be Gannon. He may end up being the compromise candidate. Can’t hire McCown. Won’t hire Flores. Enter Gannon. Dysfunctional teams do dysfunctional things, and the sweet spot of dysfunction for the Texans would be to realize that they can’t hire McCown while not understanding that their best move would be to hire Flores.

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  1. Will they hire Flores? No. Because Flores is not a favorite of Easterby and won’t be beholden to Easterby like McCown will be. For Easyerby it is all about control.

  2. While I support Flores lawsuit, since he interviewed for the job means to me he’s okay with working for that dumpster fire of a franchise.

    So if it’s offered to him and he turns it down that pretty much kills his rational for his lawsuit IMHO.

  3. The Texans would be foolish to hire Flores at this point, he has already initiated the launch sequence and put the Texans and the league on full blast…but the Texans be the Texans and the league needs a huge PR solid from them…also, look for the Saints to be pressured into hiring Eric Bieniemy as well

  4. If I’m the owner of a team I’ve paid billions of dollars for there is zero percent chance I’m letting the media or social media tell me who I should or have to hire. It is an absolute tragedy that there is only one black head coach in the league. However, trying to tell someone who they have to hire is absurd. I’m going with the person who I feel gives my team the best chance of winning. Doesn’t always have to be the best look on paper.

  5. Smart move would be to hire Flores. Texans are going to be terrible for a while so it doesn’t really matter who coaches them. They’re also at risk of all sorts of fallout including from the Watson cases. So hiring Flores while knowing anyone who takes the job will fail might be a great way to take some of the heat off.

  6. If they do, is it because they think he is the best man for the job or to save face and then fire him after a short tenure like the HC they just fired!….

  7. ‘However, Mr. Watson was unavailable…..’ had nothing to do with the allegations against him as the NFL was never forced to make a decision as to him being ‘exempt’.

    Lawyer may have lost the case right there.

    Mr. Watson, instead indicated that he ‘would not play’ for the Texans and therefore, was made ‘inactive’ by the ‘team’ each week.

  8. Congrats Flores on mentioning that Culley had 4 wins, just as the team did the season before his arrival when it had a Pro Bowl caliber QB starting. Don’t forget to include that two of those wins were over the worst team in the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  9. Caserio certainly knows Flores well from the NE days, so he will know what he’s getting there. I would say Flores had a better chance before he filed his lawsuit than he has now. I wouldn’t touch him now, he’s radioactive.

  10. Flo has a very long relationship with Caserio, they worked together (not directly) his whole Pats career. I’m sure that’s a positive for both sides.

  11. You can bet Jerruh has ordered Roger to direct that the Texans hire Flores. That’s how the lawsuit disappears.

  12. Most likely case – Texans hire him, they suck for 2 yrs w/ or w/o Watson. Flores gets fired – again- and just goes away. Good for the NFL, good for fans, bad for Flores’ career path.

  13. Similiar to the Kapernick situation. If Flores takes the job and coaches, it tends to ruin his chance at getting money through a lawsuit.

  14. icantstandwhitecastleanymore says:
    February 6, 2022 at 10:04 am
    While I support Flores lawsuit, since he interviewed for the job means to me he’s okay with working for that dumpster fire of a franchise.

    So if it’s offered to him and he turns it down that pretty much kills his rational for his lawsuit IMHO
    If Flores turns it down he is going full Kaep…

  15. Flores is now officially a pity hire. His lawsuit is garbage and now a witness and Hue are backpedalling

  16. If Josh McCown actually gets positive results, I better see you all apology and eat crow.

    Being a great OC/DC has ZERO bearing on whether they’ll be a good head coach or not. Completely different job. In fact, a horrible OC/DC might just have the right skillset to be the HC (communications, big picture team management, game & time management, etc), but just not very got at X’s and O’s.

  17. Flores likes to cherry-pick his data. Accusing the Texan’s firing of Culley as being racially biased is ridiculous. 9ers fired Tomsula after one season. Vegas fired Bissacia after he did a great job under terrible circumstances with the Raiders. Heck, Marty Shottenheimer was fired after winning 14 games!

    Lots of coaches over the years have gotten the same or worse raw deal that Culley got.

  18. No chance Texans hire Flores. Unlike Culley, there is no way Flores let’s the GM call plays down and discuss strategy during the game. Caserio wants to be the coach from the GMs box.

  19. Flores interviews with a team that he’s suing? To say the least, the optics are bad. Very bad.

  20. Adam Gase was 23-25 and Brian Flores was 24-25 with the Dolphins. I rest my case. This is not about race or bribery, but merely performance.

  21. If I were Gannon I’d take my name out of the running. He’ll get a better head coaching job.

  22. It would be so Texans to hire Flores. The guy who just threw the only reason he was ever given a head coaching job, under the bus. Funny how the stories about Flores being paranoid while coaching the Dolphins, have all but disappeared.

  23. I wouldn’t hire a lawsuit happy coach who (by his own account) stayed silent after his boss tried to bribe him to lose games. Meanwhile, I’m not sure I find Flores’s accusations credible. In my profession, (higher education), departments occasionally hire inside candidates they prefer, while going through the required motions of interviewing others. The fact that the Giants or Broncos decided early on who they wanted to hire doesn’t mean they were racist. There also isn’t anything the least bit untoward about Belichick recommending Daboll. Belichick offered a recommendation, so what?

