NFL had one COVID-19 hospitalization out of 7,000 players, coaches and staff this season

Cleveland Browns v Minnesota Vikings
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The NFL has about 7,000 players, coaches and staff members across the league, and with the 2021 season coming to an end at Super Bowl LVI on Sunday, the league is very pleased with the number out of those 7,000 who have had to be hospitalized due to COVID-19: One.

Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL’s Chief Medical Officer, said today that the NFL had just one hospitalization out of 7,000 players, coaches and staff.

The NFL did not identify that one person who was hospitalized, but it was apparently Vikings offensive lineman Dakota Dozier, who spent one night in the hospital in November. He recovered and returned to the field later in the season.

Sills noted that 95 percent of NFL players are vaccinated and close to 100 percent of coaches and staff are vaccinated.

“We clearly saw beneficial effects from the vaccine,” Sills said. “We consistently saw higher rates of COVID among the unvaccinated than we did with vaccinated individuals.”

9 responses to “NFL had one COVID-19 hospitalization out of 7,000 players, coaches and staff this season

  1. This is a lie. TWO Bills OL also spent time in the hospital. Feliciano and Dawkins. They probably got it from Beasley, the little turd.

    The NFL lies constantly. This is another example of it.

    There are probably way more than just 3, too.

  2. Once again proof that Roger Goodell is by far the best CEO in the USA and possibly the World!

  3. Amazing what the NFL can achieve when they put their minds to something. Kudos to all! Now let’s work having just 1 arrest next season (or thru the remainder of this season).

  4. Proves mandates and protocols works, despite whiners. Just think……if everyone had taken this seriously two years ago and trusted science instead of believing their fishing buddies and their wife’s hairdressers, we’d be nearly done with this thing. Instead, the variants were allowed to evolve (which we were warned about,) reducing the effectiveness of the vaccines, and the “freedom fighters” keep moving the finish line. It won’t end. Thanks for that.

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