Kyler Murray is sending a message, but what’s the message?

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The easy part is noticing that Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has unfollowed the team on social media. The hard part is figuring out what it all means.

There’s no way that Murray accidentally or coincidentally made that move. He’s sending a message.

We’ve tried to get to the bottom of it. For now, no one is talking.

It could be that he’s not happy with the Cardinals. It could be that he wants out of Arizona. It could be that he’s thinking about swapping football for baseball, a sport in which he was a top-10 draft pick of the Oakland A’s.

The fact that the Cardinals didn’t fire coach Kliff Kingsbury should be regarded as a positive in the Murray-Cardinals relationship. Kingsbury and Murray share an agent; if Kingsbury had gotten canned, the Cardinals could have had a problem with Murray. They didn’t, so they shouldn’t.

Is it contractual? He’s eligible for a second deal. It’s possible that he’s heard (or not heard) enough to prompt him to send a message.

Whatever it is, it’s something. Even if it’s some sort of goofy marketing ploy aimed at getting attention. Because, obviously, mission accomplished.

26 responses to “Kyler Murray is sending a message, but what’s the message?

  1. The next Ben Simmons. He gets a little criticism for playing poorly in the playoffs so now Kyler wants to go elsewhere. The athletes of today cannot handle constructive criticism.

  2. Being a top ten pick in baseball isn’t like being a top ten pick in Football. It’s a loooooong road to the majors.

  3. People rave about this guy and maybe I just see his bad games but I never saw it when he was drafted I don’t see it 3 years in. He is a starter but if you put your cap into this guy you won’t be going anywhere. Can’t follow the road maps with teams that have Mahomes or Rodgers. Few QBs actually tilt the field like that.

  4. Married to his social media = a high school-looking pick 6 tossed from his own endzone. Joe Burrow – almost zero social media, and now in the Superbowl on an inferior team (IMO). It’s not coincidence. One has his priorities straight, one doesn’t. It’s that simple.

  5. Oh please, stupid we aint. He looks at the div he is in and comp and say, no thanks. I may never see a SB with this competition.

  6. What does he have to be angry about?

    He sounds like a problem. I can imagine paying him and then a year later him pulling a Deshaun Watson/OBJ and demand to be traded.
    And he wants to be consulted on player acquisitions?
    It sounds bad.

  7. Or it could just be that he wanted some separation between his personal profiles and his job info. Lots of people do this. Lots of people avoid social media altogether rather than deal with needless drama like this.

  8. Ridiculous youd be a distraction right now . Seems to have maturity issues, not a guy im giving 300 million to just yet. Imagine your QB doing some teenager stuff like this.

  9. The message is that he’s a spoiled, ungrateful child who blames others when things don’t go his way.

  10. Maybe he wanted Kingsbury fired. Just because they share an agent, doesn’t mean he likes him.

  11. You’re making a pretty strong presumption that Murray thinks that highly of Kingsbury. Maybe he’s not happy with the way the team was coached down the stretch when they were losing 5 of their last 7 games. Your best bet is that the team isnt committing a huge contract to him yet.

  12. By Murray unfollowing his own team, it verifies that he is not the guy to take you to the promised land. Smallish behavior that shows a lack of leadership and self-awareness.

  13. My guess – is that he just doesn’t want to read or see anything negative, and just wants to concentrate on getting better.

  14. Just like his (non-verbal) childish body language & facial expressions on the field (which silently SCREAM “What’s wrong w all of you? IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!!”), this social media (non-verbal) body language shows how much he needs to mature, look in the mirror/watch film of himself, & hold himself accountable. And I’m an OU fan. Come on, Kyler.

  15. The message is that Murray is too good for that team. They need to just let him walk so he can go to a real contender. #FreeKyler.

  16. He’s still in the infancy of learning no one player is greater than the team. Some players never learn the lesson.

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