Dennis Allen on calling defensive plays: Hard to give up your baby

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Saints formally introduced Dennis Allen as their new head coach at a Tuesday press conference and one of the topics up for discussion was whether Allen will continue to call the defensive plays.

Allen performed that role as the defensive coordinator on Sean Payton’s staff and he said that there hasn’t been a final decision about how he will be handling things in his new job. While it can be tough to both call plays and focus on all aspects of being a head coach, Allen indicated that it will be difficult to cede the responsibility to anyone else.

“It’s hard to turn your baby over,” Allen said, via multiple reporters.

Allen’s approach to calling plays has worked well for the Saints and he’ll surely have a hand in how they handle things under any circumstances, but a final call on how things play out will come down the road.


3 responses to “Dennis Allen on calling defensive plays: Hard to give up your baby

  1. Only hard to give up your baby if it’s not ugly. With the cap crunch coming for New Orleans, there could be a lot of departures that could make things very ugly…

  2. *sigh* another fool outsider claiming the saints are in cap hell. When will anyone learn? The saints prepare for these situations. The big hiccup along the way hasn’t been contracts, but instead the fact that the salary cap was lower because of covid. The saints can restructure 9 players, all under 30, and be out of this so-called “cap hell” that fans and beat writers of other teams like to rant and rave about.

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