Happy with the current state of the Rams? Thank Eric Dickerson

Los Angeles Rams v Houston Oilers
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The Rams, under Sean McVay, have become a perennial contender. On Sunday, they’ll play in their second Super Bowl in five years under McVay.

Before McVay there was Jeff Fisher. And without Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson taking on Fisher in 2016, McVay possibly wouldn’t have been hired in 2017.

“It started because I had said on my radio show about — in LA we want to win,” Dickerson told PFT Live on Tuesday, in an appearance promoting his autobiography, Watch My Smoke. “We don’t want to almost win. And they say, ‘Aw, man if we’d have had another quarter, if this wouldn’t have happened.’ That’s what losers say. I said we need to win. Sitting at 8-8, 7-9 is just not going to cut it. I said, ‘This is L.A., this is not St. Louis.’

“Then, I got a call from Jeff Fisher. He called me and said that they did not want me on the sideline, I made the players feel uncomfortable, I made his coaches feel uncomfortable. That’s what he said to me. I mean he said that. I’m not going to talk about his players and expect things from the team.”

Dickerson said he listened until Fisher was finished. At that point, Fisher tried to end the call.

“‘Oh no, no, no, no, it’s my turn now,'” Dickerson told Fisher. “I broke it down to him. I said, ‘Jeff, I really want to thank you for the call. I appreciate it. But understand one thing: Eff the Rams. I don’t work for the Rams, I didn’t work for the Rams.’ I said, ‘I played for that football team. I wore that uniform.’ I said, ‘Man, you’re just a coach. When you leave the Rams, I will still always be Eric Dickerson of the Los Angeles Rams.’ Went on and then said, ‘Eric, man, I don’t want that. I want you to come to the games.’ I said, ‘As long as you’re head coach, I’ll never come back.'”

Fisher was fired later that season. Then came McVay. In his second year, the team landed in the Super Bowl. Three years later, the Rams have another chance to win it all.

If they do, Rams fans should remember to thank Eric Dickerson.

26 responses to “Happy with the current state of the Rams? Thank Eric Dickerson

  1. I recall this going down and Eric tells it like it is from his heart.

    Met Eric Dickerson once and I said “Eric… Al Davis ” I paused maybe a second and Eric said “Should have paid me what I was worth and they would have won”

    Kind of love that in your face bravado.

  2. Eric Dickerson just wants the spotlight. He’s a loudmouth idiot whose career vanished once he was dealt to Indy.

  3. Make no mistake. Fisher assembled the key pieces to the defense that the Rams are relying on to win games. Their success runs through the defense not McVays offense.

  4. Funny thing is Jeff Fisher at least took the Titans to the Super Bowl. Eric Dickerson has never even sniffed one.

  5. Hell to the yes. He will always be Eric Dickerson of the Rams.

    I got to see him play in his heyday. Wow.

  6. All Dickerson did was pile on when everyone was piling on. Flipped his lid because Fisher wouldn’t give him sideline pass for his friends, after he insulted Fisher and his coaches all season long. He has nothing to do with any of this.

    Thank Sean McVay for changing the culture. Thank Les Snead for bringing in all the talent. Thank the players for putting in all the work.

    Don’t thank the disgruntled ex-player who thinks he’s the centre of the universe.

  7. Dickerson’s career numbers speak for themselves. Dickerson also notoriously speaks for himself. If the Rams win the Super Bowl, there are plenty of people the fans should appreciate before considering Eric Dickerson. In fact, outside of providing a trickle of entertainment value with his mouth, he has very little to do with the team’s current success.

  8. Literally got a chance to meet Dickerson in 2018 at the Chiefs game in LA. Thanked him for that very move. He saved our franchise.

  9. This is giving Eric Dickerson too much credit. If Dickerson had never said anything the Rams would have still fired Fisher, and Dickerson had nothing to do with the hiring of McVay. He was far from the only former player or NFL analyst calling for Fisher to go, though he was the most high profile former Ram to do so. Jeff Fisher’s record over 21 seasons as a head coach was 178–171–1 including 10 seasons where he finished between 7-9 and 8-8. His record for the Rams was 31-45-1, including no winning seasons. I like Jeff Fisher, but it is a wonder he lasted as long as he did.

  10. This article makes Jeff Fisher seem like a decent human being. I know that’s not the point, but in his position I would’ve politely told Dickerson to stop bashing the team or stay away.

  11. I remember how outspoken Eric Dickerson was, and I agree with the article’s main points. Having said that, it’s also worth remembering that Dickerson did not leave the Rams on good terms in 1987.

  12. Thank you Eric…for quitting on the team in ’87, and forcing your way out of town so you could get paid.

  13. Glad there is social media and more press in general so if you want to you can find out the truth and be enlightened.

    As a lifelong Rams fan in 2016, I was like, where have you been Eric Dickerson? Remember, you left us to go to Indy. I followed the Rams to St. Louis and back. Where have you been and why are you trying to break up our current team with your “opinions” because I didn’t hear any opinions in 1998 when we were straight trash, or in 1999 when we got the chip.

    Fast forward to 2022, I learned Eric Dickerson did not leave us for Indy. The Rams didn’t want to compete and pay one of the Greatest Running Backs of all time. That in 2006 Rams management decided they wanted to go back to Los Angeles and were going to make it so unbearable to watch, that it might happen…and it did.

    To summarize, I am glad I got informed. I like what Jeff Fisher did with our defense and what he means when he is coaching: (he knows the coaching process). But if he was still with the Rams we would still be winning our divisional games, playing inconsistent week after week and going 8-8. I am glad someone used their platform to call him out and make change.

    Eric Dickerson for President.

  14. The Rams are in the Super Bowl again because Dickerson pouted and told Coach Fisher that because he hurt his feelings he wasn’t going to come to any more games while he was the coach? That’s quite the stretch.

  15. His jealousy of the Patriots was embarrassing. He would literally sit there and discredit BB and Brady on live tv over and over. Absolutely embarrassing.

    Maybe if he wasn’t so concerned about his goggles and hair, he would have been part of a winner in LA instead of watching himself be dealt as the Rams got better in the late 80s.

  16. The Rams will once again leave their fans with broken hearts and shattered dreams!

    Remember the LA Rams are 0’fer in the big game, not 1 Lombardi!

  17. So… has Eric returned to the sidelines or the the Rams not invite him back once Fisher was gone?

  18. Fisher was the most absolute average coach in the league. Always 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7. And he ordered the hit on Shawne Merriman’s knee which ruined his career.

  19. Dickerson: ‘This is L.A., this is not St. Louis.’


    True enough. The St. Louis Rams were ”The greatest show on turf,” and the only Rams team to have won the Super Bowl.

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