Pro Bowl draws 6.7 million viewers

NFL Pro Bowl
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As criticism of the quality of play increases, the Pro Bowl’s television audience decreases. And yet the Pro Bowl remains a popular enough TV draw that the NFL has little reason to get rid of it.

Sunday’s Pro Bowl drew 6.7 million viewers, according to Austin Karp of Sports Business Journal.

That’s the smallest Pro Bowl audience since 2006, so it’s certainly not a great number by the NFL’s standards. But it’s a big enough audience that any TV network would still gladly televise the Pro Bowl. Last year’s NBA All-Star Game generated 5.9 million viewers, and no one is clamoring to cancel the NBA All-Star Game.

So don’t expect the Pro Bowl to go anywhere. No matter how bad the quality of play gets.

30 responses to “Pro Bowl draws 6.7 million viewers

  1. There’s a lot of people that are addicted to the NFL. They’ll even blindly accept any propaganda that the NFL force feeds them.

  2. It is by luck that nothing else was on TV at that time. Olympics is early morning time in China so nothing live is on, NHL is in their all-star break, nobody cares about the NBA anymore so it is the pro-bowl versus soccer. It is basically inventory fill for a very weak Sunday afternoon market. Surprised they didn’t put it in prime-time to against a very weak Olympic showing.

  3. Worth watching just to see Mac’s Griddy.

    I don’t watch every year, but when I do I consider it basically a two-hand touch game, a chance to see the League try out new things (like the spot and choose option this year) and, mostly, just to see players from different teams talking to each other. It’s fun to try to figure out which players and coaches might be trying to recruit other teams’ players.

  4. I would 100% rather watch a peewee game than watch this garbage masquerading as football.

  5. As bad as the game play was, the rule changes this year were simply abysmal. I had no idea what was going on half the time.

  6. I thought it was fun to sorta watch them take it easy and have fun. If you’re expecting a competitive game, then you’re the one with the wrong expectations.

  7. That was the best game I’ve ever seen, high drama, both teams trying hard and it came down to the wire, There needs to be two pro bowls every year, one at midseason and one after the year

  8. From what I heard it was awful so I never tuned in. I am sure the Olympics put a dent in the viewing as well but I didn’t watch that either. Stop comparing this to the ratings of other sports because NFL owners would be jumping out of buildings if they had regular season ratings of the NBA. Look at what kind of ratings their could be if they gave us an event worth watching. Not saying a football game but something totally different.

  9. It looked like Battle of the Network Stars playing football in Las Vegas. Unwatchable as a sports fan but sporty enough that the wife thinks I’m busy watching my game!

  10. We’ll know America is addicted to pro football if the “new” USFL draws viewers coming soon to a Fox affiliate near you.

    If you can bet on it, you can bet some people will watch it.

  11. Well we know there are at least 6.7 million degenerate gamblers in this country

  12. I have seen more hitting in practice than in the Pro Bowl. That is totally unwatchable. Lots of fools out there that blindly follow the NFL no matter what.

  13. squidlips82 says:
    Who won?


    The 325,788,800 Americans who didn’t tune in.

  14. What this tells me is 6.7 million Americans will watch a fake NFL game, also leading me to question their collective sanity.

    Of course a parallel is professional ‘wrestling’ where being fake is part of the charm.

  15. I did turn on the “game”….for about four minutes. Certainly, it was not football. Candidly, just stop playing it because it was no fun to watch…..

  16. Mahomes put more effort in for the pro bowl than he did for the 2nd half of the championship game. His legacy is forever tainted by his complete lack of effort. But if he finds a new brother and girlfriend I may find a desire to like him again.

  17. I tuned in to see the new Washington Commanders helmet. Never saw it so I changed the channel.

  18. The NFL never ceases to amaze. The same pundits that fall all over themselves to praise the NBA All Star game routinely blast the NFL Pro Bowl as lame, but yet it just yawns and easily outdraws little brother.

  19. I’m ashamed to hear 6.7 Americans wasted their Sunday watching that miscarriage of athletic competition. The pro bowl is a farce, just and embarrassment to the game. What’s worse is that the commissioner should have the leadership to realize this and just put the kabosh on the game. That or pony up the money to make it advantageous for players to compete.

  20. I’m just here for the incessant peewhining from people who profess that they don’t watch it…so they have no frame of reference.

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