NFL knew police wanted to speak to Alvin Kamara before Pro Bowl began


Saints running back Alvin Kamara was questioned and arrested by police at Allegiant Stadium after Sunday’s Pro Bowl. What did the NFL know about the situation before the Pro Bowl began? reported on Tuesday that the Las Vegas Police Department told the NFL “hours before” the game that Kamara “was a suspect in a felony battery.” The league thereafter allowed Kamara to play in the game.

Asked for comment on the situation, here’s what an NFL spokesman told PFT: “We were notified that law enforcement wanted to speak to him after the game regarding an incident. There was no arrest warrant at the time and he said he would speak to law enforcement which he did.”

Whether or not the league knew that Kamara was a suspect in a felony battery, the league was on notice of a potential problem. They could have asked questions about what had happened, about why they wanted to talk to Kamara. About what he allegedly did.

Either they didn’t, or they did and it didn’t stop them from letting him play.

57 responses to “NFL knew police wanted to speak to Alvin Kamara before Pro Bowl began

  1. Wait, the NFL mishandled a discipline problem before they knew there was video evidence? This mush be a first!

  2. “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.
    I just can’t remember when the NFL did the right thing when no one was watching…

  3. A player gets accused of using underinflated footballs and gets suspended for four games, etc. Another player is on video stomping and beating someone to a pulp and they get to play in the pro bowl. Something’s f’d up with how the league office handles things.

  4. Is it really that difficult to implement a behavior policy that bans players?

    This kind of behavior will stop real quick.

    Fans may provoke them, but the whole point of good behavior is discipline and control.

  5. Of course they did and let him play. That kinda tells us about the punishment they will dole out a good one when it doesn’t work to their advantage for ratings

    I will never believe they didn’t ask what for.

  6. This league is something else. Always sweeping things under the rug… unless it’s a series issue like no vaccine, a not quite right uniform or celebrating a big play .

  7. I’m sure they asked questions and allowed him to play. Of course, they asked questions.

  8. That’s horrible. Roger needs to answer for this. Bout time to get this clown out of here.

  9. Let your average citizen get accused of this and see if their employer will let them go to work. Geez…

  10. If NFL representatives did ask, would it be appropriate for police to discuss potential charges or potential police actions with them? By what authority? The NFL is not any part of the US Justice Department. Why is it presumed that they have police powers?

  11. I seriously doubt the police would tell an EMPLOYER any information other than, “We need to speak with Mr. Kamara.”

    Pretty sure every thing else is CONFIDENTIAL and not something the police would reveal until they’ve actually spoken with Kamara.

  12. According to the ever self- important NFL… The pro bowl takes precedent over the criminal justice system of the USA. The pro bowl… Let that one sink in….

  13. On the other hand, the Pro Bowl’s not actually football so there was nothing for the league to allow him to do.

  14. Smart. The league has an innocent until proven guilty approach . Anything else can get the league a lawsuit. If Bob at the factory is suspected of the crime nobody questions whether he got to work his last factory shift or not. Up until the police talked to him and ultimately arrested him he was an innocent man. The league is not his mother, they are his employer and have to look before they leap.

  15. The league is so inconsistent in their fines and suspensions that this information does not surprise anyone.

  16. Can we please stop acting like the NFL is an arm of law enforcement. If the police want to question or arrest him it’s their business, not the NFL’s. They’re his employer … he showed up for work … the rest is up to the police.

  17. Why did law enforcement not talk to Kamara BEFORE the game? Why did they feel compelled to tell the NFL at all?

    Keep coddling these players!

  18. I hope my employers would tell the cops to chill for about five hours before arresting me

  19. We have a simple concept of presumption of innocence. Taking players out of games without any legal proceedings etc is punishment for a crime in which that person has not been charged much less heard and ruled.

  20. minime says:
    February 8, 2022 at 9:22 pm
    Should have arrested him before the game.


    There wasn’t a warrant from a court. Apparently an arrangement was made for an interview. Once the interview happened, law enforcement established enough probable cause to make an arrest. If law enforcement was satisfied that the defendant wasn’t a flight risk or a danger to the public, I have no problem with the way they handled the situation. The NFL is an entirely different story.

  21. Kamara will probably lose a few game checks next year and that money can be made up with a new contract from the saints or Nike in the future…..the victim’s injuries will last a lifetime….but the civil lawsuit lingers….

  22. Was he a flight risk? So what if he played first? He wasn’t going anywhere and the police talked to him at the stadium right after the game. Plus, could holding him out of the Pro Bowl really be considered punishment or discipline?

  23. The NFL has zero incentive to clean up their act. The dough is rolling in, the seats are full, and the games are watched. Even the Pro Bowl. As the fans, we’re the reason it keeps happening like this. If we stop going, stop watching, and stop paying, then things will change.

  24. “They could have asked questions about what had happened, about why they wanted to talk to Kamara.”

    This would violate the long standing NFL policy of not doing anything until they have to.

  25. Goodell invites the critcism with this sort of thing. Kamara should have been yanked off of the field as soon as the NFL knew of this incident. For what Goodell makes in a year, he sure does a lousy job. Kamara allegedly helped to beat a man unconscious. Is that not severe enough?

  26. Count this as nothing. Because the NFL, or coca cola, should allow an investigation to take place, they should not question a player before the police do. End of story

  27. Well of course they cant interrupt the money-making machine and he had a game to play. Prolly signed a few autographs for the police before questioning.

  28. Goodell will never let up off of Saints players, coaches and us fans that have to deal with his harassment all these years. You think all the no calls would be enough for that ginger maniac, noooooope! Goodell has ruined the game we all loved, tuned it into a fixed Vegas get super rich scheme. I wish the FBI would investigate the NFL for what they do.

  29. crackersnap says:

    February 8, 2022 at 11:56 pm

    If NFL representatives did ask, would it be appropriate for police to discuss potential charges or potential police actions with them? By what authority? The NFL is not any part of the US Justice Department. Why is it presumed that they have police powers
    Police discuss matters with people ALL the time, the NFL mot being part of justice department means nothing. Now would the police be willing to tell the NFL everything? Of course not! Just like they wouldn’t tell others everything about a case, they usually dole out just enough info to gather more info or just enough to trip someone up but their not going give away everything they have to the nfl and no one is saying they should or would.

  30. The NFL is not to blame here.
    Sounds more like soft cops. If they want to talk to someone, they should go talk to him! No need for Roger’s permission.

  31. How long until the NFL figures out that having a stadium in LAS VEGAS is about the absolute worse idea ever in the history of franchise locations….. & of all teams it’s the RAIDERS for crying out loud….. BRILLIANT!!!

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