    It used to be that allegations of racism were very serious and you had to have solid proof before saying such a thing. Nowadays people toss around racism allegations far more freely, and I think that often makes race relations worse.

  24. In a cold and calculated move Roger Goodell will tell Cal McNair to insist to Jack Easterby that he order Nick Caserio to offer the job to Brian Flores. And it will be checkmate on the lawsuit whether Flores takes the job or not.

  25. Flores may have exercised poor judgement in his lawsuit but he is the best qualified head coaching candidate of this years coaching cycle. If he isn’t hired by any team it is clearly not due to football reasons.

  26. I would like to see the Texans hire Flores. Flores is a good coach and did a good job in Miami. Would have to think many free agents would like to play for him, out of respect for his stance on sham Rooney Rule interviews.

  27. The league is littered with guys that never got a shot as HC

    Dante Scarnecchia 34 NFL years

    Tom Moore was an OC in the NFL for 25 years, not a quality control coach at Sam Houston State.

  28. The Texans should hire Flores. Then in a few years when he has a losing record and they fire him, he can sue them…

  29. The reason I wouldn’t hire Flores right now is that he will be very distracted by this court case. He would not be able to devote his full time to the job.

  30. One of the things Flores has done very well recently is he has created a tremendous distraction from the fact that he was not a good head coach in Miami, did not make the playoffs, can’t get along with people, clock management was embarrassing, had massive turnover on his staff in just three years and was completely incapable of building an NFL-caliber offensive staff that could coach their players. He never came close to hiring the right people to help groom a young quarterback that his team had basically just bet its future on. Half the time on the sidelines, he looked like he was in over his head.

  31. The real question is, does the Texans front office know they do not currently have a head coach?

  32. Hire Flores and keep Watson. I bet this team would turn around pretty fast that way. And if I was a season ticket holder & they hire Josh McCown, I’d be asking for my money back.

  33. Flores is Kryponite. If hired by a club as Head Coach, if ownership sneezes in the wrong direction, they will face a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

  34. Hire Caldwell, he took the perennially bad Lions to two playoff games AND he’s named in Flores’ lawsuit. So you get a good coach and take away a leg from the lawsuit.

  35. Gannon should be coaching pop Warner kids.he’s the worse DC in football. McCown has NEVER coached before. Sorry but helping out in HS doesn’t cut it. Flores is the only worth it candidate. It will be a joke when Gannon lands the job.

  36. Flores made his bed, now he has to sleep in it. Texans aren’t going to hire him. He’s finished. Hope he gets a pay 💰 out that supports him and his family for life. Hope he looked at the big picture before he filed. Good Luck.

  37. “… is that the Texans would be wise to hire Flores. Any players who pay attention to league news and matters would view the Texans very differently than they already do if the Texans were to entrust the head-coaching job to the man who has filed a landmark racial discrimination case against the entire league.”

    Another school of thought is that there could be a perception that the NFL put pressure on the team to hire the socially correct choice and the choice the Texans believe is the best hire. And if I’m a free agent this would be just another sign that the Texans are not about winning.

  38. I hope they do. The entertainment factor alone would be worth it… And the guy can actually coach, unlike McCown…

  39. What if, just maybe, the reason some coaches are hired and not others has nothing to do with the appearances but how well the GM and the owner feel they can work with the candidate. What if these are all just decent humans hiring who they feel is the right person, regardless of color? You can’t apply the law of averages to every situation. You can’t set a quota for the amount of diversity in someone else’s franchise. Diversity, I believe, will happen naturally. It cannot be forced because than it is not really diversity.

  40. As a Bostonian, I’m surprised Caserio didn’t interview Jerrod Mayo either. He’s been an up and coming coach candidate since he became an assistant coach for us.

    However, Easterby is DEAD to belichick. He was brought onboard after the Hernandez fiasco, and is obviously a Jesus pusher. He had regular meetings with the religious guys like slayer, D-Mac and others.

    Nick has his work cut out for him, as long as this Watson stuff lingers. If I was him, I’d get rid of easterby and hire Flo. That also makes me think belichick WONT bring billy O’Brien back, since he hired easterby and tried poaching caserio and players

  41. Deserves some note: 9 open jobs, 4 straight AFC championships, Eric Bienemy got 1 interview this year. Bolder dash.

  42. The problem with hiring Brian Flores now is that you’ll eventually have to fire him. The firing optics will have severe ramifications knowing now what Flores may do.

  43. The NFL will push Houston to hire Flo. They say keep your friends close. Keep your enamines closer. Bill

  44. Tha Nino Man says:
    February 6, 2022 at 4:49 pm
    Deserves some note: 9 open jobs, 4 straight AFC championships, Eric Bienemy got 1 interview this year. Bolder dash.

    Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx

    What is his record in Colorado? Colorado police arrested Bieniemy, then in the NFL, in September 1993. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Bieniemy allegedly grabbed a female parking attendant by the neck and threatened her.

    His record concerning his DUI and suspended licenses or the recruiting scandal at Colorado while he was there?

    The owners understand the PR nightmare in store for them in concerns to Bienemy. In 2022, where a certain segment of our population will drag you for your words and actions from long ago. Boulder dash is more applicable.

  45. No, the Texans aren’t going to hire Flores. No one will.

    He just Kaepernick’d his career.

  46. They have to. He’s the perfect head coach for a QB who has no moral standards. The two are a perfect match.

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