Kyler Murray’s agent declines comment on social-media “cleanse”


Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray created a firestorm on Monday by deleting the team from his social-media accounts. Since then, everyone has been quiet about what it means and why he did it.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Murray’s agent declined comment on social-media “cleanse.”

Again, the silence is deafening. If it was nothing, Murray or his agent would say so. Obviously, it’s something.

Our best guess is that Murray is ready to get his second contract, but that the team wants to wait a year. This would explain his decision to make the move so early in the 2022 offseason.

With each passing hour, the situation becomes more conspicuous. Murray surely has heard from friends and family members about the situation. Through it all, he hasn’t un-scrubbed his social-media pages.

Again, it means something. It apparently means there’s an issue. A problem. Something that cries out for a solution.

11 responses to “Kyler Murray’s agent declines comment on social-media “cleanse”

  1. He’s not too bright if he’s acting like this after losing the way they did in the playoffs

  2. This situation is bizarre to me. Why is no one saying anything? It feels like a BLOCKBUSTER announcement is on the way. Either a trade OR Kyler making the ultimate business decision by taking his talents to the Oakland A’s

  3. While this country struggles with systemic, institutional discrimination. States all over this country making it harder for minorities to exercise their right to vote, gerrymandering districts and passing onerous voting laws. I fail to see how “making a mountain out of a potential mole hill” one player, who happens to be a minority, essentially distancing himself from a likely source of unhealthy interaction on social media, is constructive.

  4. Let him walk. He will never be anything better then what we have seen, and it’s not very good.

  5. Nothing to see here folks, the man just got tired of reading negative press and he shut it down and I don’t blame him !!!

  6. It’s all about the money. It always is. He’s a middle-of-the-pack QB who thinks he’s on the same level as the real franchise ones … and wants a Mahomes level contract.

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