106.7 The Fan got it right with its report regarding the Washington investigation

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Last March, a D.C. radio station dropped a bomb regarding the then-ongoing Washington Commanders workplace investigation. Given recent developments, it’s a report worth revisiting — and amplifying.

On March 5, 2021, the station’s long-time morning show, The Sports Junkies, reported that they had received a portion of a written report prepared by attorney Beth Wilkinson. The report included a recommendation that the league “force the owner to divest his ownership of the team.”

The NFL quickly mobilized, calling the report “absolutely false” and contending that the league has “received no such report.” That part was accurate; as we have since learned, the league never received a written report, because the league didn’t want a written report. In the end, Commissioner Roger Goodell received an oral report from Wilkinson.

The recommendation of a forced sale arose not just from the allegations made against Daniel Snyder, but also from the way he handled the investigation.

“She was recommending this to Goodell mainly because of the coverup and lack of integrity throughout the internal investigations,” Jason Bishop of 106.7 The Fan said at the time. “Apparently [Snyder] was trying to persuade or instruct other employees not to talk to Wilkinson’s firm about what they were investigating. So there was the coverup right there. And once she reported back to Goodell that this was happening, that’s why she’s recommending he needs to go, because of the coverup.”

The station ultimately issued a correction, explaining that the report it received had not yet been sent to the league. Again, the report was never sent to the league. The NFL didn’t want anything in writing to be sent to 345 Park Avenue. Once the league had such a document, it would have become nearly impossible for the league to continue to conceal it.

Still, there’s no reason to dispute the accuracy or authenticity of the document that was obtained by 106.7 The Fan. Wilkinson clearly had prepared a written report (regardless of whether the league ultimately said “no thanks” when she offered to send it), and someone got their hands on a piece of it and sent it to the station.

It’s an important wrinkle to consider as the controversy continues to percolate in Congress. Nearly a year ago, 106.7 The Fan credibly reported that Wilkinson concluded based on her investigation that Snyder must go. Hopefully, someone with the authority, ability, and will to make that piece of information official and public will do so.

36 responses to “106.7 The Fan got it right with its report regarding the Washington investigation

  1. Curious how they immediately bounced Jerry Richardson but are burning all this goodwill to protect Snyder, who actually seems worse!

  2. Roger investigated Roger and concluded Roger would deserved a pay raise and an elevated retirement package at the end of his contracted. Roger seconded Roger’s motion.

  3. The Broncos being for sale right now (and scheduled for sale for quite some time) is exactly why they couldn’t force Snyder (or Ross or Haslam if they are found to be paying coaches to lose) to sell. If only one team comes up per decade, they keep climbing in value. If 2 or more pop up it’s too good for supply and demand for the billionaires that want into the club.

  4. That would be a blessing on all of DC if we could all see “the Danny” perp walked out of ownership! I hate what he has done to this team and it’s history

  5. Wow. The NFL looks worse and worse every day. Partnering with gambling establishments might eventually destroy them. No integrity whatsoever.

  6. For 23 years I’ve wished for Snyder to go and still do. But, Goodell equally needs to go and I can’t figure out why the other league owners allow this embarrassment to go on.

  7. Wait, the report exists but Roger just said “I don’t have time to read it, just give me the highlights?” Fun times, fun times.

  8. Had former Clippers owner Donald Sterling owned an NFL team instead of a NBA team, he’d still have his team. NFL owners answer to nobody, certainly not the cities the purport to represent. Just ask fans in St Louis or San Diego or Oakland. Hell even fans in LA who went without the NFL for over 20 years.

  9. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    February 7, 2022 at 11:49 am
    If Richardson of the Panthers had to go, so should Snyder.

    40 2 Rate This
    Richardson was pressured to leave. Dan would not leave so easily.

  10. I watched some of the Congress hearings last night on C-Span. It’s pretty disgusting what was allegedly going on over there. I have no reason to doubt all of those testimonies as they all convey a similar story. It’s also disgusting that so far the only fall guy from all of this is Jon Gruden, who technically had nothing to do with what was (maybe still is) going on over there. Since the NFL is trying to cover this up, not only should Snyder go, so should Roger Goodell.

  11. Snyder should have been long gone by now. The reason he is not is that the owners know he won’t go quietly like Richardson.

  12. As fans we love the sport, love the action and many of the players. It’s our sport.

    But sadly it comes with a handful of absolute POS owners and a commissioner who does their bidding en route to his $200M wealth creation.

    Wish the fans of those organizations would boycott even for a month in season. But I get it. We love the sport.

  13. Goodell and the NFL are snubbing their nose to the world, saying they can do whatever they want without repercussions. No one is above the law. They shouldn’t allow them to get away with this!

  14. You’d think the other NFL owners have finally had enough of this guy. It’s just one thing after another, and most troubling is that there is absolutely zero evidence or indication that he has learned anything from all these scandals.

  15. This would be great if Danny boy was forced to sell for all NFL fans. Enough already plenty of skeletons in the closet. He must go today if possible.

  16. You have to believe that the NFL was trying to bury whatever she found out. When is a report not a report? When the league wants nothing in writing. Goodell should be sent packing as well. He seemed to be the ringleader of this chaos.

  17. Makes you wonder what Snyder has on the rest of the league. Perhaps the Gruden leak was a shot across the bow to everyone else to leave him alone.

  18. dwinsgames says:
    February 7, 2022 at 11:37 am
    Curious how they immediately bounced Jerry Richardson but are burning all this goodwill to protect Snyder, who actually seems worse!
    Makes you wonder what Snyder has on Goodell and or the other 31 owners doesn’t it!

  19. Maybe when they have a new owner they’ll do something to honor the great history of this team and it’s fans… and name them The Red Hogs!

  20. I have been asking since day one why Jerry Richardson had to sell his team when his infraction was 1/25 of what Snyder is alledged to have done and permitted. Doesn’t congress have the right to threaten to pull the NFL’s anti-trust potection if they don’t play nice?

  21. The league wanted nothing in writing.. that’s called evidence. Well here is hoping she recorded the conversation and somehow TMZ steals the recording!

  22. Let’s use some common sense here. This is a large, multi-billion-dollar organization. Since when do they ask for ONLY an oral report on a major investigation?

    That’s just absurd, ridiculous nonsense. The NFL is protecting Dan Snyder because the other owners don’t want this to happen to them.

  23. This is the greatest sport on the earth, in my opinion, now it has a big black eye for allowing this kind of stuff to go on. It is time to get back to what is right and wrong and cut the culprits and the one letting it happened off. Snyder has had his time and it is up, Goodall has had too much time too. say bye and get on with good football.

  24. Wait, the cover-up crooks in control are now embracing the whole gambling source of additional revenue and fans of the game shouldn’t be concerned with the outcome?

  25. There is no reason the other owners should not be forcing Snyder to sell the team….unless Snyder has threatened to go public with damaging info about the league / other owners.

  26. Is everything in Washington DC corrupt ?
    Snyder needs to go. How much evidence do you need that he is obstructing ? So does Haslam in Cleveland and Ross in Miami.

  27. The fact that the league and the owners are going to such great lengths to protect Snyder must mean that he’s got some major dirt on someone. Probably Goodell himself.

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