Texans choose Lovie Smith as their next head coach

Houston Texans v Green Bay Packers
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The Texans have their man: Lovie Smith.

Smith will officially become the head coach of the Texans today, PFT has confirmed.

The Texans’ coaching search has not reflected well on the team’s decision-making. After firing David Culley, they went through a process that appeared to be focused on handing the job to former NFL quarterback Josh McCown, who has never coached outside some volunteer work with high schoolers. When that didn’t pan out, various reports named several other coaches the Texans were supposedly showing interest in, but they ended up settling on Smith, who was Culley’s associate head coach and defensive coordinator last year.

Smith has had two previous stints as an NFL head coach, finding his greatest success in 2006 with the Bears, when he took them to the Super Bowl. But he never replicated that success and was fired after the 2012 season. He then had a two-year stint with the Buccaneers in which he won only eight games, and most recently spent five seasons as head coach at Illinois, never having a winning record.

The 63-year-old Smith has an uphill climb ahead of him on a struggling Texans franchise, but Houston hopes he can provide a steady hand in a rebuilding project.

43 responses to “Texans choose Lovie Smith as their next head coach

  1. A very good choice. Lovie brings strength, experience, and dignity …. all in short supply …. to the Texans.

  2. As a Bears fan – I’m happy Lovie gets another shot. But I have the nasty feeling, the Texans have ‘taken one for the team’…

  3. Are they just planning on doing 1-year head coach rotations? This has no feel of a long-term solution.

  4. WOW just WOW. Could this organization be anymore confused. They backed themselves into another corner and hired the only only option they had left. By all means let’s promote the guy who gave you the 31st ranked defense last year. Priceless!

  5. Nothing to see here, just the Texans being the Texans. They are truly the definition of dysfunctional.

  6. I like the hire. It’s not flashy, but Lovie knows what he’s doing. If they can keep Pep Hamilton as the OC, that’s another plus.

  7. How is this better than just keeping Culley? Culley must be loving the free money he will be getting for the next few years.

  8. He needs to bring on Leslie Frazier for DC. I’d love to see them on the same sideline, each not saying a word in their headsets. Get it done!

  9. Hilarious, certain people want to whine about certain other people getting 2nd NFL HC jobs, Lovie just got his 3RD.

  10. Smith is the very epitome of a classic “retread” veteran head coach, one who you know what he is in the role and who you can expect to never get better.

  11. As a Bucs fan I really respect Lovie but man he is just not a good HC. I hope this gig works out for him but man I don’t get this hire.

  12. I’d really like to see Lovie surprise everyone but this deck is stacked against him. Good luck and make sure you can trust your OC.

  13. Until they can either play Watson, or trade him, it don’t matter if the coach is Lovie Smith or Vince Lombardi it don’t matter!

  14. Good hire….he went to the superbowl with REX Grossman….and Bears been looking for a coach ever since

  15. Nine years ago he was a reasonably effective coach with the Bears who probably erred in parting ways with him. What that means for the Texans in 2022 is anyone’s guess. One would think that the Texans could not really be worse than in 2021.

  16. He could never figure out the offense while here in Chicago. His coordinator choices were never very good, so the offense was always a dud. Hopefully he will bring in an innovative OC to keep developing Davis Mills. If not , he will be launched after year 1 just like Culley.

  17. Who would want the OC job under Lovie? He threw them under the bus just like Flores to cover up for his ineptitude.

  18. This should give Flores a warm and fuzzy feeling, along with a couple of minorities who were hired. In the next year or two when the firing starts again will only prove that you should hire the best candidate and not someone who is unqualified but fits the agenda.

  19. Most people here have totally forgotten some of the really embarrassing losses suffered under him when with the Bears. Well, at least they were the most embarrassing until this year’s Cleveland loss.

  20. The Texans checked the boxes but does anyone believe Lovie is the long term solution? Why not keep coach Culley? He did and outstanding job with what he was handed. Culley essentially created a gourmet meal out of all canned ingredients.

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