Larry Fitzgerald hopes everything works out between Kyler Murray, Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Former Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is in the dark, like everyone else, about Kyler Murray‘s motivation for unfollowing the team on social media and scrubbing his account of references to the Cardinals.

“I haven’t talked to Kyler in a while but he looked good in the Pro Bowl, looked like he was having a great time, throwing touchdowns out there,” Fitzgerald said from mthe WM Phoenix Open, via Josh Weinfuss of ESPN. “I just hope everything works out the way both sides want it to work out. That’s really what it’s all about for me. I love Kyler, I love the Cardinals and I want the best for everybody.”

Murray altered his account at some point after the Pro Bowl when he threw for 160 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. It has created an uneasiness in Arizona that, so far, neither he nor his agent have chosen to address.

Murray now is eligible for a new contract. He is scheduled for a base salary of $965,000 in 2022, but given a $4.5 million roster bonus that’s fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the league year, he will make $5.4 million.

That makes him the 22nd-highest paid quarterback in the league next season, behind even backups Case Keenum and Nick Foles as well as Sam Darnold and Taysom Hill.

The Cardinals have until May 2 to pick up his fifth-year option, which is a certainty, if the sides don’t reach agreement on an extension before then.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen signed a six-year, contract worth $258 million before his fourth season, so Murray surely hopes to follow Allen rather than wait another year as Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson have done.

9 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald hopes everything works out between Kyler Murray, Cardinals

  1. I’ve seen Kylee Murray play in 2 games and he was below average in those games. Then I saw him throw that horrendous INT in the pro-bowl. He kinda reminds me of a Jeff Blake, minus the arm and minus the good decision making. Lol.

  2. Turn off all social media. Relax while recuperating after a long season. Then get focused on preparing for the upcoming season. Tell your agent to handle the negotiations. Focus on improving. Then, if nothing happens, decide if you want to make waves next off season.

  3. There’s no “between them”. It’s all Kyler behaving like an entitled child. He acts as if he doesn’t share any of the blame when his poor play down the stretch torpedoed the team. His inability to rise to the occasion was the single biggest reason they lost. Now he’s pouting as if he was hard done by.

  4. Cardinals are in a pickle…NFL D’s have caught on to the scrambling Murray and he’s just not a great QB. The Bengals ,Chargers and Bills have great QBS and ARIZONA is stuck with him .

  5. I would MUCH rather have Josh Allen than Mayfield or Lamar Jackson, though Jackson is ok.

    Kyler Murray has talent but before giving him a monster contract I want to see more. However, he can always go the Kirk Cousins route and there will always be a QB needy team who will pay him.
    Getting a decent QB without having to give up any picks is appealing to many.

  6. Kyler Murry is better than Mayfield on every level. Kyler is just as much of an athlete as Jackson but Murray is a far FAR better passer than Lamar. Kyle deserves a big pay day and he deserves it before the start of his 4th year. Pay the man. Period. End of story.

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