Kyler Murray unfollows Cardinals on social media

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Kyler Murray has not publicly expressed any displeasure with the Cardinals. Yet, the Pro Bowl quarterback unfollowed the Cardinals on Instagram and Twitter.

Johnny Venerable of PHNX Cardinals first pointed out the change to Murray’s social media accounts on Monday. Murray also deleted Cardinals’ related photos from his accounts.

Murray’s motivation is unclear.

He talked to a team beat reporter last week before the Pro Bowl about the need for the team, individually and collectively, to “just get better.”

Murray, who has made his second Pro Bowl, is eligible for a contract extension this offseason. The Cardinals have until May to decide whether to exercise the fifth-year option on his contract if they don’t sign him to an extension before then.

Murray always has baseball to use as leverage.

The Athletics gave him a $4.6 million deal after making him the ninth overall choice in the Major League Baseball draft. But after winning the Heisman Trophy and becoming a top NFL prospect his senior season, Murray opted to play football and returned the signing bonus after the Cardinals made him the No. 1 overall choice.

Murray has not won a playoff game in his three seasons.

The Cardinals were blown out by the Rams 34-11 in the wild card round of the 2021 postseason as Murray had the worst game of his career. He had a 40.9 passer rating in completing 19 of 34 passes for 137 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions.

71 responses to “Kyler Murray unfollows Cardinals on social media

  1. Murray is noy very good. He won’t get you a SB win. Trade him or release him. Get a real QB and start over.

  2. He might just be better at baseball ,and will have a longer athletic shelf life.

  3. After that performance in the wild card game the Cardinals should have unfollowed Kyler

  4. He’s going baseball and it’s when not if. The guy is a whiner and has been exposed by defenses. He’s too short as well.

  5. I’m sure the Commanders will be willing to make a deal..Hopefully you can stay healthy for a full season….

  6. Sorry, Kyler, not every NFL team has a Jerry Jones who pays on potential. It sounds like you’re being held to your results.

  7. Sounds he approached them to talk about a big $ extension and they said “Let us get back to you on that”.

  8. I remember when Von Miller cropped John Elway out of a photo, before signing a massive extension. Joe Burrow is right, social media is meaningless fluff.

  9. This type, this Deshaun Watson/Kyler Murray type, are quite diva-ish for players who have never won/barely won a playoff game

  10. Perhaps he got tired of seeing how awful he was this past season. Just spit-ballin’…….

  11. At first, I though he must have listened to Joe Burrow’s advice about social media. But I suspect this is more about him not being happy with the Cardinals, and/or vice versa.

  12. My question is that who takes the time to see every single detail that Kyler Murray is doing.

  13. Dual threat, improving every year, but season-long commitment doubtful and not a team leader

  14. That playoff game against the Rams spoke volumes, the Cards need a real QB, not a circus act.

  15. It’s all about leverage. But hopefully he won’t over-leverage by going for the highest QB deal as he isn’t the best QB in the league (contrary to what the rest of NFC west teams want him to do).

  16. Short people got, no reason. Short people got, no reason. Short people got, no reason to liiivvve….

  17. Joe Burrow – ‘Work hard in silence, don’t put things on social media and focus on getting better’

    Kyler Murray – unfollows team on social media

  18. Lesson to kids: compare the social media habits of Burrow and Murray. One is playing in the Super Bowl while the other flamed out in the first round.

  19. Kyler Murray is a gimmick QB. As long as Kingsbury is there running his gimmick system Murray will be ok but if the fan pressure builds to the point Kingsbury gets fired, then the Cardinals might as well waive Murray as well. If Murray has to play in a different system he’s doomed to fail and if he’s tasked with staying in the pocket to beat you, he’ll be a trainwreck. Consider Murray to be a handcuff with Kingsbury.

  20. Another overated Qb! Too short, masks all deficiencies with his running ability! Poor man’s Russell Wilson!

  21. uwachampion says:
    February 7, 2022 at 4:27 pm
    The insane amount of batted down passes he had should be his concern.


    Murray had 10 passes batted down in 14 games. Justin Herbert had 17 in 17.

  22. dreadpirate88 says:
    February 7, 2022 at 5:35 pm

    uwachampion says:
    February 7, 2022 at 4:27 pm
    The insane amount of batted down passes he had should be his concern.


    Murray had 10 passes batted down in 14 games. Justin Herbert had 17 in 17.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I’d bet the over that 9 of those 10 were while Murray was in the pocket

  23. It was a pretty crappy team when D hop went down. He took a lot of coverage his way. The other O players are avg at best.

  24. Makes sense. As the season went on, many of his passes unfollowed the Cardinal receivers.

  25. He is still young. Jeez people…hes done a lot so far. Give him time. Can’t compare him to Maholmes. The players around him were/are better.
    Let’s give this kid a chance before we retire him.

  26. The Cards need another QB anyway.They will go nowhere with Murray. He’s too small and he has no leadership skills.

  27. From what I’ve seen of the comments, I’d say this is a case of Murray being sick and tired of the BS directed at him from so called fans.

  28. Justin Herbert and Josh Allen are each at least 7 inches taller than Murray and they led the league in passes batted down at the line. Herbert 17, Allen 16, Murray 10. Much ado about nothing.

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